You know you're losing weight when...

...the food that drops off your fork discovers a previously non-existent gap to fall BETWEEN your boobs and further down inside your top!!!

It's a silly milestone, I know, but I feel like it's a major triumph. I no longer have a 'shelf' on my chest to catch everything!!!!

Anyone else got a personal milestone story?


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... your "Goal Jeans" (that is, the jeans you buy anyway, Dammit, even though you have no chance of levering your ass into them) are now too loose and are your new "fat jeans".



  • Stereochild commented Oct 28th 2011:

    "Goal Jeans" are important and I too have just gotten into a pair of size 10 (UK) so am rapped! I don't know if I want to go down to a size 8? I haven't really thought beyond size 10.

  • Bugzy commented Oct 12th 2011:

    Hilarious!! I thought I was the only one that did this! I have a pair of jeans that I bought in San Fran 3 years ago (excuse: "I'm on my way down, I'll be at that weight soon...."). I have no less than FOUR different sizes of jeans on my shelf. Started at the top one (tightly, I might add) 6-1/2 weeks ago, now down to the next size. Looking forward to that non-existent gap to appear. At least the 'walls' can now be contained in the 'harness', if you know what I mean......

  • Mary Klaebel commented Jan 12th 2013:

    I'll be happy when my tops stop riding up my belly bulge. Because its no longer there.

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Sounds a little silly but after three weeks on the SC lifestyle, I was walking passed the large bathroom mirror, literally stopped and thought "who is that?!?", ran got my Galaxy Tab and snapped a picture before I could believe it was me LOL!



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One of my friends saw my progress pictures, and she said

"Wow Shane, you're kinda ripped"

That was pretty awesome



This sounds kind of goofy, but the other day I noticed my belly button has gotten much shallower. 6 pack, here I come!


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My bf left for 2 weeks on a trip and when he got back he said, "WOW, you have muscles for the first time ever!! Hey, I want muscles too!!" And ever since that day he's been slow-carbing. It's great to have personal results, but it's even better when you get to see the positive effects spreading to those around you!!

  • shane commented Feb 19th 2011:
    Awesome! I hadn't seen my girlfriend for a week, and last night she said, "wait a sec... oh wow ... :) " hahaha


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I'm looking forward to the day I can no longer balance my dinner on my belly.


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LOL, same thing with food falling, and the too tight jeans being fat jeans!

When... you have a waist again.

When....your boobs stick out way further than your stomach, like before you had kids.

When..your DH sees you after a 2 week trip and immediately starts the diet.

When..you bring a small size in the dressing room...and have to ask for the next size down.

When...the little pad of fat that wanted to become an extra chin is GONE!

When...your pants slide halfway off your tush as you chase your toddler down in the grocery store isle!

When... you're a size you'd thought you'd left behind forever.

Love this way of eating!


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You don't have to breathe in all the time...


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When a construction worker on a building site in the middle of London whistles at you as you walk by.....and you don't want to react because no-ones whistled at you for YEARS ...but you're grinning your face off!!!


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The bones on the tops of your feet become visible again!!!


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When you finally feel like you're "getting your groove back".....hint, hint.... and you take ACTION! YES!!! ;)


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A few weeks ago, I noticed I had "Plumber's Crack". I'll have to find the belt for that pair of pants now; haven't needed it in years.

  • angi465 commented Sep 5th 2011:

    That's hilarious!


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When you don't have to suck in your gut to see your laptop keyboard! Only one week in and already I'm not bloated all the time! What a difference!


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... when you have the house to yourself and use it to raid your daughter's old closet - because her old high school clothes fit!


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When i put on the suit that used to fit me perfectly, and immidiately though i had the wrong suit from the rack because it was loose everywhere :(


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Maybe not the best but when people ask you 'Have you been sick?' :D Either that or starting to pick up jeans with waist sizes you haven't worn in years!

  • Jake commented Oct 28th 2011:

    I had a day last week when one person asked a friend if I was sick, and then within an hour one of my coworkers pulled me aside all concerned to ask if I was okay - he thought I might be seriously ill. (I'm now at the upper range of what the government says is a healthy weight for my height, it's not like I'm underweight, it's just the loss that concerned them.)

    Another milestone - I haven't worn my wedding ring in years because it wouldn't go over my knuckle. I tried it this week out of curiosity to see if I was back to being able to put it on and take it off if I greased up my finger. Turns out it goes off and on perfectly without any grease!

  • Beorn86 commented Oct 28th 2011:

    Yeah the weight loss poses a serious concern for some people! But they get used to it after a while. It's funny how the average 'normal' weight in people's eyes is actually overweight!


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You pick up a "these are gonna be really tight" sized pair of jeans and they fit loose.

Ace moment. Big grin :)


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When you can feel your abs and your face becomes more angular and defined , and people say you look 'gaunt' only cause they're so used to seeing your face chubbier :)


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when you don't cring at sitting in a booth....

when you have to wash those pants that have been sitting on the shelf for two years

when you keep pulling up your pants and someone says "you need a belt" and you say "I am wearing one"

when you noitce you have cheek bones!

when you can suddenly reach that itch you could never scratch before

when you can sit in the regular seat on harry potter ride!

  • ohnonotcrystal commented Feb 13th 2012:

    The HP ride is honestly one of my motivators for losing weight! I got very tired of squishing into amusement park rides after I had season passes to HersheyPark this year. I embarrassingly love Harry Potter and when I heard about the weight thing on the ride I actually got really terrified that I wouldn't fit when I went there for my graduation present.


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When your 14 year old is mad because she grabbed your jeans by mistake and they fit!

  • mollusk commented Nov 15th 2011:

    When your belt goes from the first notch to the fourth, and those three 'striped' muscles under your chest appear after being MIA for 10 years.

  • Jake commented Mar 3rd 2012:

    When you now own a tool for creating new belt holes - and you've become skilled at using it.

    I was shopping last week and a woman was griping because she couldn't find a belt large enough for her. (I've been there!) I offered a suggestion to go to the men's department, which I've done before. She looked at me with a bit of disdain and said I wouldn't know how it feels, they make belts for petite women like me. I felt bad for her, but at the same time was grinning inside - I'm not I've ever been called petite before!

  • HappyGranny commented Mar 6th 2012:

    cool @Jake !

    I feel like a normal woman, hurray!

    Cannot stop looking at myself in the mirror (shame on me..) as of today I lost 9+ kilo (20 lbs) since Dec 5th 2011. Now a US size 12; used to be a size 16/18.

    Going for the last 9 kilo's and I can almost see my self wearing a bikini this summer (for the first time since I was 13 y/o..., now 55...)

    "There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way" The Buddha


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I realized I didn't unbuckle my jeans (my 'these are comfy' jeans) I just pulled them down LoL Then yesterday I put on a dress for the first time since before the diet, and did a double take at my toosh. Thanks kettlebell, and I'm not even done yet!


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LOL! That's awesome!

I had a kinda silly milestone this morning and I can't beleive I'm sharing this but here it goes...

I took my dogs out for a walk after my breakfast which including 500mls of cold water and a big cuppa cinnamon coffee. Yep, by the time I got back, I was racing to the washroom. I ran into the washroom and pulled my jeans down WITHOUT having to unbutton or unzip them!?!? Theses were jeans that a few weeks ago were just getting snug.

This is after the big X'mas feast I had last night.

I've been giggling all morning about it.

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