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Starting 4 Hour Body

Started out on 4 hour body on Monday, first time ever writing on a forum/blog platform so here goes!

Starting out at 169.4 lbs and 23.5% body fat

not sure how to post pics, can i get some help!


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Congrats! I hope you will love this as much as I (and many others here) do!

General tips:

    Plan 2-4 meals that are simple and tasty; unless you really love cooking, don’t try to do tons of it. The first few weeks should be as bare-bones as possible food-wise.

    Plan your shopping so that you always have SCD options in the house and thawed.

    Cook in bulk on weekends so that you have plenty of stuff at the ready. I like making 2-3 bags of frozen veggies at once, or a lot of them from fresh, to keep in a container and use through the week. I do the same thing with a bag of beans or some lentils. Keep them in a big thing in the fridge with a measuring cup right in there with them and just plop some on a plate at each meal.

    Scope out area restaurants so that you know where you can easily get a steak and salad or grilled salmon with veggies etc so that you don’t feel your social life suffers in any way and you are prepared for going out.

    Keep your eating very simple and repetitive during the first few weeks so that when you start changing or adding things, you will be sure about what actually impacts things.

    Expect WILD fluctuations on the scale; use other tools like a measuring tape (or even a ribbon that you mark with a starting point etc), frequent photos, calipers etc if you are able to do that.

    If you are kicking addictions (fast carbs/sugar, sodas etc.), expect to feel crappy for the first 3-5 days. Prepare your loved ones for possible moodiness. It will pass and when you come out the other side, you will feel better than before!!

    Do not try to drastically change your exercise or activity level at the same time you are making these changes to your eating and daily routines of cooking/meals. It’s too stressful to change all at once and may set one up for ditching “the whole thing”. Just changing your eating is about 90% of it all anyway!

    Take a long view of it all -- set a goal for a PERIOD OF TIME rather than a certain weight. If you commit to AT LEAST 2 months of proper SCD, you will be able to accurately assess how it’s working for you.

    Keep track of everything you eat and do unless that kind of thing is a huge pain for you. The info is very helpful, and it’s easy to forget week to week what may have changed in our routines.

    Keep a positive attitude! This is SO MUCH FUN, because you will be losing fat, feeling great, and probably eventually be helping others too!

Congrats!!! This is a great adventure for you and I'm sure you'll have many successes!!


  • agknothole commented Mar 29th 2012:

    I needed to hear someone say "wild fluctuations on the scale". Thank you! Although I'm still leaning into the process and different ways of thinking, it's still difficult.

  • Pinky commented Mar 30th 2012:

    Thanks so much for your support although my wt loss goal is small compared to most 10 to 15 lbs. I really love this way of eating....I have cut out artificial sweeteners used to take in alot however is one can of diet coke a day still off limits? Also how much water am I suppose to drink? Never really drank water that much before I now wt. 133........thanks again look forward to your reply....

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Welcome :-)

You need to register at some uploading pages like flickr com to upload your pic. Then you copy the link that leads to your uploaded pic (Image url) and press the tiny picture button in the small menu bar ( B I U ... ). Simply paste your URL and voila.

Make sure your pics are small enough (72 dpi is ok and size max 400 wide) for internet purposes. Cut off your head if you don't want to meet yourself on a poster in the city one day ;-)


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Me too started on Monday first time trying this way of eating....I train for marathons so I need to be abit slimmer then most...I am 5'6 wt. on Monday was 136 by Thurs wt. 133.5 amazing I feel full all the time ...I quess the key is the 30 grams of protien each meal and following the food plan....good luck with your plan!.....

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