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Only answer if you had trouble losing weight at the beginning...

How long did it take you to finally start losing weight?

What did you do to finally start losing?

How old are you?

Any words of wisdom?

My sample diet for the day any feedback would be welcome...


3 whole eggs and 4-5 egg whites, avocado, spoonful of pesto, one whole onion, half of zucchini cooked in olive oil split between my husband and I


Spinach salad with onion, 1/3 cup chick peas, salt and pepper, 2 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, red cabbage, handful almonds


One small chili from Wendy's (got caught out too far from home to eat)

One large Tim Horton's steeped tea with 3 cream

7 glasses of water (usually at least 9)

One coffee with 3 tbsp unsweetened soy milk (usually almond)


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Feedback for the diet,

Breakfast looks short on protein should be 30g within 30 mins. The eggs should be about 17-18g each (5-7 per whole egg, 5 per white) and I don't see much else for protein. This is very crucial because it hits your metabolism as it spools up for the day, and that both helps keep you full longer and helps you burn fat through the day.

Lunch looks fine, maybe a bit small depending on the volume of almonds. A handful is a very arbitrary unit of measurement. Almonds are a phenomenal food if used correctly however they are very easy to overdo. You can always throw a can of tuna or salmon on the salad or a chicken breast without any recourse here.

I can't explain why however chili I believe is a no-no, it has to do with the tomatoes, the beans beef etc are all great. I wouldn't be surprised if that the chili from Wendy's is full of junk.

Opa is the only fast food restaurant that I have found that has good SC fast food, Tim's Wendy's Mcd's etc all have cheese on their salads and nothing else is close.

Tea and coffee are great, coffee cream is ok in moderation, depending on the size 3 might be too much (especially if it's the Big Beaver)

Other dairy, and other milks are a big no-no, this I can explain. As a leftover from being an infant our bodies are conditioned to spike our insulin way beyond whats normal so that we can process all those important nutrients to help us grow. That is crucial for infants and a nice perk for body builders but really the opposite of what we look for, were out to slow things down and let our bodies work for us.

You don't really need to worry at all, there are a ton of people in the same boat as you. There are a couple posts a week like this and it's usually just a few small things that get them on track. I doubt that there will be some major problem.

Lots of us aren't achieving the results in the book but are still really impressed, I'm averaging 2-2.5lbs per week and only did 10 in the first month.

The real words of wisdom are to stick with it and keep asking questions, there is a ton of support here to help.

  • lgkanary commented Mar 26th 2012:

    Thank you for the feedback! :)

    > Usually we throw 1/2-3/4 cup of beans and/or left over meat from the night before, is that supposed to be in addition to or in replace of the protein you list above?

    > I'd say 10-12 almonds... too much?

    > I didn't realise chili was a no-no... So is it all chili? Our homemade chili has LOT of veggies. Or is it just the Wendy's chili?

    > It was a large tea, I thought 3 tbsp was the standard for 4 hb, whoops. How should a gauge how much cream to use?

    > even unsweetened almond milk?

    > I feel better overall (except after cheat day) and my skin looks awesome. I haven't been sick this whole time ~ but I would like to start seeing some (any) weight loss eventually. Thanks again for the words of advice and encouragement! :)

  • Graham commented Mar 26th 2012:

    - The breakfast protein should be 30 within 30, the eggs alone I was estimating at ~17g so something else would be required. The beans would be lots, the meat depending on what it is should be enough.

    - That's about perfect, almonds have a massive amount of calories and are easy to get out of control. I usually take 10-15 and put them in another bowl to make sure I don't grab some more. They are great as long as you don't go overboard.

    - I'm pretty sure it's all chili and it has to do with the Tomato Sauce, Paste etc that goes in, I don't know why. The other stuff, the beans beef spices etc are all fine. I hope someone else chips in on this.

    - Even almond Milk (hate to be the bearer of bad news)

  • lgkanary commented Mar 26th 2012:

    Thank you again, hopefully these tweaks will help this week - here's to finishing week number 5 and starting number 6!

