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1 month on the SCD and only weight gain :(

Hello everyone!

I need help and expertise! I've been following the SCD for a month now and haven't seen weight loss on the scale. I've read the book many times, and following the rules really closely. My starting weight was 147lbs, the lowest I went is 146lbs and now I'm at 150lbs! Here is what I do:

- 30 minutes of waking up, I eat 1 egg+ 3-4 egg whites (pan fried in 1 tsp of coconut oil) + veggies (asparagus) + 1/2 cup of beans or lentils + sugar free all natural salsa. 2 glasses of cold water

- at work I make a black/green tea and put a little unsweetened almond milk in it.

- I workout at lunch, so I make a Microwave muffin (1/4 flax seeds, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 egg, 2 tsp cinnamon and some unsweetened coconut flakes or cocoa nibs and 1 tsp baking powder (yes I should swap that for tartar cream and baking soda)

- Lunch: usually a big salad with some leftovers of the night before (Salmon, chicken, tofu, tempeh...) with 1/2 cup of beans, my dressing is only olive/avocado oil, apple cider/balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard

- Then around 3:30 I'm super hungry, I have some carrots with hummus (no sugar, all natural)

- Dinner: Protein, veggies, but no beans (I read some other posts suggesting to cut the beans at night for fat loss) sometimes 1/2 an avocado. 1 glass of red wine (4x a week). I finish my dinner with 1 or 2 square of 100% raw cocoa chocolate. I need a "dessert" I know I gotta get rid of this,... But I don't crave sugar.. I just can't finish my diner with a taste of fish!

- before bed, some egg white fried in coconut oil or 1 to 2 tsp of almond butter.

Everything I eat is sugar free, sweetener free, all natural and mostly organic. I do eat a lot of soy, I consider myself part time carnivore...

Also I try (having a hard time) to drink 2 liters of water.

What else... well cheat days, maybe I'm doing them to much, but I'm really eating whatever I want, I start with a SCD breakfast, and then when I'm hungry, grapefruit juice and my DGW day really starts. I had a duck and three cheese poutine last Saturday... and lots lots of dessert) I don't do the specific exercises, but I always have an active cheat day.

Another interesting fact, I am always bloated in late afternoon..... any clues why?

I'm working out (not insanely, some cardio and weight lifting) 2-3 x a week.


I know it's a lot of info, but I really need your help on this!! Any suggestion is REALLY appreciated!!

***** Extra info***

Would just like to say, I'm a 26 yrs old woman, 5"10, 150lbs, 24% body fat I have about 10-15 pounds to lose and build muscles. I'm average let's say, but I want to see abs and get rid of that pear shape! My BMI is something like 22 (even if this is not a good measure according to TF)... yep I think that's it!


  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Wow that is a looooong post! Thanks to all that will read the whole thing!


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Here's my two cents.

Firstly, it sometimes takes women 5-6 weeks before they actually start seeing results. Combination of hormones, menstrual cycle, general unfairness in the world.

That said, you're gonna need a few adjustments to your meal plan:

Breakfast - get more protein - I don't think your eggs are providing the 30grams you need. Aim for 40 grams. I do 2-3 eggs with 1/2 cup of egg whites.

Drink more water!

Workout snack - is this neccesary? For what? If you're hungry, eat more at breakfast. The flax is probably the reason for the bloat.

Lunch: Make sure you get at least 20 grams of protein. I would aim for more like 30 grams for both lunch and protein.

Drink more water!

Snack: You should not be starving at this point. Eat more at lunch. Add more fat and protein.

If you do need something, skip the carrot, go for celery stick. How much hummus? That can be a showstopper too. I would opt instead for a hardboiled egg or a small piece of leftover meat or 1/4 of avocado if you are really hungry. The protein and fat will keep you more satiated and won't spike your insulin like carrots and hummus.

Drink more water!

Dinner: Ditch the wine. I know TF said was ok for him but many have found it stalled their progress. The 100% raw chocolate isn't horribly bad but the habit of 'needing' a dessert is. Finish off dinner with brushing your teeth =D

Drink more water!

Post-dinner snack: Nothing wrong with the egg white. However, this indicates one of two things. Either you're still hungry because you're not eating enough. Or you have a snacking habit which you should consider breaking since it's not to feed your body but to feed your boredom or is a psychological rut you've fallen into.

