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ArcticHacker: The Final Push

I'm at Week 10.5 (I'm doing 10 day cycles between Cheat Days now).

I weighed and measured myself this morning.

I am at 131.4 lbs and 16.4% BF.

Apparently compared to Week 9, I am up 1.2 lbs but down about an inch in tape measurements and down 1.3% in BF.

And I am also dealing with my TOM so I'm bloated.

No matter how buff I look, I'm not taking any photos of me in skivvies when it's my TOM LOL!

I'm pretty much at my initial goal of 17-15%BF! >:-(

I even fit in my pre-accident jeans. I'm very glad that I held onto those B-)

I figure I'd give it one final push for the next few weeks and see more I can shave off the last bits with a few TLM-inspired tweaks for the sake of self-experimentation.

I will be omitting beans completely.

I don't think I can handle eating every 3 hours. I will have 4 meals a day.

Protein amounts will stay the same. (40 gram for breakfast, 25-30 grams for other meals)

I will aim for 15-20 grams net carbs.

TF uses nuts/ nut butters for fat. I think I will replace some of that with actual fat in the form of Fat Coffee/tea/cocoa.

And of course, no booze, no sweeteners except for Cheat Day.

I will maintain a 10 day Cheat day cycle. Now that I'm on my 3rd 10 day cycle, it's pretty easy. In fact, a week seems too short between Cheat days now. Strange 8-)

For exercise, I'm not changing too much from my 2-3x/week regular regime.

I have finally gotten a 16kg kettlebell. I've been using a 20lb (9kg) one so far. I will be incorporating a few more kettlebell exercises but will keep my whole workout to around 20 minutes.

OK, off to enjoy my Cheat Day!


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So happy you are getting really close to your goal! I Hope to join you soon!!!

You look pretty awesome already I am happy to hear your bodyfat goals are like being realized the closer you get to your goal. It makes me hopeful I will get to my bodyfat goal(18% initially) by the time I hit 115 lbs. (It won't help my loose skin, but hey, that's ok, I can wait on my skin to bounce back, right?)

Keep it up!! I dunno if I'd be doing the 10 day thing I'm kinda holding out to see if I can get to my goal on SCD and on the 6 day cycle. It just keeps me more sane. I think if I didn't have my hubby also doing the eating plan with me I'd do TLM and stuff...but we'll see. This Lent we're doing the GLUTEN-FREE thing on cheat, we'll see how that goes. It'll be 5 cheat days (cept last Saturday was not, the following Saturdays will be though) without gluten(as much as we can be aware of that is) and see if that will help our cheat day gains, lethargy and bloatiness. :)


  • Charley commented Feb 29th 2012:

    bloatiness, haha ;-)

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Congrats on the kettlebell graduation. 16k is impressive for a skinny little thing like you :)

I have been thinking that the 7 day Cheat is getting short as well. I may switch to a 10 day cycle sometime soon too. I don't want to mess with much because I just kickstarted my awesome pace.

Another 1.4% less, you must be RIPPED!?!?!?!

Thanks for all your posts. We all appreciate your inspiration, feedback and encouragement!


  • arctichacker commented Feb 29th 2012:

    Thanks bigwoz. However I prefer the term 'buffalicious' instead of skinny ;)

    The 16kg is definitely a workout. I'm doing 2 sets of 40 double-handed swings with a 30 sec rest between sets to catch my breath and curse a blue streak >=-)

    My goal is to be able to do 80 swings without resting.


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You rock girl! Keep up the good work and know that all of us here in 4HB land are cheering you on.