  • Graham commented Mar 26th 2012:

    The weight can be a real tough thing, people expect it to be linear the way that your cars gas tank drops as you drive. It's not like that at all, I vary by as much as 10lbs throughout the day, everyday. For a bit of perspective that's between 2-3x my weekly loss and about half of my total progress.

    That's the real reason that Tim recommends a second set of measurements, weighing can be very misleading.

    I'm a bit advocate of weighing daily, it can be tough on the vanity and you need the right mindset (to deal with the little blips) but it really helps identify trends quickly and I find it keeps your focus. It also takes out pretty well all the error just by having a big enough sample size. If you hit the scale near the peak of your day then any loss will be hidden.

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How long did it take you to finally start losing weight?

I was the one that lost but so slowly it was aggravating....I'm on week 8 and it's starting to drop faster.

What did you do to finally start losing?

I realized I was in this for the long haul because no matter if the scale was going down as fast as I wanted, I felt much MUCH better physically.

How old are you?

I'm a 44 year old female

Any words of wisdom?

Tweak your diet slightly every week...find out what works. Don't measure your success by the scale but by the scale, how you feel, inches you have lost, how your clothes feel. Eat much more than you want or think is necessary on Cheat Day (or Free Day as I call it). Eat within a hour of waking up (I tested this and it made a BIG difference in one week) even if it's the 30g of protein and then add veggies within 2 hours. (I drive 1.5 hours to work so my protein is eaten as I'm driving, once I make it to work, I eat my veggies) I have also really cut back on the beans/legumes. I found that I was full anyway and I have them once a day and usually less than 1/2 cup.

Having the "aha" moment of knowing this is for life made a big difference for me.

Good Luck! Hope my little insight helps.


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I had a hard time at first but it is because I failed to adhere to the rules of SCD. So I thought to myself that if I want to lose weight I should make some sacrifices and cut everything I enjoying eating that is prohibited by the SCD. It is either do or die. I'm 22 and started of at 202 pounds but after 1 month and a half of strict SCD I currently weigh 187.

If I would have to tell you where you went wrong it must be the Tim Hortons tea with 3 cream. I use to do add cream to my coffee but after removing cream completely I have started to see changes. Take your tea and coffee pure without any additives. If u must sweeten your drink, you could try Stevia, but I still highly suggest you drink your coffee black. I did not like Black coffee at first but now I like it just fine. It will grow on you. I also suggest cut the almonds from you diet and get rid of soy milk.

If you have any doubts that a certain food or drink is ok to consume or not, always assume its not just to be on the safe side.


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I would log your calories for the day into

You don't need to do that all the time, I've been on this for 8 months and only had a 3 week period of logging calories, but it helped me get a baseline. Overall, I don't think you are getting near enough calories, so you may have slowed down your metabolism. Like your breakfast - that's about what I would eat for breakfast except your last line is that's split between two people.

I would have that lunch but with another 3-4 eggs or a chicken breast.

Dinner - a small chili from wendy's is 220 calories. That's a snack, not a dinner. It also has 6 grams of sugar - way too much for the amount of nutrients you are getting (and sugar is an actual ingredient, that's not just natural sugars from the tomatoes).

You didn't mention what you are doing for exercise; sometimes people who are restricting calories too much are also working out too much, which exaggerates the starvation mode and slows your metabolism even more.

  • Icandoit commented Mar 26th 2012:

    Small changes can make a big difference. I (44 yr old female) dropped 5 lbs in first 3 weeks, then stalled for a month!! After checking in with the forum gurus I made some of the changes they're suggesting to you and it made all the difference - another 5 lb dropped off on the next 2 weeks. Add up your grams of protein at breakfast and get at least 30 - more is even better. I feel like I'm stuffing in a breakfast feast, and at first I thought it was insane, but it works. After logging in to my fitness pal (as recommended here) I realized I wasn't getting enough calories (1200). I bought coconut oil/ghee and started using it liberally to boost my calories and fat(!). Make course corrections and watch your measurements, not the scale - good luck! It works.


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I am in the middle of my third week and am still waiting to see results. But I have not yet given up, hoping that my results will start appearing soon!

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