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Missed reps on bench routine

I've been doing the routine to increase your bench press with fairly good success so far. I made an excel spreadsheet using Tim's formulas and punched in my (at the time) max to populate the fields with the correct weights for me, rounding up and down when necessary. I have hit the correct weight on all of the "power" and "wide" but when I get to the "narrow" sets instaed of 10 reps I'm often getting 8 and 6. What is the proper enxt step--repeat this week, continue on, etc?

Also under this plan I'm not sure how much other exercises to eliminate. I've significantly cut down on shoulders and tris (well, you practically have to) but still do my harder routines on back, bi, and legs.

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Incline press and dumbbell presses are two exercises that can increase your bench max. The body is amazing at adjusting to our workouts. You might try that.

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