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Wish me luck: kettlebells

Starting kettlebells this weekend. Still undecided whether to buy a kettlebell or go the T-bar route. I'm just coming off a rotator cuff injury, but I think it's time to get into it.


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I made my own kettleballs for about $10..I used two basketball sized tennis balls (for looks) and a mini basketball that I already had. One bag of quickcrete filled all three. I didnt add anything to the crete, just used as is but you can vary the weight by adding lighter things like packing peanuts or heavier things like scraps of metal. I used 3/4 pvc cut at 22", which of course could be larger or possably smaller. I liked the idea of being able to somewhat adjust the handles, by the shape and their position in the ball. I covered the balls with a plastic bag while adding the crete to semi keep the balls clean. This was a simple 2 hour (at the most) project. I use them everyday almost and I AM ADDICTED! LOL The two larger ones turned out to be 24 lbs with the smaller being 13 lbs. I also have a t-bar I made but these are better for some workouts than the t-bar. I also use "horse wrap" ( sticks to itself ) at my farm and garden store and it comes in different colors so it looks a little better than duct tape. This is where I found the instructions... http://diystrengthgear.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-homemade-kettlebel... and also here http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Kettlebells-for-under-10/

Good Luck!!.

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Good luck! The kettlebells are more expensive but open up more exercises to you once you've mastered the swing. You can progress to Cleans, Presses, Snatches and more as well as do things like the Get Up. Look those up on YouTube, you wouldn't want to try those with a T-Bar.

You may also want to check out "Enter the kettlebell" on DVD, it's fantastic!


Good luck! Word of warning though. They're addicting!


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As you can see from Ferriss, you can make the T-Bar for cheap.

The Kettlebells(KB) can be almost as cheap...again its all about brand and type.

I have the pellet-filled ones, which are more expensive, but there are the regular ones

that you could buy from Walmart or Kettlebell workout centers that might be discounted.

You will see the more you get into KB's that there are many routines to work from, which might need both heavy and lighter KB's.

I'd start light if you're injured.

Here's 2 sites of different routines from MBodyStrength:



You really would need the Kettlebells. They are really a all around good product to spend and you're worth it.



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I am also considering getting a kettlebell. I am just unsure as to which weight to go with. I believe the book said a 53 lb one, but I don't know. Good luck though.. I have heard nothing but good things about them.


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I decided to start out with kettlebells, after losing quite a bit of weight (20% from my starting point). I considered a few alternatives, including making my own cheap, buying the commercial ones, etc. In my case, there were a few factors to consider:

    Like you, I am definitely going to have to start light and be progressive, so I looked at some of the commercial options available.

    I do not want to and won't join a gym

    I will probably want, at some point, to do other exercises with the kettlebells

    I do not have a lot of space for storage

Eventually, I settled on this one:


This is a lot of money, but for the issue of safety and expandability, nothing else seemed quite as good to me. In the end, I saved a little money buying it direct.

Just thought I'd throw this answer into the ring.

And, good luck!


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I bought my 53 off ebay for under $39 with $10 shipping. Expect a little soreness in places you didn't know existed but stick to it and the results should definately show through. I had a complete left rotator cuff tear and the kettlebells have actually eased some of the nighttime aches.

Good Luck!


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I love kettlebells and I have been using them on and off for years. The only problem with them is that they absolutely punish you financially for making progress.

Now you can get them shipped to Walmart for free, but when I started, it was either prowl ebay like a starving wolf or just have your paycheck mailed directly to dragondoor. Luckily I joined a gym that had a bunch of heavier ones before I went down either path, but I still have probably 200 bucks worth of them in my basement that I don't really need anymore because they are too light for me.

If you go with the T-Bar you are basically committing to just doing two-handed swings, because like MKrick indicated, you'll have a hard, finger-jeopardizing time doing snatches and I assume that doing cleans would just result in immediate death, but... at least you only spent 10 bucks to decide if you like it at all!

  • mayatara commented Aug 17th 2011:

    Have you considered selling those kettlebells to someone who is just starting and is looking for some second hand kettlebells?

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