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Pagg stomach ache?

Anyone experience a stomach ache on pagg? It's only day one for me, but it's lasted almost all day. I'm taking the pagg stack on amazon that correlates itself with the book. It's 150 mg not 300 though so I'm not sure if that is the culprit.

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About a week ago someone had a very similar question, and I don't really find it surprising that a percentage of the population doesn't interact well with the suppliments.

Day one of everything or have you been on the diet for a bit and are just introducing the PAGG?

My experience with nausea has been from multi-vitamins, there are certain ones that I get quite Ill from, and certain ones I'm ok with. I thought I had the ingredient narrowed down to a certain one but was just proven wrong so I'm clueless to what the problem is and it's only through trial and error that I have found ones that work for me.

I saw the supplements you were referring to the other day and I'm sure some people use them but I have no idea if they are any good or what the price comparison to the store would be.

I would stop taking them for the time being, then give it a good consistent week of just pure SCD just to make sure that it isn't a different reaction (allergy etc) that you were previously un-aware of.

If that is all good I would head to Walmart and pick up each of the ingredients seperatly (Walmart Canada has a phenomenal Garlic called "Maximum Strength Garlic", it has no after taste but the pill is massive) I would take them all right away and that way you can know if it was a main ingredient or just one of the fillers. If you still have problems take them away for another day or two then introduce them one at a time to figure out which one. That's the real benefit to having them all separate.

Hate to say but it's just through trial and error you will find something that works for you.


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Me, always!!! I think it's the policosanol (at least for me), because every night it hits my stomach like a punch. =s

So I quit PAGG for the moment and just follow the pure SCD... I think it works pretty well also in the basic version ;D

  • Nin Nappi commented Mar 21st 2012:

    Day two : a-okay.

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