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Very Bummed

Into week 6 on this new way of eating and I've only lost 5lbs. I lost that 5lbs in the first 8 days and its been weeks and weeks since the scale has moved. I almost cried when I got on the scale Saturday morning and I was actually 1 pound heavier. Im not sure why it seems to work so well for everyone else...I do follow the eating plan. I have lost some inches so that's good, but unfortunately the heavy dose of beans and meat just makes me feel heavy and constipated. Just not sure its for me anymore...I started out on Jan 31 weiging 176. I now fluctuate between 171 and 173. My goal for the last 3 weeks has been to get into the next pound range. into the 160's....even 169. But in 3 weeks I haven't been able to manage to lose even 4 lbs..:(

Breakfast within 30 min waking - either protein shake if I can't force real food down, or 2 egg whites, 1 egg, spinach and blakc beans

Lunch - salad with 1/2 can tuna - all kinds of veggies, but no corn, limited tomato no carrot. 1 tbsp flax seed oil and 1/2 lemon for dressing. I may substiture some other leftover protein

Dinner - Baked broiled fish, chicken or steak, lots of steamed veggies

dessert - once in a great while - sugar free jello

Snack - If I feel the need for that "second lunch" tim talks about I may do 1/4 cup cottage cheese or a1/4 cup lentils with some tuna and lemon.

Thats it folks. Its actually not too different from how I normally eat, except I've NEVER eaten breakfast

I think it may be time to do soemthing else....



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I am not going to give you one of those sappy motivational speeches about keeping a stiff upper lip and all that. I hear you're frustrated and it can't be easy seeing others have success and feeling like you are not seeing results. It sucks, I get it, but take it from someone who has yo-yoed with weight for the better part of 3 decades, a 5 pound loss, plus inches lost, is something to celebrate, even if you have not gotten the exact results you were looking for. That said, the whole point of 4HB is self-experimentation, so if it is not exactly working for you, you need to switch it up and see what does.

Some questions/comments:

1) TF talks about how hard this diet can be for women, and mentions specifically to give it 4-6 weeks. who knows, maybe weeks 7-8 will be crazy loss...

2) it seems to me you may not be getting enough protein at breakfast (1 whole large egg has 6 grams protein, which would give you about 12 total grams from your eggs/whites). You don't mention how much beans you are eating, but they should be limited to about 1/4 cup at breakfast. Maybe try adding some turkey bacon or another egg to get that 30 grams. Also, not sure how much spinach, but I aim for it to be equal to all the other food (i.e. a full plate of just steamed spinach, separate plate of eggs, beans, turkey bacon)/

3) Also re: breakfast, what is that protein shake? are you sure whatever mix you are using is SCD compliant (many powders have dairy and/or sweeteners that could stall fat loss).

4) water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. you don't mention your water intake and that could definitely help speed up the process. First off, drink at least two glasses of ice water before breakfast (this will do double duty as cold will get your metabolism moving as well). Second, drink all day like your life depends on it. I go to the bathroom like an 80-year-old man with prostate issues, and the secretaries on the floor look at me like I am nuts, but it definitely helps.

5) have you tried any of the cold therapy body hacks? personally i can't stand cold showers/baths and use ice packs on weeknights when I remember. no idea how much this actually helps, but every little bit counts. I assume San Diego rules out "cold walks" but you could try something.

6) you don't mention exercise. from what I have read on this site, sometimes stalling can be due to too much cardio, so not sure if this applies to you. if you are on the other end (i.e. not exercising) perhaps start out trying some of the routines in the book and see how that affects your loss.

7) caliente! I eat a lot of spicy stuff 'cuz TF mentioned that can speed up metabolism. even if you don't love spicy foods, maybe try adding some cayenne pepper to your spinach in the am or a few jalapenos to your salad. may help to kickstart that metabolism.

8 ) SCALES SUCK. you mention that you lost inches, which is great. have you measured your bf%? if not, I highly recommend measuring and following that. think about it, if you only lost 2 pounds up until now, but knew that you dropped 5-10% body fat, it would probably motivate you to keep at it.

Sorry for the rambling, but I see you are struggling and want to help in any way possible. No matter what you decide, we are all behind you and believe that you, and everyone here, can ultimately reach your goals.

  • Priceless commented Mar 13th 2012:

    Thanks TheGru! I drink about 1/2 gallon water per day, but that isn't consistant. I aim for 1/2 cup beans total in day now as more than that really messes with my digestion. I work out 3xs week. Light cardio, yoga, 5lb weights for my arms, air squats and excersize ball for crunches. I mix it all up.

    And I'm over 40, almost 45...so I know I need to be patient. I willl add more protein and water and see how that goes....I really appreciate the words of encouragement, they mean alot..:)

  • Priceless commented Mar 13th 2012:

    oh and I don't know my body fat %...i'll find otu

  • Member commented Mar 13th 2012:

    Sounds like you are not eating enough with all the exercising you are doing. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but if you are burning more than you are taking in, your body goes into "conservation mode" and will hold on to fat instead of burning it off. Maybe scale back to 2X per week and see how that goes?

    In terms of the beans, you should not be eating more than 1/2 cup total anyway.

    I don't know why, but I have a feeling in two weeks you will have some more self-experiments under your belt and will have a totally new outlook.

    Keep us posted and stay classy San Diego!

