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Cooking for the week in advance for SCD and Last Mile

TIP/Challenge –Prepare ALL your meals in advance!

Here is a tip (could maybe be a challenge) for anyone on SCD, but especially for those who struggle to find the time to prepare their meals. In particular for those who struggle to get their 30g within 30min of waking or for those doing the last mile (where I think advanced prep is a must!).

Note –I basically heat everything I make in a microwave when it’s time to actually eat ;)

Steps (recommended time frame suggests normal M-F work schedule):

1. Start with a clean kitchen and a clean refrigerator! (Fri/Sat)

2. Create your meal list for the week (Sat)

3. Using your meal list –create your specific grocery list and buy your groceries (Sat)

4. Purchase Pyrex/Ziploc/Glad/etc containers. A few of my favorites I use are pictured below.

5. Cook ALL your food for the week (Sat or Sun). Usually I can do this in 4-5 hours total depending what I’m making/how focused I am.

Here are examples of our current weeks. I am on the last mile and my wife is on the regular SCD. (Don’t forget to NOT plan Saturday lunch and/or dinner if that is your cheat day!) Our meals:

o My meals (Last Mile)

o 7 meals of 30g whey and ¼ cup nuts

o 7 meals of 3 eggs and veggies

o 7 meals of 6oz chicken and veggies and ¼ cup nuts

o 7 meals of 6oz fish and veggies and ¼ cup nuts

o 7 meals of 30g whey and 2 TBS almond butter

o 7 meals of 6oz grass fed beef and veggies and 1 TBS olive oil

o Note: I’m currently doing 2 of my 6 meals as whey with either ¼ cup nuts or 2 TBS almond butter (should be 1 TBS but I buy pre-made packets which for me actually result in my eating less overall I’m sure as I can't stop eating it =-) . Also note that many have seen it to be better on last mile to use regular food instead of whey and also generally don’t use whey for regular SCD.

o My wife’s meals (SCD)

o 7 meals of 2 eggs and a couple oz of ground chicken, ¼ cup beans and veggies (this week we added some chili w/chicken and some acorn squash, she isn’t on a perfect SCD)

o Lunch/Dinner (if lunch add ¼ cup beans)

o 4 meals of 6oz chicken and veggies

o 4 meals of 6oz fish and veggies

o 4 meals of 6oz grass fed beef and veggies

My grocery list:

o Protein (enough total to divide by the 6oz and get full number of servings)

o Chicken Tenders/Breasts/Ground chicken

o Grass Fed Beef

o White Fish

o Organic Eggs (3 dozen)

o Beans/Legumes

o 1-2 cans of Pinto beans or other SCD beans

o Veggies

o 5-6 bags frozen broccoli

o 2 bags frozen green beans

o 6-8 bunches of Kale/Collard Greens/Chard/etc

o Last mile additions

o Whey

o Nuts –usually 50% Walnuts only and 50% a mix that doesn’t contain peanuts

o Almond butter (I just go with the Justin’s Nut Butter packets as they are 2 TBS and then I only get 1 per day, or else I tend to overeat it).

My favorite containers:

o Ziploc bag –for nuts

o Mini Ziplocs –great for nuts, pre-measured 30g whey, 2-3 TBS salsa or other SCD approved sauce, etc

o 3 compartment Ziplocs –my favorite take to work lunch container

o Larger Ziplocs/Glad/Pyrex –for mass storage of broccoli/kale/and proteins

Cooking strategy:

When cooking, I usually follow the same order every time. One thing I do sometimes the day before the bulk of my cooking is to wash and tear the leafy veggies from their stems and put into gallon Ziplocs. I do this while watching TV or whatever.

Here is my general cooking order.

o Beans –if I am making any beans (I get canned beans)-I open them first thing and start them soaking in a bowl of water. A couple hours later I’ll heat them gently in a frying pan with garlic (and maybe some rosemary).

o Eggs –I pan fry all of my eggs (I break the yolk so it fries too). I make 7 containers with 3 eggs in each for my meals, and put the rest in 1 large container for my wife. You could also hard boil your eggs, or scramble them (I’ve done both, I just find it’s easiest for me to fry them, and then I often cut them up and mix with veggies/ground protein (and when I was on SCD I added salsa to the top of my “mash”))

o Fish –I bake all my fish, just wrap in tinfoil and put in the oven at 400 degrees until flaky.

o Kale/Collard Greens/Chard/Spinach –I usually sauté this with garlic in a little oil.

o Frozen Broccoli/Green Beans –I steam this all.

o Proteins –then finally I cook my chicken/beef/etc. I cook in a pan and if it creates extra grease I drain that. I either put in 1 large container and write the number of servings on top right away, or I separate into my 1 serving size containers for the week.

o I finish the session by creating several ¼ cup bags of nuts, and by preparing all of my 30g protein powder containers so they are ready to go as well.

