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Week 2 disappointment :(

I am at the end of week 2 and I just did pre weigh in before my cheat day. I'm so sad! I have plateaued after losing 1.9kg in my first week, I would be ok if I saw inch loss instead but absolutely nothing.

I'm really disappointed, not because the diet is hard, actually it is not far from what I was already eating but simply because I want to lose these stubborn 8 kilos that just do not want to leave my body!

I've read the forum this morning and decided to go ahead with the cheat day, starting off with SCD breakfast and grapefruit juice, but Ill probably moderate my cheating this week as I don't feel like I deserve it :(

I am not giving up but I can't help feeling a little sad


I am 173cm tall

My current weigh is 73.4kgs (today)

Pre cheat day it was 71.3kgs (sat morning)

My goal weight is 63kgs

My typical day is:

Breakfast (930-1030)

Protein shake with 1 tsp of coffee, 1/4 tsp on cinnamon, ice and water. I take 1.5 scoops so that I get 30gs of protein. I have trouble with solid food in the morning

Lunch (1330-1430)

Chicken/Turkey/Tuna with veg or salad a portion of beans.

Sometime Ill go for a 2 egg white 1 full egg omlette, with beans and greens.

Dinner (1930-2000)

Dinner is a similar combo of above.

Exercise in wk 1:

M-W-F - work out on pg 164

T-Th- I ran 3.5 kms

Exercise in wk 2

M-W-F - work out on pg 164 + pg 178

M- I ran 3.5 kms

T- I played bball for 1.5 hrs

Yesterday I thought a lot about what I did differently to week 1... and I think my problems are definitely those defined on Pg 94 of the book, eating too late, not enough protein and not enough water. After much thought yesterday I tried to brainstorm what I did differently last week.

1. I had a couple of nuts around 4pm because I knew dinner would be late

2. Towards the end of the week I didn't drink as much water

3. I didn't have beans with every single meal

I also ate some nuts on a couple of days at around 4pm, I also had a second lunch on Tuesday seeing I was going to play bball at 8pm and dinner would be after 930.


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Hi Carla,

What was a typical day's meals like for you last week (foods and quantities, timing, water)? There's probably something small that you missed that's messing with your results!

  • carlamaree commented Apr 1st 2012:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the support. I've added my details to the post above. Appreciate any feedback you can give me!

  • Jake commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    It looks like you are doing probably the most common mistake I see - especially for women. My guess is that you have slowed your metabolism way down by working out an excessive amount and not eating near enough calories. That's a really hard thing to come to terms with - we all have cognitive dissonance when we hear "stop working out, eat more" as advice for losing weight, but I think you should read up on that and consider a two week trial period. If it backfires, go back to what you are doing. But I don't think it will, and it sounds like you aren't getting the results you want from your current routine so there's not much to lose.

  • carlamaree commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Thanks Jake. I'll accept the not eating enough. I have heard it before and I am conscious of it. When I get busy I forget to eat. (but not in the last two weeks!) The problem with exercise however is that I'm not actually making an effort to work out, I actually really enjoy it, I've always been very sportive and nowadays I use exercise as a way of getting off my pc. I work online and in a very non 4 hour week style, spend easily 10-14 hours online every day. This morning (day 1 - wk 3) I ate breakfast rather than the shake. I'm guessing that I could starting using the shake as my 3rd meal of the day at around 5-6 seeing that dinner is usually around 8-9. What do you think?

    I enjoy Tim's 15 minute workout 3 times a week and my runs. Do I really have to stop them?

  • Jake commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    I'm not saying you have to stop. I'm recommending that you try it for a week or two to find out what affect it has on your weight loss so you can make an informed decision. I struggle with the same issue. In summer I love biking 100+ miles a week. But it's a tradeoff. I would build more muscle and shed more fat if I would limit myself to a 15-20 minute ride 3 times a week and focus purely on interval work.

    The underlying question is: If you find out that you lose weight faster by eating more and dropping the exercise, what's your priority? Would you rather have a slightly higher body fat and keep doing what you love? Or would you rather drop the fat and temporarily do without until you hit your maintenance weight and can add it back in?

