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Trying to cheat

This day can not be over any sooner. I am carbed out and I didn;t even go nuts like I thought I would want to. I had a very long work day and the available cheat foods were really not that exciting. Sooo I will go out with my girlfriends and have a couple of drinks and wings and call it a night. I have chili in the crockpot getting ready for tomorrow.

I feel like I need to do a cleanse after all this garbage I ate- have any of you tried that?


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There have been some success with intermittent fasting but given that this is your first cheat week I would wait another 2 or so weeks first and make sure things are manageable. I can't offer any advice on those but there are some great past questions that should offer some help if you go that road.

A great quote I picked up from my father is that we only have a finite amount of willpower, if you devote a significant amount to a massive change like this then you have very little left over for other things, when one of those things requires some (Kids sick, flooded basements) it's going to pull away from the diet.

It's phenomenal that even all day you were thinking about what you were taking in, and don't forget that there are lots of excellent foods that we normally eliminate that can achieve what we want, rice, pasta, potatoes etc. Those don't come with the preservatives and other junk and you unconsciously will feel better eating those than Mcdonald's. Those achieve the same goal of over eating to help reset our metabolism.

I would say to just have a bit of patients and see where you are just before the next cheat weak before changing too many other things, there are lots of different techniques to try but the basics have to be there otherwise things will crumble.

I hope this helps, remember that this is a long term commitment and that the basics have to shape into something that is second nature. Best of luck - Graham

  • BabyDolphin commented Mar 31st 2012:

    I never really thought of our willpower this way. Thanks for sharing what your father said. It's so very true.

  • Ramonastar commented Mar 31st 2012:

    I survived! I think the trick to avoiding feeling sick might be balancing carbs with a bit of protein. I didn't eat asuch as I thought I would. Even though I tried. So ready to get back into my routine.

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I haven't done a cleanse per se, but I have fasted a few times for the day following cheat day (my cheat day is Sat.). Once, I had only coffee and water from Sat night to Mon morning. That was too extreme -- bad headache and horrible sleep. And hungry at night. But it did work well for me to have only coffee with cream all day on Sun, and then have a light dinner. That was my only meal for the day and it was not difficult because I truly wasn't hungry and I liked getting over that "hungover" and gross feeling from cheat day.

  • Pabzer commented Mar 30th 2012:

    I've only had one cheat day so far but I totally get the "hangover". I took the "eat 'till you're sick" thing to heart and I didn't even come close to feeling hungry til the next evening. And even then, it felt sort of forced down.

  • Ramonastar commented Mar 31st 2012:

    Hungover is an understatement. Bleck. Yesterday really put into perspective how to fuel my body. The carbs barely sustained for a couple of hours after eating. I was so tired.

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