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Lemon juice, cream etc


Because Tim F said we could put up to 2tbsp of cream in our coffee, I assume then it is okay to put that cream to use in sauces instead? Is coconut milk okay?

Also can I use lemon juice in salad dressings?

Many thanks, Paula


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Hi @Paula30. CREAM: Probably fine, but in truth, TF says to use cream if you can't drink coffee without it. If it's not a necessity you should leave it out with all of the rest of the dairy. COCONUT: Coconut, coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut cream (not cream of coconut w/sugar) are all OK in limited quantities. Botanically, the coconut "fruit" is considered a drupe (stone fruit, like peaches), but unlike a peach, the edible "flesh" of a coconut is the seed inside the stone, the endosperm. In young coconuts, there is liquid endosperm in the center (coconut water). Coconut milk is made by pressing coconut flesh or passing hot water through grated coconut. In the cooling process of making coconut milk, coconut cream floats to the top, and another by-product of coconut milk can be coconut oil. LEMON JUICE: Can be used in moderation. The juice of an entire lemon has about 4 g carbohydrate, 1 g sugar and a low glycemic load, but it does have fructose, so keep an eye on the amount you're using.

  • dmadland commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Very helpful response.

  • Paula30 commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Thank you elquent for your response, much appreciated :)

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