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Women! I need help with workout schedule.

I'm trying to figure out what has been working for women on SCD! How much kettlebell? how often? ect. all information will be greatly appreciated. I'm giving this time around my ALL, I cut off diet coke completely! I do not cheat at all, I drink my gallon of water and some daily, I eat my protein and lentils, I'm taking PAGG (last week I gained .4), I'm on my third week.

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I wrote mine out over here: http://4hourpeople.com/question/7440/help-with-at-home-workout

I've swapped out a couple things since then, but it's still the basic plan. On the balance ball days I also use a chinup bar, I didn't include it in that post, but basically I jump up and do one chinup (hah) and lower myself as slowly as I can. And I do 12 leg raises, for now with bent knees.


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We're pretty similar here. I just finished my 3rd week. I've been doing the kettlebell routine from the beginning. I started with 25# bell and am doing one set of 25. I wanted to make sure I didn't over do in the beginning and just quit because I over did it (like usual). I work out MWF. It's so easy to do, you really can't quit. Yesterday I decided to up my swings to 30 from 25 with the same weight. My goal is to slowly move up to 150 swings (3 sets) at 25#. Then I'll switch to 30# and drop my reps and start building again, etc. etc.

At first I thought this was a bit easy. Just two core movements and the kettlebell. But I'm actually doing it and the next day I do feel the workout. So something is going right. I feel it across my upper back and lower back the most. I think my Butt has benefited from it as well. I'm sure there are many others with more knowledge but that's what I'm doing, hope it helps.

  • MaryC commented Apr 5th 2012:

    Thank you, have you had good results on the diet so far? I have been doing Chelean Extreme (5 day work out 3 day of weights and 2 or cardio) I think that was too much for this diet, I decided to only do the 3 day weight sessions and see how that goes, I think kettlebells would be easier and less time consuming. When you said you are trying to to do 150 (3 sets)swings, is that in one day or spread out MWF? Again thank you very much for the answer to my question.

  • dimbooti commented Apr 5th 2012:

    I want to work up to a 150 swings a day on MWF and break them up into 3 sets. Lofty goal but ya gotta have goals. I'm only at 30 right now. As for weight loss. I've about 1# a week for three weeks. I know it's terribly slow and I'm trying not to get frustrated. I'm menopausal and let me tell you... you think dealing with a monthly hormonal spike is challenging. Everything changes when the big M hits. I used to be able to drop weight pretty easily and now it's like walking through mud. As long as I lose 20# by May 15th I will be very happy. Tim says that I should see a shift/drop in weight around the 5 to 6 week.

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