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Is there anyone actually following cold therapy?

I think Tim has some great advice but the cold therapy just doesn't make sense. He is all about things that are simple and easy to implement. I have yet to see anybody who can stand taking cold showers or ice baths. The two things that he touts as being effective for weight loss. He went onto Dr. Oz touting the metabolism benefits of a 3-5 minute cold shower and the girl he chose from the crowd couldn't stand 20 secs worth.

He mentions Ray Cronise as his inspiration for the cold therapy on Dr. Oz and I have a newsletter from Ray talking about how much he hates cold showers!

My point is not to beat up Tim but to ask if anyone actually uses the cold therapy in a way that is repeatable and effective?


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I'm pretty sure it does work. A lot of people on 4 Hour People have done the ice baths successfully. One guy even posted a video of his ice bath (I can't find it though)! Check out these posts:






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I take cold showers because I'm too cheap to shell out for an ice pack, believe it or not.

It was horrendous at first so I worked my way up to turning the hot water off competely for about a week. Now I'm working on staying in for longer. Tim has said a min or two is fine. Right now I can do one or two minutes (just until my body starts to get slightly sore) and then I get out.



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I have been applying one of those blue freezer thingies I brought to keep my kid's lunch cold (of course he never uses it) to my back.

I keep it in the freezer. I lay on my stomach or sit against a high back chair and place it directly on my skin behind my head just below my neck. I can not tell you how well it is working but the book says this method is supposed to supply 60% of the benefit of ice baths.

I can stick to this esp with the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) methodology. I just do not like cold water.


I have decided I will see how my next month goes and if I hit a sticking point I will start baths in late April. My initial goal date is May 18.


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I agree with you about the Dr. Oz programme, that was terrible and not a good advertisement for cold therapy or 4HB.

The ice pack is the way to go. I did this for months on end and think it helped. Would be more effective during the summer i think, winter usually does the job for people! (as long as you don't wrap up too much).



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Hi, I do the Ice pack thing on the neck - according to the book 20 min everyday before bed has about the same effect as taking 3 ice baths

It is really a very easy way to stick to cold therapy - I cant tell you if it makes a difference right now, i haven't been doing it for a long time but it's really no skin of my back to watch TV with the ice pack on my back


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It also says that you can put an ice pack on the back of your neck nightly for 20 min and this is equal to 3 Ice baths a week and effective as well. Thats what I've been doing. Its easy and doable.


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just to clarify- the book says the ice pack 5x a week was roughly 60% as effective as 3 Ice bathes.

I wish 20 minutes was equal to 3 ice bath's... If that were the case I'd be cut by now.

gradually working your way up to an ice bath or extended cold shower is the way to go. when I started I couldn't manage a minute in the cold shower and worked my way up to 30+ minute ice baths.

If you can do it... stick with it. I've stopped a number of times and even after a short break (few weeks) you have to re-acclimate all over again.

One thing I like doing is- once you are done with your cold shower (regardless of how long it is) once you are out and dried off, toss on the Ice pack for a sort of extended burn.


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Yes. I take ice baths twice a week, and have been monitoring my caloric burn with a bodymedia fit armband.

I have six days worth of data on ice baths, as soon as I have around thirty I will post my results. So far it looks like verified data that cold increases caloric burn. Sitting still in a tub of ice burns twice as many calories in ten minutes as sitting still watching a movie for two hours. That's not even including the bump that I get for the following two to three hours.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Apr 21st 2012:

    also you sleep really good after ice bath or cold shower its totally relaxing but it does shock the s....t out of you if you can stand it. i still havent got up to 15 min just 5 or 10 if im luckey but in the summer it will be alot easier. i usually take a walk early in the morning with sweat pants and a tank top:)


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I feel like it does work. Not just for fat burning but other benefits of cold showers/ice baths as well.

I started 4HB late December 2011 and the easiest thing for me to start doing...before even going to the grocery store or getting the PAGG stack...was the cold therapy.

Ever since then, EVERY shower I've taken has been a cold one...every single one. I start with a regular warm shower to get clean for about 3 minutes, the go full cold for at least 5 minutes.

I also try to do the ice bath once a week. I started that one with 5 mins and went as high as 20 mins once. The wife thinks I'm nuts!!! I shiver for at least 30 minutes after the ice baths....

But...all in all, I really do like it...

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