  • Icandoit commented Mar 14th 2012:

    You're getting great advice. I (45 yr old female) plateaued and gained back 1 lb in my 2nd month after dropping 7 lb in the first month. Then after getting advice here, I started eating MORE -making sure I hit 30 g+ at breakfast (I now eat 3 eggs + beans + fish or meat) and adding more fat when I was eating something lean like chicken or fish, and the weight started dropping off again - another 3lbs in the 2 weeks I started eating more. Re: constipation - someone, poss yarnphreak? recommended adding ground flaxseed, and that's been working. This forum is a goldmine of info! Small changes can cause big results. Try some of the recommended fixes. Also look back to see if you did anything different in the weeks you were losing versus when you weren't. Hang in there!

  • Priceless commented Mar 14th 2012:

    thanks everyone! ok, so this morning I forced myself to get up and make 3 egg whites +1 whole egg scrambled with 1/4 cup black beans, 1/2 bag spinach and 1/4 cup mushrooms. I'll keep on this path. I so much want to lose this weight! thanks again and I'll keep you posted! All of you inspire me!!

  • bapsmom commented Mar 31st 2012:

    It took me at least 6 weeks to see any significant weight loss and about 6 months to lose over 20. It is an age and female issue. Having the beans in the morning or with lunch helped-sometimes I skipped them all together. I also cut out the protien shake and tried not to have anything processed-even on cheat day. I took some time off the scd and am back on now looking to drop another 20. Your post is reminding me to be patient.

    You know your body best-listen to it and tweak what works for you.

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I'm gonna let all the others give their good advice, but right off the top, I don't see that you are getting any fats! It seems counterintuitive, but you have to get enough good fats in order to shed fat. I'd add olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, nuts or avocado at meals.

I recently skipped dinner a couple of evenings because of too much stress going on with my daughter's health. On those nights, I had only decaf tea with heavy cream, and an assortment of nuts, maybe 3/4 of a cup or so, in lieu of dinner. After the first night, I was down 2.5 lbs. After the second night, down another lb. It might not work for everyone, but I thought it was fascinating. I know you'd probably be afraid to experiment with increasing fats, since we are all so conditioned to think that it's about calories.

I'd skip the protein shakes completely. Would you be able to manage a very small steak or other type of "dinner" food for breakfast? 1 whole egg plus 2 whites is only giving you 13g of protein, if they are from large eggs. You'd get add'l protein from the beans and veggies too, but I'm not sure it's reaching that 30g minimum mark.

I think the fact that it's "not too different from how you normally eat" is very telling. I'm betting you're just not eating enough!

Increase water like mad.

(Also -- are you constipated? Accumulated waste can really show on the scale! You very well COULD be a little backed up, if you are kinda low on fat intake. An avocado will fix that right away!)

  • Priceless commented Mar 13th 2012:

    thanks Gretchenlin :) I will sometimes have guac or avocado and I cook with coconut oil if I pan fry my protein...Ok, no protein shakes. I am going to make a committment to EAT, not drink the 30grams. Also I just saw another post that said NO LEMONS, they are fruit! i eat lemons everyday...I am totally constipated. I've done the magnesium, I did a detox and cleanse, I started drinking alkaline water and still I am constipated...I will be 45 at the end of this month, so I understand this thing can take awhile for woman my age...i am just frustrated :( if I were even losing 1/2 lb a week, I would be motivated...but losing nothing at all..the exact opposite

  • Gretchen Linden commented Mar 13th 2012:

    Dropping the lemons, the shakes, and waiting until things are moving again in the southbound lane will do it! I'm 54 and have some health challenges. You absolutely must step back and look at the larger picture -- the way you are eating now, by excluding processed foods, fast carbs and fake stuff for 6 days of 7 will make big changes in your overall health; it is then that your body will be able to get rid of the extra weight. Trust in the experience of so many others here, be patient and tolerant with yourself, and keep your chin up! I think you are well on your way to tailoring the perfect way of eating for YOU; continue experimenting and tweaking!

  • awkman commented Mar 13th 2012:

    Hi I am new at all this, so I am just going to quote what my girlfriend is telling me (she is further on than me) and other posts on the forum - how much water are you drinking each day? The received wisdom seems to be about 4 litres is right. Gretchenl­in mentions this in the first reply. Look on the forum about drinking water and there are also loads of posts about stalling. However, be encouraged, there are loads of people here to help you and don't give up!!!

  • Priceless commented Mar 14th 2012:

    thank you all so much for taking the time to help and inspire me! I want this so much and sharing my challenges here has helped me through another day! ONE GALLON of water a day!? ok, I usually only drink 1/2 so I will start buying it in the gallon jug and drink it till its gone :)

  • Priceless commented Mar 14th 2012:

    @charlie, I do drink coffee and realized that I was using 1/2 and 1/2, not heavy cream. Bought the heavy cream yesterday @3.50 per pint! But I'm willing! I like avocado and cottage cheese, I have that about once a week. I bought 3 avocado's yesterday and will incorporate.

  • Priceless commented Mar 14th 2012:

    what do you guys think about Pea Protein and Brown Rice protein? I really struggle with eating food within the first 30 minutes of waking. Its takes me longer than that just to wake up, get dressed and prepare food. The shake I can do...let me know what you think..

  • Charley commented Mar 14th 2012:

    Priceless, you might be the rare lucky one that can have a tbs of almond butter before sleep. Do ypu drink coffee? Cinnamon? Green Tea? Maybe add those. Avocado, very good to gibe your salad some fats.

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