Oh yeah and drink more water! :)

3-4 litres. Make it a goal. It will be a gamechanger. ;)

  • yarnphreak commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Arctichacker hit it on the nose: snacking is your downfall. Think of it this way: whenever you eat, your body isn't burning fat but using all its resources to digest the food you consumed. So, if you're noshing 6-7 times a day.... you get the picture. And definitely up the water intake. It makes a HUGE difference as far as hunger is concerned. We often mistake thirst for hunger so when your body is well hydrated you crave less snacks. (and no need to cut out wine completely, just reduce it from 4X a week to 2X (and of course drink to your desire on your cheat day) to see if it makes a difference.

  • Jake commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    I'm seconding (thirding?) the suggestion to drop the hummus. You already are eating a LOT of beans (I have 1/4 cup with breakfast and 1/4 cup with lunch). You're having double that plus the hummus, that's a lot of carbs even if they are all "slow" carbs. In addition to getting hungry because of the workouts, I also think you might not be getting enough total calories or enough fat. If you restrict the carbs you need to up the fat, so I'd do all whole eggs at breakfast to help feel full. I also think logging a day or two of everything into myfitnesspal will give you an idea if maybe you're stalling because you are undereating. How many calories a day do you figure you're at?

  • yarnphreak commented Feb 24th 2012:

    Regarding the metabolism thing via Tosca Reno (which I also have read BTW.) there is conflicting arguments from both sides with one camp claiming the whole "fueling log-burning" analogy with the other camp claiming fasting periods increase metabolism. I can't say for sure which is right and which is wrong but what I noticed is that when I snack, I never feel fully satisfied and I am always left wanting more food, which in turn keeps me thinking about food ALL DAY LONG. And if anyone focuses too much on food, the fixation will increase appetite/cravings. (besides the fact that all these little snacks end up adding up). Instead of lots of little meals, just eat 3 BIG meals slowly (as to not spike insulin) and drink lots of water. Hope this helps :)

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 28th 2012:

    @Jake So I logged in my food for 2 days and ate 1843 calories on Friday (It was pretty high because I had Yellow peas and though it was yellow beans.... 230 calorie vs 130 for 1/2 cup!! Had it twice in the day (sigh)

    day 1: 1850 calories, 128 g of protein, 55 g of fat and 163g of carbs :S

    Day 2: 1700 calories, 115 g of protein, 73g of fat and 101g of carbs

    Are these numbers normal, it seems a little to high in fat and carbs to me... What to you think?

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Great tips! I will eat more...I feel like I'm already eating a lot, but I'll aim for 40g of protein at breakfast and 20-30 g at lunch. I'm sad to ditch the wine, this is something that kept me going... you would suggest wine only at cheat day? Good point also about the carrot and the hummus, this is out of my menu. Water is my big problem.. I need to drink more! Thanks for your great tips!!

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    @yarnphreak: Thanks for your comments! This is something I don't get: I though eating many times a day small meals kept the metabolism going which was good for fat loss ( This is what Tosca Reno taught me from her Clean-eating books) I'm all mixed up. Even when I eat a lot at a given meal, I will be hungry after 3 hours, I've always been like that...

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    @Jake: I'll definitely log what I eat on myfitnesspal for the next two days! I'll post back!

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    Your'e right, I'm sick and tired to think about food all the time, I'm obsessed with food. The thing is that I've tried to lose that weight for the past 10 years or so! A good thing is that I was able to maintain my weight all these years, but was never able to break that "plateau". I've tried today to not eat before my workout but it's impossible. I'm having breakfast at 8:00 and workout at 12:30, I can't tough it out until my workout, I'm so hungry... so I had 1/3 of my lunch...

  • arctichacker commented Mar 1st 2012:

    For these last few weeks, my average has been around 1700-1800 calories.

    My macronutrient breakdown was 55%fat, 30 % protein and 15% carbs.

    I did aim to keep my carbs to between 70-80 gram/day. My fat was around 115-120 grams a day.

    That seems to be a good zone for me to maintain fat loss but also satiation.

    In the end, pick one or two tweaks and maintain those changes for 2 weeks and track your progress. It takes a little while to figure out what works best for you but in the end, you'll gain deeper insight on how your body works for the long run and not just a short term band-aid.

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Hey there. Stick it out, you will get through it.

- Have you measured total inches? Do you feel/see any tightening up? Have you tried some other form of body fat measurements?

- I am no expert but some of the things listed seem borderline legal for the SCD... I have had sugarfree Jello after meals when I want the dessert feeling, not every day though. Also, I have started to have a celery stick w/ a little almond butter before bed.

- On Cheat days do you do damage control? I would highly recommend an SCD breakfast, and the exercises...

- Have you considered the PAGG stack?

