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Eggs at night, -1lb in the morning?

On 4 different occasions I have lost 1 lb after having eggs as my last meal usually before bed, so it's like a 4th meal (sometimes with lettuce, sometimes with avocado, sometimes just plain). Just wondering if this is something anyone else has experienced? Next week, I am going to experiment with having eggs as my last meal for the entire week instead of at random. I will keep you posted.

  • justingus25 commented Jun 19th 2012:

    Did you feel this worked better -any conclusive results for you?


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so i tried this out for 3 days in a row and each time it's -1 lb in the morning.

what manner of voodoo is this?

i'm quite impressed.

some sort of protein overload and no carb at night time so the carbs cant convert into fat blah blah?

  • Tomhole commented Jul 3rd 2012:

    i have been doing it off and on for a week. I weigh myself before going to bed and then when I get up, but I pee first and that taints the data. Or does it? I don't know. This is my take a week off from PAGG week, so that is my variable this week. I'll get back to the eggs after that.

  • Nelly Baird commented Aug 21st 2012:

    Wow. Just when I thought I couldn't love eggs any more. <3

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A quick google search returned the following info (not sure if accurate, interesting at least):

Egg whites have several characteristics that promote weight loss. First, egg whites are extremely hard to digest. Your body expends a lot of energy to digest egg whites so they aid you to burn more calories. Second, egg whites, when eaten without carbs, force your body to secrete more glucagon, which promotes fat loss.

I usually have grass fed beef at night, maybe one week I'll switch it up and eay my steak in the am and eggs for dinner!


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Yes, I have found I lose faster the more egg meals I incorporate but the benefits stop after a couple weeks so I cycle the eggs. Even before I did SCD I saw this correlation. I don't know why it works but it does.

  • sabre2hopes commented Jun 19th 2012:

    intriguing - i've been adding eggs (usually 4 a day) and seeing a consistent drop too..but never really correlated it to the eggs themselves


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Wow, awesome, think I'll start experimenting with that myself!


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THanks for this post. This has become my new experiment. I will eat 3 right before dinner and see what happens. I like experimenting and measuring. This will be fun,

  • agknothole commented Jun 21st 2012:

    Tom! won't this harm your protein shake for breakfast experiment?? Was that you?

  • Tomhole commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    I am just eating them at night before bed. Just had 3 eggs, deviled. Delicious.

  • Tomhole commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    Just did 2 nights of this. Had 4 eggs the first night but was on travel so no scale. I had 3 eggs last night right before bed. Weighed 212.6 lbs. Woke up at 211.2 lbs. That is weird. How do you lose 1.4 lbs while sleeping?

  • tjwooldridge commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    That is so awesome, Tom! I'm doing it tonight! WOOOOO! Love new hacks.

  • Tomhole commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    I'm not sure exactly what is going on right now. I have lost 6 lbs in 4 days. I'd like to say it was due to going back on protein shakes, but that doesn't sync up quite right. And the drop started before I started the egg thing. Dangit, I hate when I can't correlate cause and effect. But I'll take it. I'll keep updating the egg effect.

  • CarmenCR commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    There's a book in german that recommends eating protein meals for dinner without carbs but with veggies. The book about it is "Schlank im Schlaf" ("Loosing weight while sleeping") if I remember right.

    It's all about metabolism... carbs in the morning, carb+protein at noon, protein in the evening.

    What you guys report seems to prove them right - at least on the "protein in the evening and you will lose weight while sleeping".


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And they want to tell us that eggs are bad for health!

I will try this, too.

Egg-Day tomorrow.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Jun 19th 2012:

    Honestly no one is really saying that eggs are bad for health anymore, and if they are they are really far behind the curve on research. Most MD's should be telling you to eat whole eggs.

  • CarmenCR commented Jun 20th 2012:

    Yeah, that's the sad thing about it: Bad rumors seem to live forever.

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented Jul 4th 2012:

    It is amazing that we were told how bad eggs were for so long... My father is a physician and we always had disgusting egg beaters in the house. They might be fine in recipes, but they are as disgusting as hell to eat for breakfast.

    I've been eating four whole eggs for breakfast and it's working great for me.


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oddly i have a similar experience with sashimi and riceless sushi! everytime i eat that as my last meal i lose about a pound or half pound the next day! but since i cant afford sushi every night...maybe eggs could be the substitute for when i cant have the fish!! im excited...gonna have sushi tonight...and eggs tomorrow night...we will see what happens!!

  • maddykiedis commented Jul 3rd 2012:

    This defintely happens to me too.... Whenever I have later-night sashimi, I may feel bloated going to sleep but always wake up down a pound or 2. This also happens to me (although not as substantially), when I eat plain meat/other protein before bed...

  • sabre2hopes commented Jul 4th 2012:

    woo hoo - sashimi next!

  • sabre2hopes commented Jul 5th 2012:

    ok this is just diabolical - in a good way.

    sashimi last night with gluten-free soy sauce and sure enough, there's another pound off this morning.


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Cool experiment. Can't wait to hear about your results.


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I always have -500g overnight, SC or not.


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I just noticed the same thing this morning. I had 3 deviled eggs for dinner last night and this morning I'm down 2 lbs. Woohooo! The incredible edible egg! :)

  • Emily Libby commented Nov 6th 2012:

    whats ur deviled egg recipe ?? :)


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Works It with yolks? or only whites egg and how much grms of white eggs... :?


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Could someone please clarify, do you have beans with the eggs?

  • Danielle Waldo commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I have to say this confuses me a bit. I weigh myself at night and again in the morning. I am always lighter in the morning, isn't that why we weigh in the morning? Last night I was 195 and this morning 192. For the week- I am about where I started and hope the next 2 days net me more weight loss. So, if I eat eggs before bed, I am wondering where does that pound come from? Does that make sense? I am probably making this more confusing.

  • Rocío Mar commented Jan 28th 2013:

    I'm with Danielle here. I always weigh less in the morning than at night. 2-3 lb difference. Or do you mean that you lose 1lb from AM to AM?

  • Bluezen1014 commented Jan 28th 2013:

    I have to agree with Danielle here. I'm always a pound or 2 lighter in the morning as soon as I wake up. However, like Tim said, we have to experiment and see what works for our body. I'm heating up the skillet to make eggs as I type this:)


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I have tried this before and really works but if you do it too often the effect disappear. I don't know why but that has happened to me already, maybe too much egg in the end does not make much impact as in the beginning. What do you think?

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