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Week 4 and nothing :-(

Hi everyone

Im a 23 year old female from Australia. I weigh 62kgs and am about 165cm tall.

I'm up to my 4th week on SCD and I'm a bit worried as to why I haven't really lost much, about 0.5-1kg.

Ill tell you guys what Im eating and maybe you could help me out....


2-4 hard boiled eggs, spinach, onion, lentils and beans.


2-3 egg omelette, 2-3 peices of turkey bacon and sometimes spinach too.


spinach, onion, lentils, beans and tuna plus 2 hard boiled eggs


mexican style chicken, spices with spinach combo again.


2-3 egg omelette, spinach combo


mexican chicken and beans and steamed veges

or tuna and veges or spinach combo

I've been drinking a bit of cold water as soon as i wake up and i have a couple of nuts. I always eat within an hour of waking up.

I sometimes snack on about max 10 nuts between lunch and dinner and have been having freshly squeezed vege juice with carrot, celery, spinach, ginger, cucumber, beetroot. Absolutely not fruit, i make the juice myself.

I also have 1-2 cups of black coffee with one sweetener and 1-2 cups of green tea per day.

I sleep well and havent been doing any excersise. wanted to see what the diet can do on its own.

I havent bought any of the supplements either but will do if it will make a massive difference!

Hope this information is helpful and that you guys can give me some feedback. Im not going to give up I just think i might be doing something wrong....



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What would your goals be, 7-9Kg under that with a bit more muscle? It may seem a bit odd but can I ask when (time of day) and how often your weighing? (I've got little oddball idea)

I don't see anything major wrong with what you've written. A couple of small tweaks...

The sweetener in the coffee has to go, try cinnamon instead. Get the sticks and break them up to put in, that's way better in my opinion compared with the powder.

Is the veggie drink from everything being put into a blender or are the veggies juiced so that the fiber and hearty parts are removed?

Whats your total consumption of beans through a day, do things ever line up that you would have it with all 3 meals or do you keep it opposing?

The supplements and exercise won't really make a massive difference but they will make a difference so it may be something to consider. For someone in a rigorous exercise plan it ends up around 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Likely it is just going to be tweaking the diet just a bit that will make the difference. I've been on a quest to eliminate sugars from mine and it's made a big difference.

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Hi there ausie :)

Tim explained in his blogpost that a large percentage of people experience their biggest weight loss AFTER the initial 4 weeks, and that he has no explanation for this... (so it's worth the wait:P)

Additionally, I think you're doing everything perfectly fine. However, I've noticed that when you add "water" to your diet, the fat just starts falling off, it's like a miracle.

I suggest at least 2L of water per day. That should be enough. Drink around 0.5L before every major meal and you should do excellent.

Don't give up yet though! Hold on for a few more weeks. Then, if it's not yielding any results, try throwing out all the things that you use to make your food tasty, you know? Except for salt, leave salt (and perhaps some olive oil is fine too). See what that will do. - Just raw food with natural juices.

If that + adding 2l of water/day doesn't do the trick - switch diet and post a rant on Tim's blog :))



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I swapped out the eggs and magic happened. It might just be my metabolism though. good luck and keep going!

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