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Help Please

I just finished my 21st week of the slow carb diet. I have gone from 201 lbs to 146 lbs. I have lost consistently every week, even if it was only a pound some weeks. This is my first week not losing anything and I am devestated. I work so hard and don't understand why this happened. I am going to post my meals and see if there are any changes I should make, such as dropping the beans and upping the good fats. I do 1/2 hour of cardio several days a week and also arm and leg exercises on alternating days. I don't think the amount of exercise I do would be considered overtraining and I have been very successful so far with what I've been doing. I still have about 15 more pounds I want to lose. I will make any changes necessary to my diet, but really don't want to give up my cheat day. It is what has helped me be so successful with this diet. I get ravenous during the week for good food and this is the only day I can plan social outings with friends because I know I can eat. I don't want to make more out of this than it is, but I am very upset.

Breakfast - 1/2 cup black beans, 3 egg whites and 3 whole eggs srambled, broccoli/cauliflower

Lunch 1 - 1/2 cup black beans, 1/2 grilled chicken breast, green pepper slices

Lunch 2- 1/2 grilled chicken breast, broccoli/cauliflower

Dinner - fish of some sort, broccoli/cauliflower (sometimes I don't eat much at this meal if I am tired or eat lunch 2 late)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to let this mess with my head. Today is my cheat day and I feel horrible about even doing it. On cheat days, I eat my normal breakfast minus the beans and then eat what I want for lunch and dinner with some sweets also mixed in. I really think the cheat day has kept me going by keeping my 100% on track the other six days and throwing my body off one day a week.


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You're not doing anything wrong. It's just harder to lose weight as you get thinner.

(Think about it: A 10 pound loss is not at all hard for someone who weighs 300 pounds+ but near impossible for someone who weighs 100lbs. An extreme example but just wanted to illustrate diminishing rate of returns, so to speak)

55 pound loss in 21 weeks is incredible! Just keep at what you're doing and give it a little time (and yourself a break as well as your body settle into the thinner you. Call it an adjustment period and ride the plateau. Your meals sound super clean so don't go crazy and try to reduce any more portions/meals or go overboard on exercise which can always backfire)

(it took me 5 years..yes 5 YEARS to go from 149lb to 126lb. Granted I lost most of the weight when I gave up dieting entirely but that's another story for another day)

Your body can't keep losing 1lb a week, because if that were true, you'd weigh 94 pounds in 52 weeks (this is purely theoretical of course, and no one wants to be that emaciated)

Considering this isn't a diet but a lifestyle you should adopt, counting down the days til a goal weight is achieved probably isn't the best mentality to go about it. (But I do symphathize because I've been there. I reached my goal weight and failed miserably at maintenance, thus gaining twice the weight back)

Sorry about the rambling style of of my post. You're doing fine and don't let this stress you out.(remember, stress=cortisol=fat storage)

Keep up the good work!

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I don't think there's any reason for concern! You seem to be doing great, and you should expect weight loss to continue, but at a slower rate as you get closer to your goal. When I started, I was losing weight much faster than I am now. Now I'm at the point where some weeks don't show a loss (some have even shown a pound or two gain!). But it's all good - I am comparing longer term trends and the trend is in the right direction, so I'm not stressing about it.

I'm reposting my chart here, notice two things - the pace is slowing now that I'm at a healthy weight but it's still continuing, and notice that for example back on Feb 12 I weighed 130.6, and this morning 129.4. Only 1.2 pounds list in a month - dreadful, yes? Except that looking at the chart, Feb 12 was a low fluke, and this month that's the high point.


Also, if you look at my chart, I could have given up in despair over stalls in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. Really every single month has been a massive stall, which makes it sound like I've accomplished nothing. But I am still drifting downwards and the lows of my Jan stall are the highs in my Feb stall.

So have faith, you are doing awesome. You can experiment with cutting the beans down a little if you want, and with the cardio make sure it's HIIT, not all solid paced. But I think you are doing just fine, and a week off here or there should be expected at this point due to being human.


