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Chia Seeds?

I bought chia seeds at the grocery store because i've heard REALLY good things about them (superfoods, help you poop, blah blah blah) but of course the question is... are they SCD approved?? I figured i'd add them to my protein pancakes or protein shake (unflavored whey isolate) post workouts. Thoughts??


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I love chia seeds. I also make a chia pudding with a couple tbsps of chia seeds, raw cocao powder, cinnamon and water. I toss everything into a big jar, shake it up and toss it into the fridge for a few hours.

  • fitorbust commented Mar 12th 2012:

    awesome!! Thank you! i might substitute the water for coconut or almond milk for little more flavor. great suggestion i'm excited to try it out.

  • fitorbust commented Mar 13th 2012:

    made the chia pudding tonight. so great- thanks again!

  • roxymuzic commented Aug 12th 2012:

    Wow, I made this today and it's just chia infused almond milk. I used the suggested proportions. What'd I do wrong?

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I honestly don't feel a [health] difference after adding them to shakes, but they really help in the appetite suppressant sense. Figure if you keep drinking water after you down them, they continue to swell a bit.

I really like the Synergy Chia Drinks, but they do seem sweetened so I save those for cheat days.

  • fitorbust commented Mar 12th 2012:

    any appetite suppressant is a plus!! Thank you!!


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Yes! Eat chia seeds! I sprinkle them on salads, soup, scrambled eggs, etc.

  • fitorbust commented Mar 12th 2012:

    done and done. thank you for the response!

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