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How often should i be doing the kettlebell exercise and 7-min ab exercise/how many reps?

i just started the SCD and wasn't sure how many times i should be exercising. Im 5'3 128 pounds.

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I'm assuming your doing the perfect posterior workout. In which case you should be doing those exercises 3x/week. The abs are twice a week. I've setup my routine to overlap a little. M/W/F I do kettlebell swings after a run in the morning. On the M/F I throw in the ab exercises.

You don't want to focus on your abs to much, they get a workout from your day to day activities, not to mention the kettlebell exercises...

I'm fairly active, so I would say start slow. See what half the reps feel like and just sort of buildup each week. Before you know it, you'll be completing the full sets and wondering where to go next!



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The book suggests doing 75 swings so that's what I do. I try to do em 15 at a time with a short break in between each set. Do as many as you feel comfortable doing, don't train to failure.

Not sure about the ab exercises. Do what you can, don't hurt yourself.

  • Mags commented Feb 6th 2011:
    thanks! how many times per week should i be doing these
  • MKrick commented Feb 7th 2011:
    Twice a week to start, if your muscles don't take more than several days to recover you can up that to 3.

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