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2nd week complete and gained!

Hi friends,

Well this past Saturday was my second cheat day, I got up stepped on the scale to find out I gained .4 lbs. (let me say that I didn’t do anything outside SCD protocol). I measured myself and things look good so I am not too concerned, I decided to implement damage control this time (squats, air pushups and grapefruit juice before each meal) and I only gained 4 lbs unlike last cheat day I gained 6.

I’m not sure if my workout might me putting weight on the scale, I’m doing Chalean Extreme a 90 day program, I have completed the first 30 days.

I am feeling great! Tons of energy, this diet is amazing, I hope to reach my goal (10 more pounds to lose) in the next two months. I would like to try to do Shakeology for breakfast but I will not attempt that until I have lost most of the weight, I can’t afford to experiment and mess up an entire week right now.

Anyone out there working out on a regular basis and losing? Should I stop doing the workouts?


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I exercise regularly. I do a kettlebell session 2-3 times per week, some pliates 2-3 times a week, plus floor hockey for 2 hrs 1-2 times per week. I was averaging about 4 pounds per week, but have slowed down... 35.2 in 12 weeks.

For kettlebell I do a 12 minute routine on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSBpIziAKP0

Good luck. When the scale lies, the tape measure will be your friend!

  • MaryC commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Thank you for the response! hmm. I'm just not sure if my workouts are too much (a lot of weights) for a female my age (39), I'm thinking of possibly taking a week off (which I hate to get off track), I have read a lot of women who don't workout at all and are having better results.

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It's normal to gain after cheat days. Are you weighing in the day following cheat day? It takes me around 4 days to lose the water weight accumulated from cheating. I now just weigh in once a week on Wednesdays. I will echo what others have said, and say don't worry about the scale so much, especially if you are doing a fitness program like Chilean Extreme. You may be putting on muscle weight. If your measurements are good I would not even worry about the scale. The scale can drive you insane if you let it, as your body weight can fluctuate four to five pounds on any given day. On the shakeology, I would not add it, it is drinking calories and not really that essential. Beachbody likes to sell you stuff. I followed p90x for three weeks while doing the slow carb diet without shakes and recovery drinks.

  • MaryC commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    Thank you so much for the advise.


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What are your tape measurements doing? Are you tracking with fat calipers?

The scale is too blunt to really provide clear info on your fat loss.

You're probably exercising a bit much. You might also be putting on muscle. I did unintentionally. The scale numbers barely moved for me at the end but my fat caliper measurements went down.

While on SCD, I didn't do more than 20 minute workout 2x's/week of kettebells, ab exercises and bodyweight execises (push-ups, squats, tricep dips). I walk everyday but in a moderate pace and went for a good long ski once a week or so but it was more to get fresh air than to go intense.

I would consider doing the workout 2 times a week if you want to keep it up. Or you could adopt the exercises in the book. I found that the kettlebell swings gave me enough of a workout. I was amazed.

  • MaryC commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    Thank you, I have not use calipers, and yes measurements are good mostly around my waist...not so much on my arms or thighs. This week I'm going to do my work out 3 times (about 35-40 min each), I'm doing Monday, wed and sat. After I weigh in...do you think this sounds good? If things don't look good I will do kettlebells (how much of kettlebells do u recommend?)


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Don't forget you are a woman! When it comes to hormones and checking the calendar, you might should see if it is that time for your body to be retaining water weight, which would mess up the scale!

Hang in there though! I understand your frustration because I had a two week stall/gain and pushed through, now I'm losing weight again!

  • MaryC commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    This is comforting, thank you sarahtothe3rd.

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