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Not throwing in the towel- Success at last.

5 weeks = 35 Days

Down 9 lbs. and 4.75 inches.


So the first week kind of doesn't count as I was still pretty much addicted to white wine, but I have honed in my mistakes thanks to the 4H folks on this forum.

Here are a few of my adaptations that have lead to my success:

- 1 GAL of water daily, no exceptions. My trick is to buy a GALLON of water and drink it until it's gone. I only reuse the plastic bottle once since I think plastics are naturally bad for consumption. I am sure I will get good at counting my 8 glasses with success soon enough. Also, drinking with a straw gets the water in my system faster. Do it! It works!

- No wine! Except after that 16 hour work day on my feet last week... But I almost entirely cut it out and the 4HP were correct, I think having wine 5 nights a week was stalling me.

- PAGG/AGG. I think its working!

- No tomatoes. I however bought a salsa verde with no sugar and want to spice up my chicken..I may experiment this week.

- No Dairy- zero. I save the cheese plate and cappuccino's for my cheat day.

- Cut beans down to 1/2 cup daily and not with dinner.

- Almost cut out nuts and almond butter but my job is physical and I usually get hungry for a snack from time to time.

- I still play tennis 3-4 times a week and it hasn't seemed to effect my weight loss so I'm not cutting it out.

So here's a question...

Can someone recommend a protein shake with 0 sugar that can stand in for my 30g boost in the AM. I am having a hard time getting in my swings + glut excercise + my breakfast in 30 minutes before waking.

THANKS again 4HP. Your support, feedback, kick in the butt...etc... has changed everything.

Make it a great day today people!

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I am pleasantly surprised! You're as hard headed as me! Congrats on the loss, and especially the newfound resolve!!!

  • Alane commented Mar 28th 2012:

    Lol- thanks!


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That is great! I too drink 1 gallon of water daily ( I have been doing this for years), I carry my gallon water every where I go, I'm usually done with the gallon by 1pm, after that I still continue to drink water here and there.

  • Alane commented Mar 28th 2012:

    Awesome!!! That's impressive!


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Hi, well done so far on your 4 hour journey.

In terms of a protein shake, I can recommend Nutrisport 90+, it has 45grams of protein and only 2.5grams of sugar. I have used the chocolate flavour and its quite nice tasting - and incidently takes away my craving for chocolate.


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In another 5 weeks you'll have the - 20lbs for sure.

I find it so funny, how all of us try around to cheat here and there, rebelling against whats written down in Tims book, trying to make their own rules. And after some weeks, we all come to the same conclusion, simply stick to the rules, harrharr.

Whats your goal, Alane?

  • Alane commented Mar 28th 2012:

    50 lbs lost is my goal and to feel comfortable on the beaches of New England by July. I can do it!!


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YEAH!!!!! :)

You go! You should be proud of yourself ;)

Thanks for sharing your experience and advice with us all. Looks like you've found a nice balance of eats and exercise.

Many have found that protein shakes stall their progress.

I would suggest that instead of a protein shake to have a premade breakfast. You can have leftovers from dinner. I make a Shrimp and Spinach Fritatta once a week and I have it for breakfast. I also sometimes pack a piece for a Second Lunch.

Keep up the awesome work :-D

  • Alane commented Mar 28th 2012:

    I forgot all about Frittatas!! Yea! So excited to pump up my breakfast eats! Thanks for the tip.

    I had a feeling about protein shakes...I feel better eating natural stuff any how. :)

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