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You've gotten a lot of excellent advice here but I want to add one thing. Please "reframe" it and look at what a massive restructuring your body has done in this time period!! That much weight lost will require the body to do all kinds of "recalibrating", in terms of the muscles, joints, and tendons that support your frame/whole body. Think about how the body needs to account for this large shift in weight, and how it is carried. It's as if a 50-lb backpack were removed from you that you'd carried a long time, and your body has to rebalance and redistribute. That's a LOT of stuff!

Revel in your accomplishment. Relax. Smile. Carry on. Smile again. And then a few more times.



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I haven't been on as long as you CONGRATS , but I stop losing weight by second week I'm now on week 7-8 not sure i quit counting pounds & am focus on inches and all of a sudden wow at I ve lost inches , not pounds according to book pounds are deceiving maybe you lost inches have you measured ? . Heres things to look at ; how much ICE water do you drink , .5 ounces for pounds you weigh , remember about 20 ounces of ice water in first 1/2 hour of waking , eat your 30 g. Of proten breakfast within first hour ,are you doing ice paks on back of upper shoulders in the evenings ? per book, I had to even give up stevia for now & cream Why do you need 2 lunches ? Try to eat enough in meals so you don't need to snack I think more food in your meals . look carefully of everything you put in your mouth I would never have thought sugarless gum . This is a start my doctor told me if I make all tweaks & dont lose ; it hurts to say this binge every other week and read other people input on this site to read how they binge. Good luck


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You are doing GREAT - Give yourself a break. You are awesome!


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Are you sure the frustration is over the plateau and not because, as you said, "I get ravenous during the week for good food" ?

Even though Tim says to eat the same meals over and over, after 21 weeks of chicken and broccoli, you might be ready to change up your dinner a little. With some recipe research and creative sauce-making, you can (and should, in my opinion) be enjoying really good food on SCD.

I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day in a given week, but I share dinner with my non-SCD, low body fat boyfriend who has zero interest in eating bland food. There are recipes and ideas all over this forum, and if you look for paleo recipes, many of them are SCD compliant. Just making "no-tatos" out of steamed cauliflower and white beans was a revelation - great side dish to rack of lamb, caribou steak, salmon... What about shrimp with a side of bok-choy stir-fried in coconut oil/ghee? You can make your own SCD-compliant peanut satay sauce. YUM!

Like others said, I wouldn't stress over the 1-week plateau, although when it's me I stress, too. It's normal. Not fun, but normal. Hang in there!


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That is AMAZING results - Congratulations. Don't worry about the plateau, it happens to almost everyone. Just keep on going. If you need motivation just look at those before and now numbers OR better yet - look at some before vs. now pictures. After losing so much weight already the visual difference would be so dramatic.

Again well done and keep going!


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My you have done so well. Why not just keep it up, and not worry about the scale for a while? How do you feel? How do you look in the mirror to yourself? How do your clothes fit? I just started, and I've been stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks! I feel so much better I will stick it out for the long haul. I'm down 15 with 35 pounds to go. I would say you're doing great.


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You have done amazing work and are an inspiration to me. I haven't lost a single pound and am going on my third week! Keep up the good work and break thru your plateau- you'll do it, you have come this far already!


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First - awesome job! As yarnphreak said, it becomes harder the less you weigh. If you've ever seen biggest loser, they score everything as % body weight loss to try to normalize. So - 15 lb loss for a 150 lb person is like 30 lbs for a 300 lbs person.

As for what to do, you have a few options. 1) Nothing - your diet is clean, your body is adjusting to the lower weight, as long as you're not gaining each week you're great. Also, you likely are losing inches but the change isn't reflected on the scale. Are you measuring yourself? You'll pass the plateau before you know it. The fact you've never had a stall week until now is pretty incredible. 2) Experiment a little on your diet and/or exercise. Did you drink enough water? What happens if you cut the beans in half? Replace some bulk with avocado. There's a ton of variations to try week to week with each week being an experiment in and of itself. Add some kettlebell swings or HIIT cardio. 3) Delay cheat day - try every 10-14 days or just until you lose weight from the prior pre-cheat day weight. Don't delay if it'll derail you, but I prefer having only 3 cheat days a month vs 4. 4) Get super-restrictive and try The Last Mile protocol in Tim's book, which he rec's for the last 10-15 lbs.

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