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Is coconut water ok to drink during the 6 days?

I've got a bad addiction to Vita Coco's Peach & Mango flavored coconut water and want to know if this Is fine to drink while on the slow carb diet. Some sources have said that it's fine to drink, while others say not. The flavored waters have 120 calories a bottle while the plain version has 90 a bottle. Can I have either while on the diet? Thanks!


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I'm going to rephrase your question: "I have a bad addiction to drinking sweet beverages, is that a problem?"

You know the answer!

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No. You must avoid added sugars on this particular diet. Especially High Fructose Corn Syrup BTW.


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I also love that stuff. I think it's great! However, I stopped drinking it once I got on the SCD. Mostly because the nutrition label stated it has 11g of Sugar per serving, which is enough to kick up some insulin (and we don't want that!). I hate to tell you to cut it out, but you can try the diet with it and if there is no weight loss, cut the coconut water out and see if you get over the stall. Good luck!

  • magida commented Oct 9th 2012:

    Don't use the flavored option, too much sugar, but the plain variation is fine as far I can see, only 50 calories and packed with electrolytes - I love it and have been drinking them a lot lately.

  • Liz James commented Oct 10th 2012:

    have you tried natural coconut water straight front the green coconut? I drink it if I'm dehydrated only. I know its high sugar and sodium but in this heat sometimes my blood pressure drops and a cup helps with that. hasn't stalled me so far but I do only have it now and then


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If you love that stuff, you should try Harmless Harvest Coconut water - It's raw and the closest thing to drinking it straight from the coconut right off the tree on the beach. Unfortunatelty it naturally has too much sugar for this diet. So save it for the cheat days.

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