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Breakfast ideas for someone who doesn't like eggs?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if you had some breakfast ideas for someone who doesn't like eggs???


  • A.Moore commented Feb 27th 2012:

    Thanks for the replies so far! I guess it is just getting out of the 'breakfast' food mindset and eating the other foods for breakfast!


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Get the meats and beans down you.

Turkey bacon. BAM!

Chicken Sausage. BAM!

Beans. BAM!

Spinach. BAM

Stuff like that... :P

  • cmsp commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Eat what you would eat for your other meals or soft boiled eggs & swallow them quick

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My breakfast last week was 2 turkey burgers with guacamole between the two patties....black beans and some salsa....green beans or any extra veggies from the night before.

some people rather have breakfast at night so why not have dinner in the morning?

good luck!


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I hate eggs, too.

I eat a chicken breast and veggies.


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I used to hate eggs before I started SCD. Now I have a 3 egg omlette - give it a go you might like it! Fry some veggies and a meat of your choice, whisk the egg (adding some spices maybe, I use chili powder), and pour it over. Cook it until it's almost quiche like and you won't taste the egg! ;)



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I like eggs and have them most days, but I'm not tied to them. Today I had leftover turkey and leftover salad for breakfast.


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Yep, have "dinner foods" for breakfast. I had a nice bowl of my home made chili this morning. Beef, black beans, and veggies all in one bowl, and since I cooked a big pot of it on the weekend, I have enough for the whole week.

If you like cottage cheese, that's an option.

For the first 6 months on SCD (I'm 9 months in now), I wasn't eating beef, pork or chicken, so my main protein sources were eggs and fish. I very often cooked some tilapia in butter on top of the stove for my breakfasts. It is so thin that I could even cook it from frozen. I added green veggies and beans or lentils to the plate that had been cooked ahead in large quantity and just microwaved those while the fish cooked.

A small steak, some pork sausage you've made yourself ahead of time, some leftover rotisserie chicken...these are all great protein sources for breakfast. I always tell people, "When you think breakfast, think 'not grain' and 'not sweet'."

  • Gretchen Linden commented Feb 28th 2012:

    I love this recipe: Home made breakfast sausage: 1 lb ground pork, 3/4 tsp freshly ground pepper, 1 tsp kosher salt, 1 tsp dried sage, 1 tsp dried thyme, tiny pinch rosemary, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/8 tsp cayenne, 1/8 to 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes. Combine all seasonings & crush very finely with mortar & pestle or with the back of a spoon. Squoosh the meat out for a large surface area and sprinkle seasonings all over, then mix very well. Chill for at least 1 hour; form into patties. Cook through, approx 10-15 min. When I doubled this recipe, they were a little too much on the spicy side, so if doubling, maybe double all but the black pepper, cayenne and red pepper flakes.


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Pot roast. Breakfast of champions!

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