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Woah nelly, you are doing fantastic as usual I see :D

I told you that the measurements don't lie, but the scales do ;) I've been gaining some weight, but I'm pretty sure it's all muscle because I've had no cheat days and just been eating 2500 calories SCD style with quinoa or sweet potato after workouts. My body fat is completely intact- I'm 140lbs and it's all muscle! I shall need to post some pictures up soon. It just goes to show that the scales are deceiving, self-sabotaging things. :)

I see you're going ketogenic- be careful that your salt intake is high enough and your getting enough potassium, magnesium and calcium- ketosis mimics starvation (except that you don't lose muscle as long as calorie and protein intake are high enough). Not that it isn't a useful tool, but at your body fat % be wary that it's not a state you want to be in for very long. You're right - it isn't all as great as it seems. I used to get dizzy a lot in ketosis , but it's solved by drinking chicken broth. I told you that the 10 day cycles get so much easier after a little getting used to, you end up completely shaking off addictions.

Keep going, you'll be there sooner than you think!

  • Sam Green commented Feb 29th 2012:

    65% fat, 30-35% protein and 5-10 % carbs will get you there. ;)

  • arctichacker commented Feb 29th 2012:

    Hiya darling!

    I can't wait to see you photos >:(

    Sounds like you're doing great@

    I'm not planning to stay in the new regime for long. Thanks for the tip about chicken broth and the calories and protein needs.

    I'll plan my meals with a bit more detail to make sure I get enough protein and fat. If my body is not happy then I'll just tweak to find that magic zone D=

    As usual, thanks for all your advice and support. You're a rock star :star:

  • arctichacker commented Mar 1st 2012:

    Thanks! I've been trying to figure out my macronutrients %!


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I'm so impressed with your backstory and what you've achieved! And I'm jealous, I wanted to upgrade from a 24 to a 35lb bell, but my place only had 30 pounders. I got that and am alternating between two handed and one handed swings with the old one. Anyway I'm watching your progress with a lot of interest, being about the same weight (a little taller but also higher body fat), a fellow buttered coffee junkie now and having moved mostly to 10 day cheat cycles. I'm not sure what other kettlebell exercises you're incorporating. I'm loving the figure 8, passing it between my legs.

  • arctichacker commented Mar 1st 2012:


    It's been such a blessing to have all this great support here with people like you. I'm also thrilled to have other women like you who are looking to be strong and fit!

    I've gotta try those Figure 8s!


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I think that's a really solid meal plan, I've made a lot of the same modifications for my LM push. I however have struggled cutting down the cheat days into a cheat meal, but I think I've got the motivation now to make that happen. (TLM does increase cravings I think, eating more often helps, but I'm trying 4 meals, about every 4 hours, with a snack of 1/4 cup of nuts (or a couple cups of spinach) in between those meals as needed))

I'm interested in your Fat Coffee/tea/cocoa plan for fat. I've cut out the nut butter, and am down to about three 1/4 cup servings of nuts each day, however I want to cut them out because I need to get the nuts out of the house, it's just too easy to grab another 1/4 cup plus when I don't need to. Can you share more details on Fat Coffee/tea/cocoa plan? I'm not familiar with those foods in terms of fat content. I was going to start replacing those nut snacks with veggies, but I do need to keep fat content in I think.

Good luck with your final push, I am (hopefully) on mine as well. I have 5 weeks from today...

  • justingus25 commented Mar 1st 2012:

    I've decided to try olive oil/walnut oil/etc as a source for fat instead of the nuts. I think it should do the trick, and I don't think you'll see me chugging that anytime soon :)

  • arctichacker commented Feb 29th 2012:

    I am the same way with nuts. I've tried differently ways to manage it by limiting specific times and portioning out a daily allotment in a small tupperware container. However, like you, it is a weak point.

    Fat Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee) is just a spoonful of ghee and/or coconut oil added to hot coffee and whizzed with a hand blender. It should to be consumed ASAP or else it tastes a bit oily once it cools.

    I do tea and cocao (1 tbsp raw cacao powder) the same way. I also spice the drinks up with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, chili powder or whatever else I find in the spice rack ;)


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How tall are you?

130 is amazing!

  • arctichacker commented Feb 29th 2012:


    I am 5'4". I am pretty thrilled with the results. I wasn't expecting to hit my BF% goal so quickly.

    These last 10+weeks have definitely provided me much insight on how my body works and how to track my progress better.

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