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Week 9: Arctichacker -pics of progress

Nothing as dramatic as the lovely Akane but I finally got my butt into my skivvies and figure out how to work the timer in my camera.

Tomorrow is my Week 9 Cheat Day! :)

Week 6 was my last progress blog. I decided to start having cheat days every week and half instead of weekly. So far I've done 2 cycles. The first 10 day cycle was hard to get through towards the end. I think part of it was that it was new and I was used to the weekends being about Cheat Day. This recent 10 day cycle was easier.

My only other major tweak was having edamame as my main carb. I know some folks have issue with soy but I like edamame. I also upped my protein and fats. I kept off the sweeteners and red wine during the regular SCD week.

Here's where I started at 9 weeks ago.

I was 136lb and around 27-28%BF:

Here I am now:

Full Body (eek)

My arms are starting get some good definition.

The pudge is coming off of my belly pretty nicely too:

(I don't know how to post photos directly onto the site. sorry)

I'm somewhere around 17% BF according to Jackson-Pollock 4 calculations. I'm not sure about this. I kinda eyeballed myself nearer to 20% but regardless I'm seeing progress.

Last time I checked I was down to 130lbs. The more I progress, the less I care about that number on the scale.

I still have to work on getting enough sleep and minimizing stress.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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Awesome Pics!!! To me, you don't look like you need to lose anything. ;) But, I agree that everyone has their "ideal body image" in mind. ;) I'm not there yet, but at least you got "flat tummy action" going! I can definitely see the difference in your body shape/toning even though you've only gone down like 6 lbs.

Keep it up! Get to that body fat % you desire as well as your toning/sculpted self! :)

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 20th 2012:

    You go girl! Way to kick the accident monster in the nads! :) I think you will reinvent yourself and make an even MORE awesome you! You're already well on your way! :) Keep it up!! I'm a total cheerleader definitely! I'm trying to get to my "pre-college weight" which is basically a weight I was WHEN I entered college...oh so long ago. :) (i.e. 1987) I hear people, including my younger brother who is a doctor, say, "You should try to weigh what you weighed when you were 25. Thing is, at 25, I was like about 155-160. :) I don't wanna weigh that much now.....I'm only 5'2" for crissakes! :) So, I'm going for the gusto and seeing if I can reach it.

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 20th 2012:

    115 is the magic number! I figure that's a nice number to end up at for a 5'2", 42 year old, filipino gal! :) Heck, my hubby hasn't seen me at this weight...heck, at the weight I am now he hasn't seen me. :) I promised him before we die that he would see me at a "normal weight"...and by golly I am gonna give it to him. :) I've already seen him at his "ideal weight" I'd love to see him get more defined and six-packy myself. :) (heck, just have flat tummy action is all I ask for!) :D

  • arctichacker commented Feb 20th 2012:

    Thanks Akane darling! You've been such a great cheerleader and support to me and everybody!

    My ideal body image is basically what I looked like before my accident. I figure if I can get my butt out of a wheelchair, I can get the rest of me back on to where it was, if not better. I think it's only going to be a matter of a couple of pounds of fat more to go before I get down to where I want to be.

  • arctichacker commented Feb 20th 2012:

    What's so special about 25 years old ? I was drinking my face off and treating my body like crap because I thought I was immortal when I was 25 LOL!

    I plan to peak at 92 years old. I might slack off after that. We'll see when I get there >:D

    You're so gonna reach your 115lb goal! :)

    Hopefully you and your hubby will have a long life together at healthy 'normal weights' with 'flat tummy action' >:(

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Awesome progress! Your story is really inspirational, if you can come back from trauma and kick serious butt anyone can. Those arms are rockin' by the way!

  • arctichacker commented Feb 19th 2012:

    Thanks! Anytime I start feeling like I can't do it, I just think back to those days following the accident and that's enough to kick me back into gear


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Thanks for sharing your results! You're an inspiration. I agree that it's great to see women who want to be fit, strong, and lean - not just skinny.


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Wow! You look freakin' amazing! You're super ripped in your legs & arms. Huge congrats on your awesome progression. And thank you so much for all of your great contributions & help!

  • arctichacker commented Feb 20th 2012:

    Thank you so much for providing such an amazing resource and support tool. This site has provided me with so much incredible support that is lacking IRL. You've been a great role model and inspiration for me!


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Great work, well done, keep it up, very inspirational. I really appreciate your sharing your success and the help you post to others on a consistent basis. I'm looking forward to your future progress updates!


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Nice! You're killing it :) Keep up the good work

Thanks for posting the pics, good inspiration!


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Wow, you really look fantastic! Strong and lean and superhuman.

Thanks for inspiring us all and I hope you reach and exceed all your goals.


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Hot damn, girlfriend! Lookin super strong and fit.

Congrats and keep at it!

  • arctichacker commented Feb 20th 2012:

    Thanks girlfriend! I'm quite surprised that with the muscle so early on. I don't know if it's the asian genes or what but usually takes me forever to put on muscle. Mind you, I am eating almost twice the amount of protein that I used to =P


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Grats. Great progress. Huge difference in only 9 weeks! The belly and the arms are well defined. Wow!

:-D :-D

I wish you continued success and will power to also help all the others here in the forum as you do! Thank you!

  • mygrin commented Feb 19th 2012:

    BTW I do understand why you do not care about the number on the scale... You look awesome!

  • Jake commented Feb 19th 2012:

    You are looking great - your legs especially look STRONG! (As a biker, I appreciate that.) One of the things I love about this site is seeing fellow women showing off muscles proudly, instead of trying to do "model" poses where the goal is to look emaciated and weak. It's empowering.

  • inara commented Feb 27th 2012:

    Arctic you're beautiful and this pics are amazing!!! I love your muscles :-D and I totally agree with Jake: it's so empowering to see a real strong woman's body and not only "skin and bones" models. thank you for posting your pics!!!!

  • arctichacker commented Feb 19th 2012:

    @mygrin - Thanks! That number on the scale is probably the least useful bit of data in my case. I've been losing fat these last few weeks and that number on the scale hasn't budged an ounce from 130 lbs but my biceps all of a sudden woke up and said 'WE'RE BACK!" :)

  • arctichacker commented Feb 19th 2012:

    @Jake - Thank ya darling! Those legs have been have to get me through a 35km ski today.

    Once I get the green light from my physiotherapist and doctor for heavy lifting, I'm going to get back to hitting the iron. My goal is to be able to bench and squat my body weight again. This time, I'm gonna self-experiment to see if i can figure out the M.E.D. to get me there.

  • arctichacker commented Feb 27th 2012:

    @Inara - Thanks! I love my muscles too :)

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