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90 Day Report

I began my journey on January 8, 2012. On that day I weighed 271.2 pounds and my fasting blood glucose routinely ranged between 140 and 160. I have been faithful the the SCD since that day and I am pleased to report that my weight this morning was 237.8 pounds and my load glucose, fasting or not, is never above 109 and is routinely around 100 even after eating. My weight loss has even fairly steady though not dramatic at about 1.5 pounds per week. I did not take any body measurements so I do not know my previous body fat pcentage or inches lost, though I am now able to wear XL and not XXL, and my pants are quite loose and will soon require that I purchase new ones.

The most noticeable improvement is in how I feel. I feel great and I am highly motivated to continue this as a lifestyle from now on, even after I reach my goal weight of 170.

I really appreciate all the answers I find on this forum and all the willing, helpful people who participate here. You all rock! Thanks for the questions and answers, the helpful personal information that I know can be difficult to share at times, and the encouragement that comes from an involved community of people whose lives have been changed by something that really works. I look forward to posting future progress.

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Way to go Iron Mike!

Glad to hear that your already seeing health improvements ;)

I look forward to hearing about your fitting into a pair of L pants and other future progress :)


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Congratulations Ironmike, keep up the good work. Stories like yours keeps me inspired and motivated to stick with this lifestyle.


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That's really inspiring man. 30lbs is a ton of weight. Congratulations.

Once you reach your goal are you going to stop with SCD or stay on it?

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