  • carlamaree commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    You are right and at this point I would prefer to lose the body fat.

    I'm just remembering something from last summer, that kinda proves your point. I already know that manic exercising does not work for me in terms of weight loss. One year my bball coach made the team train 4 nights in a row, for 2 hours each session in the sweltering summer heat in August... In an entire month I lost 2 kilos!

    Come to think about it, I have never tried to eat lean and not exercise at the same time. If I'm not exercising I tend to eat less 'to compensate'! MEH. Ok, this week I have already promised to attend a bball session and a run, So, this week I'm testing eating more...but next week I'll test eating more and working out less. Thanks so much Jake!

  • carlamaree commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Thanks @arctichacker. I'm working on that breakfast, I think it is a small sacrifice to make to be honest. Question for you.. are your arms purely the result of a kettle bell swing?

  • carlamaree commented Apr 7th 2012:

    Hey Guys... end of week 3. Ended up not doing any exercise this week because my running partner wasn't well and my bball game was cancelled. So this week I testing minimal exercise and eating more. In terms of exercise I did: M-F - work out on pg 164 + pg 178. I also started up with a solid breakfast. Meals were kept as usual in most cases I felt really stuffed on finishing my plate. The only day I took a shake was Wednesday caz I woke up really late... Conclusion: I lost .1g. I'm seeing a slight change in measurements 1/2 inch off my waist. So once again a plateau week, but whatever, I feel ok so I'm just going to continue with it. Like I said this diet was not too far away with what I was already eating so It is natural to continue, Have a nice weekend guys!

  • arctichacker commented Mar 31st 2012:

    Yep, post up your eating and exercise regime and we can give you some feedback.

    It's frustrating when you have the best of intentions and are trying hard but not getting the results you want.

    BTW, I would go full out on Cheat Day today and get whatever cravings you have out of your system. Just make sure you do your Damage Control.

  • arctichacker commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Jake has pretty much said it all. I would add that I have not really done much cardio. I walk everyday for a few hours (commute to work and dog walk). Nothing intense. Once a week I'll throw in some sprints in the form of a game of chase with my dogs. It gets me some fresh air, time away from my work, and, of course, time with my dogs.

    I would opt for a real food breakfast. It takes a little time for the belly to get used to but it will eventually.

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Don't lose heart. Its a marathon not a sprint. I have been doing SCD for about 5-6 months and have only lost a total of 15 pounds (7 or so kgs). BUT... I know its staying off and I look and feel great.

So... forget about the scales and measuring tape for a second.... how do you feel? better than 2 weeks ago? if your answer is yes then even if you've not lost much weight you're still in a better position than before.

Keep it up.

  • carlamaree commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Thanks Brad! I know you are right. I feel good, my body feels tighter all around but the inch loss isn't showing. Good news is that I have no issues with this diet. It doesn't feel like a sacrifice at all :D Thanks for your support!


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Carla, I feel your pain! I just had my pre cheat weigh in on Sat. morning. Lost a little over 7 lbs. my first week, then this week, nothing..and only went down 2 1/2" overall. Frustrating, but I also know that I have read time and again that it can take up to 5 weeks for women to see anything resembling normal weeks. I know I do feel better, seem to be sleeping better, and am not "fighting" to only cheat on cheat days. I'm going to just keep plugging along - only change I am making is trading in the tsp. of nut butter I was having around 3:00(hungry time for me) for another form of protein and see how that works. I keep getting a lot of encouragement to just try to be patient, keep on plan, and let my body do the I am trying to. I have over 100 lbs to lose, so might as well be patient about it! I think we will both be very suprised with the results if we just keep focused and wait. Easier said than done I know, but worth it in the end! Be strong! - Tina

  • carlamaree commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Thanks Tina! I'm glad that there are so many supportive people here! Looking forward to the coming weeks. I feel healthy so that is also really important!


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I just posted a similar post...I am feeling the same way, after 3 weeks. Very sad today.

  • carlamaree commented Apr 1st 2012:

    I've just added some info about my 'typical' week.. I hope it helps you too :)

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