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Fasting after cheat day?

Checked through the archives but couldn't find my exact answer. I have been reading up on the benefits of IF and have already gotten pretty close to 24 hours by omitting most dinner meals on the SCD due to lack of appetite ( but trying to add them back in now to promote more weight loss!) . Today was my cheat day and I stopped eating at 6pm. Is fasting until 6 pm tomorrow long enough to reap the benefits, or should I really wait to eat again until Monday morning ( it would be around 6 am) Lemme know! :)


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You'll get better results if you IF before your cheat day, that way the carbs can be soaked up by your muscles and liver as glycogen more, so less gets stored as fat.

Also you'll experience more fat loss and a bigger metabolism kick if you do an 18 hour fast beforehand.

Some people have lost lean body mass and slowed their metabolism down by IF straight after cheating, which kinda defeats the purpose of IF being followed by a large meal.

Just make sure you eat a meal high in protein and legumes/vegetables to slow absorption the night before. Limiting legumes to one meal the day after cheat day will help stabalise your blood sugar levels quicker and get back into fat-burning.;)

  • aermshaus commented Mar 4th 2012:

    I'll try the IF before cheating--cool idea!

  • Sam Green commented Mar 4th 2012:

    Just remember to drink grapefruit juice and do some damage control before you eat, you won't want blood sugar spiking too rapidly.

  • katierae84 commented Mar 4th 2012:

    Thanks for the answers guys!

    Hmmmmm, well I have heard both sides, that you should fast AFTER and BEFORE your cheat day, so I guess I will stick with after for today since I already started hahaha. Also, here is a link to some more cool reading on IF: you can download the PDF for free too.


    I will let you guys know how it goes. I only put on 3 pounds after this cheat versus my typical 5 ( not due to fasting), so I am already stoked. I will add in the 18 hour before next cheat day too and see how that goes. I only eat legumes once a day now too.

  • WantmyBodyBack commented Mar 4th 2012:

    I'm going to try fasting b4 cheat day, vs after. Just a ? If u do a cheat day b4 and after, is that too much?

    Also, from personal experience a full day of fasting, works better.

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I have just started with IF the day after cheat day and I find it to be helping right now. I just got through with my second IF day after cheat day. the first time cheat day was a doozy and I gained about 4 lbs and the day after my IF day I had lost 3 of them and was back to pre-cheat weight the day after that. This past chaet day was not nearly as bad and I only gained a pound and had lost it by the moring after my IF day. My schedule is as follows:

Cheat Day (Thursdays)

8:00am - Normal SCD Breakfast (30g Protein)

12:00pm - Lunch - Anything I want +Coffee

6:00pm - Dinner - Same as lunch

11:00pm - Midnight chow - Breakfast food! (this is the meal that I know is killing me)

After that I do not eat again until Friday mornings breakfast. All I can recommend is lots of coffee and water on your IF days. As long as you are getting a good amount of carbs on your cheat day I dont think that you should be hungry or have a problem going an entire day without food. I know that I dont. Hope this helps a bit.

  • katierae84 commented Mar 4th 2012:

    Awesome, your cheat day sounds very similar to mine except I am not doing the "midnight chow". Did you mean to say you don't eat again until Saturday breakfast? I am pumped to do this now! Do you exercise at all on your IF day or just take it slow? Yerbamate, water and Americanos are going to be my buddies today I think!

  • Joel20042002 commented Mar 4th 2012:

    yes i meant saturday! Sorry about that! I do workout on my IF days sometimes. The only workout that I do is either run about a 5K or just do the kettle bell and ab work out from the book

  • Joel20042002 commented Mar 4th 2012:

    Just an update for you...Today is Sunday...Cheat day was Thursday. This weeks was pretty tame, put on only a pound and was at 195 post cheat day. IF'd all day Friday and ate normal SCD Saturday as well as today and just weighed in tonight after a day full of food and water and was at 192...So far so good for me! Hope it works for you!

  • katierae84 commented Mar 5th 2012:

    Sweet! That is so cool. I broke my fast at the 24 hour mark, but had a wicked healthy/light dinner (lobster over greens with olive oil) Next time maybe I will go for the full 36 hours, but I am happy to have done a full 24. Congratulations on your weight loss so close to coming off of a cheat day! :)


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I did the IF two times 'till Monday BUT it never helped me out in the long term.

When I did my IF for kinda 30 hours, I always lost all of my "cheat day weight" -- but the following week I did not loose weight at all.

So my conclusion to this is:

I do the "middle-way". I just eat protein and some veggies on post cheat day and that helps me.

Good luck with the IF, it's a cool experience!

  • katierae84 commented Mar 4th 2012:

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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