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SCD Success Story: roberdingo

I started the SCD just over 3 months ago and have reached my goal. I have had amazing success - I have lost 7kg and ~4%BF. I now weigh a healthy 60kg (bodyfat down from ~ 14% to 10% - caliper 4 point method). I look and feel fantastic. I am never hungry and have more energy than ever. I am in the best shape of my life. And it was SO easy.

I'm so glad I took before AND after photos. Even when I look in the mirror now I don't see much of a difference. But when I place the photos side-by-side... WOW I really do see it.






(Sorry about they gran-dad jocks)

HOW DID I DO IT EXACTLY? Dedication and tracking. On a week by week basis I slowly tracked and tweaked the SCD to find what best worked for me. This is the method after the end of 3 months:

-SCD (est. 95% adherance)

-3/4 meals a day ~approx 4hours apart

-one of these 'meals' were sometimes a protein shake (~every second day)

-shake: miscellar protein shake w/ water and cinnamon added only (brand: optimum nutrition)

-Removed dairy completely (except cheat day)

-Removed sugars/sweetners entirely (significant effect noticed)

-Only drank sugarfree drinks (max 500mL total per day)

-10min Cold showers once a day

-Tsp of Almond butter before bed and immediately upon waking

-500mL of cold water immediately upon waking

-at least 30g protein breakfast (40g preferred) within 30 minutes of waking.

-cinammon w/ daily black coffee

-lentils >> beans - I found a significantly greater loss with lentils over beans

-cheat day breakfast remained SCD

-Rest of the day was a free for all, and often extended into the early morning hours (out late drinking... you know how it is)

-damage control was done ~50% of the time

(wow this looks like a lot once I break it all down, but seriously it is like second nature now, and I did not incorporate it all at once and I think that is key)

THE ONLY EXERCISE DONE WERE THE AB EXERCISES. Breakdown: 20mins x twice a week x 4 = 2.6hrs per month!!!

-minimum 75 kettlebell swings (initially took 3 'sets' to reach 75, now 3 'sets' im up to 125)

-cat vomit exercise

-slow myotactic crunch x ~12

Seriously this was ALL the exercise it took. I work a desk job. I don't play sports. I haven't been to a gym in 2 years. The only contributions from my lifestyle is that I have taken up surfing in the past 6 weeks, a couple times a week, and sex a couple times a week, but I don't believe either has compounded much to my results. I ride a motorbike and that does build shoulders.

Interestingly, 2 years ago I had lost this much weight through cardio and a low-carb diet but I looked... different, unhealthy. The cardio method had resulted in me losing too much muscle as and I looked atrophied and malnourished. You can't say I look like that now :)

I wrote this post because:

a) I am very proud of myself

b) To give praise to Tim Ferris - his ideology has forever changed me.

c) I really hope this INSPIRES others. [ Tah if your reading ;-) ]

This community has helped me a lot and I want to give something back. Thanks guys. Next I begin my G2F journey.

I've rambled but I wanted to give as much detail as possible. Please feel free to ask me anything.


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Thanks for detail activity logs, this is awesome!

  • roberdingo commented Dec 11th 2015:
    no worries mate. I think it's time I post a motivational update soon. Hint: I'm still at it and have been for almost 4 years now.

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Congratulations!! You look fabulous. Thanks for all the details and pics, it is very motivating to see your success.


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very inspiring.

I am taking pictures too; now after 12 weeks and loosing 8.7 kilo and 36 cm, (and about 8 kilo to go), I am half way.

Maybe I will post my progress..... soon...


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Wow! Excellent job, you look like the incredible hulk! Thanks so much for posting your detailed routine and daily slow carb diet meal plan. You're an inspiration to our members and now they can follow in your footsteps using your method. Good luck on the Geek to Freak program, it's super fun and you'll gain tons of muscle. Keep us posted!

  • roberdingo commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Thanks Laura, your contributions on here have also provided great insight. Hope your keeping up the good work as well!


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Awesome man! That is great motivation for me! If you wouldn't mind putting up all your meals that would be great. I started this diet looking around the same as you(before), you definitely have more muscle to begin with but you after picture is where I want to get too.

  • roberdingo commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Sure man, I can put up a few examples of my diet. Breakfast and lunch are almost exclusively these meals...

    Breakfast A: 3 boiled eggs + 2 beef chevups ~35g protein

    Breakfast B: 2x kangaroo skewers + 2 eggs ~40g protein

    Breakfast C: Steak and veg

    Lunch is very simple for me - everyone at work comments on how quick/easy/healthy it is. I just buy a roast chicken at the start of the week with a pack of those steamfresh microwave vegies (all my veg come exclusively from those steam packets)

    Lunch A: ~250g roast chicken + veg

    Lunch B: 1-2 cans tuna (100g ea, plainer tuna the better) + veg

    The only condiments I use are salt/potassium salt, pepper, and tabasco.

  • roberdingo commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Dinner is less regimented. I still follow the rules but I do like to cook and have some selected variety when it comes to dinner.

    -beef steak (I didn't buy organic)

    -chicken breast

    -fish fillet

    -omelette (no cheese only SCD ingredients)

    -turkey chilli home made

    -eggs Benedict (w/out bread/sauces)

    Other staples to make a meal include:







    I combine one of these SCD options with either a packet of vegies/lentils or a salad. Only dressings I use if I absolutely have to are olive oil and balsamic.

  • roberdingo commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Oh and spinach... I add a handful of spinach to most meals - breakfast lunch and dinner


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Congratulations, thats awesome thanks for including the regiment.


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You have inspired me! Thanks for the notes and tips. You look amazing. Fantastic dedication. D=


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You are buffalicously awesome! :)

Thanks for taking the time to share your eating and exercise regime!

You're right, it does seem like a lot to think about but once you get into the pattern of it, it's second nature.

My exercise regime is only a little bit longer than yours (I've added some upper body exercises) and I am also thrilled with my results with such minimal exercise. I do walk alot but not at any intense aerobic level and I x-country ski a couple times a week. Though lately it's been too cold for skiing.

Just out of curiosity, what is your next stage?

What are you planning of maintenance?

Congratulations on reaching your goal!

  • roberdingo commented Feb 28th 2012:

    Thanks arctichacker... I've been following your progress and you are also killing it :D keep up the good work.

    My next stage is geek to freak (GTF/G2F). I plan to bulk up over the next month or 2 depending on my results and then get back to regular SCD to strip away the excess fat I'm expecting to put on with the muscle.

    After all that I just plan to continue the SCD exactly above - but add my G2F workout once a week on cheat day to maintain the extra muscle (making additional use of extra calories).

    That's the rough plan anyway. I will continue to document, tweak and post my findings of course!

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