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Women wait until week 5!

Today I officially made the 30 day mark on the plan. As I am finishing up my fifth week, I wanted to reply and add some encouragement, because the last two weeks I have been discouraged, but now am excited again. I understand that Tim says the program kicks in for women between week 4 and 5.

I am a 52 year old women, 5'1". My starting weight was 122.8 lbs. with 31.6% body fat. (measured by a tanita scale) I am very small framed and carry all my weight in my stomach and butt. Initially I wanted to lose 15 lbs, but after reading the book and taking "before" pics. I realized how deceiving the scale can be. I have managed my weight for years by the number on the scale. I was comfortable between 115 to 120. When I would creep up to 120 (regularly) I would pretty much starve myself, take diet pills and get it in line. I now realize that is probably the reason for the high % of body fat, I was starving myself and my body stored fat.(Very obvious when I looked at the picture of my butt) My adjusted goal was try to ignore the scale, and concentrate on decreasing body fat....I have a goal to get under 20%.

First two weeks on the plan went great, wasn't hungry, felt healthy and was down 6 pounds and 1.2% body fat. Week three I did not get back to my pre-cheat day weight, and by week four was up a pound.

This last week I re-read the portions of the book and comments from this site. I was discouraged, but wanted to give it at least 6 weeks. Didn't really tweek the plan, but was more disciplined about drinking water and getting enough protein and bean.

Today I am very encouraged. I am down 10.6 lbs at 112.2 and at 28% BF. Still not happy with the BF number, (or the way my butt looks,) but I am excited about the fifth week results and hoping to do as well in the 6th week. Ironically before I started this plan, I would have been happy about 112 lbs. Guess there is real value in looking at yourself in a bathing suit from behind, to realize no matter what the scale says fat is ugly.

Hang in there...there may be some truth in the plan working for women in the 4-6 week range.


128.6 lbs

31.6 % BF

32" Waist

37..5" Hips

After 5th week

112.2 lbs -10.6 lb

128.2% BF - 3.3%

28.5" Waist - 3.5"

35" Hips - 2.5"

No noticeable changes in arms or thighs, but then again I don't carry weight there.

Thanks for this forum, without it I would have given up the first time the scale stopped going down or definitely when it went up.

  • LauraCox commented Feb 5th 2011:
    Congrats! This is great news for many of the ladies who might be losing hope, I just tweeted this!
  • marlajoy commented Mar 25th 2011:
    thanx for sharing!
  • amandac12 commented Apr 8th 2011:
    This is a great post! I am just about done with week 3 and just yesterday starting to slowly see results. I am going to stick with it another couple of weeks cause that is when I think I will start seeing the fat fly off. Maybe if I ate less I would se
  • evaclare commented May 18th 2011:
    it would be so awesome if you could post some of your typical meals/workouts/etc.--i know i would really appreciate it and i'm sure others would too!
  • aim.big.get.small commented May 25th 2011:

    WOW....can I just say how great it is you shared that. I'm only on day 5....but already feel discouraged as i have seen NO decrease in my weight. So just re-reading that helps....I'm gonna keep going :)


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That's fantastic you are getting the results you wanted!

Keep up the great work, it's obviously working so keep at it and notice how you enjoy the process even more after seeing some results!

Have fun and keep it up!


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no "answer" just a comment - congratulations! your numbers are similar to mine, and we share the very petite frame, which can be so tough when trying to diet. i have actually never really dieted in my life, i was always slim and reasonably fit, but since having a child 5 years ago, 8-10 lbs stayed on, and i have been really dismayed to see how much of that weight is pure FAT. my goals are - significant body fat % reduction, cholesterol reduction, and weight loss, in that order. keep posting - it's inspirational!


Thanks for this post. I'm almost at week three and the results have been slow, only a couple of pounds. I'll stick it out another couple of weeks to see what happens. I do have to say that I'm not as hungry all day even though I'm only eating about 1000-1200 calories!


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I am at week 14, 51 year old female and I have not cheated one time. I have lost 49 pounds, but have had 3 weeks when I lost no weight at all. I get very discouraged as I am doing this with my husband who has flew past me by 30 pounds in the same amount of time. I know I do not have as much weight to loose as he does, and I know men loose weight faster than women, however, it really is disheartening to step on those scales and see the same weight as the week before.

Water, I know I do not drink as much as I should, but I LOVE coffee. Once I start with a cup of joe I really struggle to fill that water glass up.

I will say this. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I love this plan, I think it is the right one for me, but I really wish I could have another BIG week every so often.

Don't give up, and don't become a prisoner to the scale. My son reminds me of this when I have a no loss week. Get the tape out, that will put a smile on your face for sure!


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Thank you for this info! I'm just starting out and I've tried so many diets that I think I get impatient at this point and give up too early...since this seems like a healthy, realistic plan I'm determined to stick with it. I hope I have some good results to show off here in a few weeks.


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I am 70 lbs overweight and have gained 1.5 lbs in the two weeks I have been following the plan. Your email is encouraging but worry I am doing something wrong. Do you have to eat beans or can you substitue other protein dishes. Also, how much vegetables do I need to eat and finally can you tell me about the lemon water. I don't recall seeing this in the book.

