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Roasted veg


Tim talks a lot about legumes, but mostly in the form of lentils, beans and peas.

Would it be okay for me not to have either of those and have instead legumes in the form of roasted vegies? Like pumpkin, sweet potatoe and parsnip (I think those are all legumes?). To me this would be heaven! :)

thank you for listening...


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I'm sorry, but no!

Pumpkin, sweet potatoes and parsnips are not legumes - legumes are just the beans and lentils.

Not only that, but the vegetables you want to roast are fairly high carb. The entire community here will have to show up on your doorstep to shame you if you try to pass off sweet potatoes as a 4hb food!

  • Jake commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Ha, yeah, always worth a try! You can roast other vegetables, though. I often buy a whole bag of zucchini and roast them. You can make kale chips too. And if the beans are slowly crushing your soul, you can probably do without, many of us go for spells without the beans. Or you can get papadums and microwave them for lentil "chips", just check the ingredients because some are with lentil or gram flour which you want, others are evil and have rice flour.

  • Maria Rider commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Jake, hahahaha "beans are slowly crushing your soul"....funny! :)

  • fitorbust commented Mar 5th 2012:

    egg plant chips!! brilliant!

  • dmadland commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Roasted cauliflower is the greatest!

  • Paula30 commented Mar 5th 2012:

    It was worth a try wasn't it? :) Oh well, back to the lentils and beans....

  • arctichacker commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Kale chips are great. Eggplants make great chips too.

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