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Things I think I may be doing wrong...help?

So, I just started my 3rd week on the SCD. I was a little disappointed that I didn't seem to drop any weight in week 2, but I dropped about 5 lbs in week 1. A few things I am wondering about + random information to help get feedback:

How important is eating veggies with every meal? In particular, I haven't been eating a lot of veggies with breakfast, but am with lunch and dinner.

My typical breakfast is: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1 cup of black beans, half an onion, 2-4 strips of bacon and occasionally half an avocado. Is this too much avocado? Too much fat?

A typical lunch is a Chipotle Mexican Grill chicken bowl with double beans, fajita style (peppers/onions), guacamole, corn salsa, tomato salsa, lettuce. Sometimes I will have meat + spinach + black beans that I bring from home instead. I am assuming this is ok. Thoughts?

Dinner is usually a meat protein (chicken, steak, pork chop), half a cup of black beans + half an onion and spinach or a salad w/ oil, vinegar, herbs.

If I am starving randomly (usually when I don't get enough protein with a meal), I will eat up to a full 200 calorie Trader Joe's snack pack of the raw almonds, but I try to only eat a few or half the pack pausing every few to see if it has done the job. Usually I try to make one of these be 2 servings. I don't think that's a lot of almonds, but would be curious what others thought.

I haven't been shy about using butter or oil. I am wondering if I should just use olive oil or track down macadamia oil.

I haven't been going that crazy on my free days. Could this be a problem? Not changing it up enough for my metabolism?

I drink tons of water. Probably at a minimum 160 oz a day, so I don't think that's an issue.

I haven't been working out at all other than an occasional walk.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. I have been kind of wondering if I should just go back to what I was doing (eating healthier in general, cooking more) since I was able to drop 25 lbs since December just doing that. However, I am holding out hope that the SCD will kick in soon. Also, 2 full weeks isn't that long, so I don't plan to give up yet. However, seeing a loss next week would definitely keep me motivated! Thanks guys!


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Hi, Dn! :)

Ok, let's see if I can help ya here....

You should ALWAYS, as a rule, have your food distribution be 50/30/20 (protein/veggies/legumes). Having more veggies will help with your regularity. You definitely need some to "keep things moving".

Breakfast: I'd ease back on the black beans, perhaps keep it to 1/2 cup. Also, I'd lower the bacon to 2 strips maximum. The important thing is to get 30g of protein or MORE for breakfast within 30-60m of WAKING(not rising). Don't skimp on the protein, but lowering your legume content will help with the weight loss. Avocado is ok, but maybe 1/4 at breakfast. I am surprised you are not stuff after all those beans, personally that you'd "need" to eat a half of an avocado. If you want to use the avocado in place of say, the bacon, that'd be good. Just be sure to get 30g protein minimum no matter what configuration of breakfast you choose.

Lunch: Lower the beans, just get one scoop of beans. It doesn't have to be a ton. If anything you should do double chicken. I see you like avocados. But avocados are on that "in moderation" camp. They are still a fruit, and while they are approved, you shouldn't eat it everyday...perhaps every 2 days at most. Also, no corn salsa...corn is a grain/starch(i.e. high in sugar...a few kernels of corn are ok, but if you get the corn salsa that's too much corn...just leave it out altogether and stick to the green salsa.) Also, too many tomatoes, while approved, have lots of natural sugars in them, so, you can have them, just don't go crazy. :) Tomatoes are considered a fruit as well, but are not AS "in moderation" or "borderline" as avocados. :)

Dinner: You can leave out the beans from dinner if you wish(if you are diabetic and need the carbs to not be at a low blood sugar in the morning, keep them in and keep them low like 1/4 cup) Otherwise, dinner looks good.

Be sure to get at LEAST 3L of water a day(or more) also, make sure that you get a minimum of 20g of protein for Lunch and Dinner, if you are feeling ravenous 4-5 hours later, up your protein in the previous meal. Try to keep the proteins to lean meats/fish/eggs...stray from the higher fat meats if possible.

Ahh, nuts....while nuts are approved, I've seen MANY a person fall prey to the "dreaded nut/nut butter trap". They are healthy fats, but they are also calorically dense and EASILY abused if you don't watch it. If you think you can limit yourself to say, 6-8 almonds a DAY, then, go ahead and have them...in emergencies if you are like feeling ravenous before a meal and want to fight any "cheat demons" knocking at your door. :) But, don't go over that. Almonds, and nuts/nut butters are a "domino food" and can be easily abused if you aren't careful. *I* am known on here as being "anti-nut", but I am only "anti-nut" when people go overboard. If you can control yourself and portion them out per day, then go ahead and nom away! :) I have actually included a tbl of sunflower seeds (roasted-salted from TJs) on my salads everyday also 3 almonds before my lunches. But that's it. :)

It looks like you are doing well on water and if you want to use oil/butter. Use ghee and olive oil or macadamia nut oil, but sparingly.

And yes, I recommend you go longer than just 2 weeks. 2 weeks isn't enough time for SCD to kick in and start to work it's magic effectively. 2 weeks is also when people who are not as committed will quit out of frustration or whatever reason. Have faith, it DOES work. :) It worked for me and is STILL working. :)

Keep it up!

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Most people lose an extra amount that first week, you can't expect to lose 5 pounds every week. But I would also be concerned that you didn't lose in week 2.

I don't think you are having too much fat at all, I wouldn't worry about that. I suspect your problem is the huge amount of beans you are eating. I would drop breakfast to 1/2 cup and quit the "double" beans at lunch - just do a single thing of that. See how that works for you. If you are close to your goal I'd drop the dinner beans as well, or if you find you are still stalling. Also, the corn salsa is off limits (no corn).

I normally eat 1-2 cups of veggies with breakfast and it's recommended, but some days I skip due to time. If you're still stalled after making the above changes, then try adding the breakfast vegetables back in. You may want them anyway to keep full once you drop the full cup of breakfast beans.

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