Mary Ellen


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i'd like to echo everyone else and say, thank you! starting week 3 and haven't seen much in the way of results but it's nice i am not alone.


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OMG, thank you for posting this. I'm rounding up week 3 with a cheat day tomorrow, and to my eye (and to my clothes) I'm seeing no results yet. I just got a digital scale so I'm weighing in every morning and the number does not change. I'm ordering an orbitape and calipers so I have more information to go on besides just my weight. I've been growing more and more discouraged, but I just refuse to give up on this.

I've had a history of losing weight in the most dangerous ways -- it's the only way I truly feel safe and secure that the weight will come off. I bit the bullet and got bodpodded this week and my bodyfat was a whopping 37.3%. I know my body was hanging onto any fat it could while I was starving myself, and then, once I recovered and began eating with reckless abandon, I think I just started packing on more bodyfat.

I'm thinking about trying more of a fat-minimal carb refeed tomorrow rather than a full-on cheat day. I'm noticing that my body retains all my cheat day bloat until like the day before my next cheat day.

Also, as an experiment, I wanted to see how well this diet would work without much exercise (mainly because I hate to exercise -- I know, it's disgusting, but I've always been this way), but I don't know how much longer I can hold on without seeing some results so I start weight training next week.

Anyway, thanks again for this encouraging post, I really needed it today.


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thank you for the post, I read the book, but don't remember seeing that it takes 4-6 weeks for it to kick in for women, I just finished the 5th week and haven't lost any weight, although I have lost inches and people say I look thinner. It's depressing working so hard and not seeing scale results or significant results in bathing suit pictures, I told myself it just takes time, but now that I have this piece of info, I'll try it another couple of weeks before calling quits.



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I definitely have to agree with you!! For the most part, for the last 5 weeks, I have been losing about a pound a week. However during week 6, I went down 3 lbs, and returned to it after my cheat day. So keep it up!!


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Also no answer, but congrats! I am just finishing up my 5th week and I absolutely love this diet! I'm down about 10 lbs and the same number of inches! What's almost more exciting for me is that I can feel the difference! I feel great, and when I put my hands on my hips I can actually feel my muscles now instead of just the cushy fat padding. Same with shaving my legs; I can feel so much more muscle in my thighs now that the cellulite is jumping ship. Stick with it, this is great, and I've never felt better!

  • TheIronWil commented Nov 20th 2011:

    Congrats on the great job! I'm on week 3 with no change I may give it up. The only change I have seen is that I'm always sleepy and tired. I was not eating bad before I started this but this slight change has left me blah. I can see it at the dojo too I was a lot stronger before. I will try to make some adjustments to see if I can salvage this.


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The first place where fat went, was my belly, and that for weeks. But now you see it in face, upper arms, tighs, butt, that something is moving.

What you write is true. Big changes are possible with this diet, not only the ugly 8kg that make the personal difference between fat and very fat.


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Thanks for sharing! I wasn't aware of the 4-6 week results for women. I am on Day 24 and while I've lost -6.2lbs since my last cheat day morning (definitely proud of).. I am slightly discouraged how long it takes to get back to the lowest weight and then only -0.5lb the following cheat day. Definitely sticking with it because my energy and mood have improved greatly and I dont find it a hard plan to stick with as long as I plan out meals. Also, I have no cravings and love that.


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Congratulations and THANK YOU! I got super discouraged recently after the past few weeks, not losing after cheat day one week and then going up one pound this week (Cheat day is tomorrow).

Hearing that I am not the only one that has gone through this makes me feel so much better. And I'm determined to break my unhealthiest habit--daily weighings! Thursday night left me with a "what's the point??" Feeling that almost led to a a major cheat, but luckily I didn't! I hope to see the same great results :)


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Thank you for your post!

I am in the middle of week 2, and despite drinking lots of lemon water, exercising and eating perfectly, my day to day weight/measurments do not change.

It does feel slightly discouraging, especially since when i was on weight watchers i was losing weight every day.

HOWEVER, this is the happiest and fittest i have felt in my life, even though I am 70lbs overweight and am technically obese. I can only assume that I am increasing my muscle mass as aerobic and resistance exercises are becoming increasingly easier.

So, like other women I am looking forward to week 4/5!

Thankyou for reminding me to keep on the straight road!

  • bapsmom commented May 23rd 2011:
    I am heading into week 5--hoping to see some poundage loss--although I have lost 2 inches off of my waist and can now wear jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a long time. I still have a ways to go, but your post is helping to keep me focused!


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Wow, so, so glad to see this post!!! I'm in week 3 almost and havent lost any weight or inches but will wait another 3 weeks and see how that goes.

Thanks so much for posting!!!


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I also don't have a lot of weight to lose. I am 5'5" and started on June 1 at 136 lbs. Yesterday morning before my cheat day I was 131. My progress has been very very slow and I have been following this diet perfectly except for one extra cup of coffee with cream per day. I am starting my 4th month on Sept 1 so this week I am evaluating what else could be slowing my weight down. I cut out the avocados two weeks ago and found a few pounds fell off but now I have slowed again. I will do my investigations and hopefully learn what to cut out or reduce. I think maybe pork and the beans....wish me luck.

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