This is random, and my sample data is small but I have been losing a lot the past 2 weeks when I started to do this so I figured I would share :) I was drinking wine (I sometimes go beyond the 2 glass limit which I have to work on) late at night and decided to try and curb that. Instead, I had my 2 glasses earlier and then around 10 or 11 (I try to sleep by 11 or 12) I would have a glass of tea with cinnamon. Making this minor change may not be the reason bu I have started to make huge progress.

Anyway, I know how frustrating it can be to not see progress but keep it up and with a little fine tuning you will be successful! :-D

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Hi Puckoff! Yes, I've seen some changes in muscle/tightening, but I feel like I'm expanding instead of shrinking... I just bought a fat caliber, so I'll look at my progress more closely.

    What kind of tea do you drink at night if I may ask?

    PAGG... I'm considering... did you see any greater results with PAGG?


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Hello there! I started three weeks ago Tuesday. When I weighed myself on Monday morning, the scale showed a 5 pound weight loss. Just for kicks, I weighed this morning and it showed that I had gained the weight back and one pound, but.... my pants are so baggy that I am going to have to stop on the way home from work and buy some new ones. I think arctichacker's post was spot on. Eat more protein and veggies and up your water intake. You have to experiment to find your correct water balance. I drank 4 liters yesterday and it made me feel super exhausted by the end of the day where 3 liters the day before left me feeling energized. PMS can also be a factor. If you are feeling tired like arctichacker said, increase the protein. Good luck and please keep us posted!


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The suggestions you have regarding diet are great and I don't have anything to add to that.

I did want to ask about two other things though - what exercise are you doing at lunch, and how much sleep are you getting?

  • Jake commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    If you are doing the exercise 5 days a week, I would cut back to three for now to break the stall, or actually 2 if you count the kettlebell class as the third. The normal cycle for cardio (especially those spinning classes) is that it increases your appetite, which explains your need for snacks, and your body adjusts to the amount of cardio you're doing so it ends up not being efficient for weight loss. If you're doing the squats and lunges daily, every other day will give your body time to regrow the tears in the muscles. Planks are an exception to that rule, you can do those daily because they don't tear muscles. My source for that is (I signed up for the free pdf which is a good read.)

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Hey Jake! Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me :)

    I'm doing 15 minutes of spinning, then weight training, squats, lunges, pull ups, dips, plank, push ups... and then stretching (total approx 1 hour)

    And I go to a kettlebell class once a week.

    And I am getting a good 8 hours of sleep... but for a reason, I still feel always tired... (another thing I didn't mention...)

  • arctichacker commented Feb 24th 2012:

    I do planks everyday as part of my physiotherapy. They are helping me heal my spine AND get killer abs.


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Everyone has already given great tips and if you incorporate the changes that they suggest you will likely start seeing results. YAY!

One thing you may want to try if those suggestions don't work is tracking your macronutrients for a week or two (MyFitnessPal is rad and free) as you are using a fair bit of oil and a 1/4 c of flax has around 200 much as Tim says 'no counting calories' I think that people who are closer to their goal body fat % or weight have to be a little more careful.

Best of luck to you!

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    Thanks TeaLove! I think I'll eliminate the muffin completely, for now...


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Great question, and a lot of useful information from the answers already posted.

I have one extra thing to suggest: Before SCD I was a between meal snacker, but I've discovered that what I usually wanted was a break or a reward. I've replaced food snacking with gourmet tea from David's Tea. They have all kinds of flavors - even chocolatey ones, so you feel like you're having a snack, and you get to take a break and feel rewarded, not restricted. Obviously you can't add any honey or sugar, but the teas are so good they don't need it.

btw, I laughed when I saw you are eating poutine on cheat day. Montrealer? : )

  • ddj commented Feb 25th 2012:

    So your working out and now consuming more protein than before its quite possible that you've gained muscle and you will start to lose weight after you've reached a certain weight. I'm not going to say muscle weighs more than fat because it doesn't it's just more dense so judge yourself by looking in the mirror not the scales!

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    Hey Icandoit! Good idea, I already drink tea, the problem is that I want to drink more water, and if I drink tea, I can't drink water at the same time! Do you drink decaf tea/herbal?

    and, yes, I am Montrealer LOL I realized after reading my post that maybe some people would wonder what is a poutine! They don't know what they are missing!! ;)

    I-Can-Do-It too! Thanks :)


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with that height/weight you might not expect much loss, rather transform fat into muscles, they weight the same or even more.

I'd skip the focus on weight loss at the moment and look for strength and definition, so intensify training.

I think at that point (your weight is what most of us dream about) it needs more muscle to change the look.

  • Marie_Mtl commented Feb 24th 2012:

    I agree, it's not that much about the weight, but more about the percentage of fat... I'm at 23-24%, would like to be around 15-18% I don't know if this is too agressive...

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