5 lb weight gain after cheat day?

I read about the spike after cheat day, but mine was 5lbs. It was shocking, I must say! I know it's normal, but why such a large spike?


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Mine was 6 lbs, and it was gone the next day.

My bet is on water retention due to carb load. Been there before, know all the symptoms (bloating, headache, fatigue...) and how it feels to me.

  • justin commented Feb 15th 2011:
    word to the water retention. especially if you're eating salty foods. :P

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Important to track body fat % in addition to weight. When you're tracking both and you gain weight, you will at least see how much weight went to fat and how much weight went to muscle. Example, I gained 3 lbs after cheat day. Well, only 1 lbs went to fat and the other 2 lbs went to muscle. Probably just water too being added to both fat and muscle. Two days later, I'm back to weight on the day of the cheat day. Same weight BUT, fat weight is 2 lbs less and muscle weight is 2 lbs greater than Saturday. Track the body fat % so you'll gain insight on what's going on!

Omron device I'm using for less than $30.


Did you exercise a lot during the cheat day? Did you go to the bathroom number 2, 3 times? I think the cheat "day" is not great, a cheat meal is. I would suggest having 1 cheat meal and maybe a dessert or snack. Tim went overboard but look how many times he unloaded the food into the toilet, and doing air squats 2 or 3 times and a real workout during the day, his cheat day isn't going to be like most peoples.


Don't worry, most of it is water weight. I gained 3.8lbs just over breakfast on my last cheat day. So far my cheat day weight gain has vanished within two days, just as expected.


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I am not to sure why the high spike, I too went up about 5 pounds, but I am back down, lower than I was when I weighed on my cheat day. I think our bodies are just getting use to all the changes we are making. I have a feeling eventually the cheat day will on bring loss and not gain. We just need to let it do what it needs to do and stop rushing it cause we are worried "it wont work" :) This is just my opinion and I have no proof of this theory though.

Have a happy and healthy day.



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I find scales incredibly unreliable. I once woke up in the morning and weighed 178, the night before I was 189. What? 11 lbs overnight, really? I went and fed the dog, weighed my self again I was 187. Again, 185. After breakfast, I was 180. It might be my scale, or the way I stand on it. But, keep in mind that 16 oz. of water is 1 lb. And 5 lbs. is not much weight. I.E. a normal and probably fluctuation of weight. Plus, a lot of your cheat food might still need to make it's way out of your system. If you know what I'm saying.

  • mafm05 commented Sep 8th 2011:

    best weigh is is in the morning after urination and toilet rituals. this things trick us, ull b surprise...try it

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