At this point, all of my food is ready to go, and all I need to do the night before is to combine veggies and protein (and beans if applicable) into a container to take to work! Any meals eaten at home can be prepared when ready to eat. I’ve also had success making even larges batches of food in advance and freezing it (chili in particular).

I have been doing this every week since I started the SCD in October and it’s been a tremendous part of my success. :)

What other batch/advance cooking tricks do you use?

Pictures for you:

My favorite containers:



1/4 cup nuts? 30g protein powder? Small amounts of nut butter? No problem. . .


Kale kale kale.



Eggs, eggs, eggs!


And, the finished product, no more cooking for me until next weekend. :-3


  • foodz commented Feb 20th 2012:

    Awesome tip. One of the most useful posts I've seen yet!


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You are a special kind of awesome.

  • justingus25 commented Feb 18th 2012:

    Thanks:) Most of my family just thinks I'm crazy!

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And I felt good about making egg muffins and homemade sausage for my breakfast/lunch for the next three days. This is impressive, you are a machine!


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Check this out:

I think it would be perfect for your posts... love what you are doing. keep them coming...



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This is amazing!! Definitely the key to success. You even answered the question i was going to originally post which had to do with the Last Mile -- I'm assuming you can switch up options 1-5 throughout the day?? I wasnt sure if we were supposed to choose one "option" and stick to that every three hours, everyday. Glad to know I can alternate between them. The "Justin's almond butter" packets are clutch, too. One tablespoon can EASILY lead to 4+... which gets us nowhere, fast. Can you get the packets for a decent price at whole foods or trader joes? I've only seen them at REI . Thanks for posting all of this! Huge help/inspiration.

  • justingus25 commented Feb 18th 2012:

    Yes, you can switch up the options, probably more than I do even. I'm thinking I might start cutting my almond butter and whey. I usually can get them at my co-op or Target even (about $1 each)


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Firstly this is excellent and I'm looking to follow it. Just a question about cooking the protein, as far as I understand it should be used within 2-4 days to avoid bacteria. I'm not sure chicken in the fridge for a week would be safe to eat?


  • justingus25 commented Feb 18th 2012:

    I wondered that too, but I've been doing this since for the last 4 months and haven't had any issues with food going bad/etc. To be on the safe side-you could always try something similar but split the week into halves or thirds (or just pre-cook breakfast/etc). Also -I think as summer approaches I might not want to eat all of the food from the microwave so I might change things up a bit then too...


Excellent post, very useful, I/we appreciate you haven taken the time to document it all.


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So helpful for a beginner! Thanks!!


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Hey , you wanna come of to my place an get my food ready for me too =P

My food prep isn't as well organized as you. I bake up a big pan of frittata (with shrimp, leftover meats, 1 box of frozen spinach) for breakfast.

This morning I did up a huge roasted veggie marathon. 2 heads of cauliflower, 2 bunches of brocolli, 1 rutabaga, 1 spaghetti squash, 2 lbs of brussel sprouts. 2 heads of garlic.

I also roasted up 2 pork tenderloins, 1 muskox tenderloin

I got a sweet double oven so all in all it took a little over an hour to cook up.

I also cooked up 2 lbs of ground muskox in homemade taco seasoning.

My lunch and dinners are simply 2 cups of roasted veggies and 4oz roasted meat or 1 cup of ground meat and 2 cups of shredded lettuce or raw spinach. For lunch I also have 1/2 cup of shelled edamame.

I vary up the veggies and use a range of condiments to keep things interesting.

My second lunch is often half an avocado or a bulletproof tea if I need something.

I just keep everything in big Tupperware containers but your single portioned Tupperware system is super- impressive.

It does make meal making and planning a breeze. I don't come home after walking the dogs and end up eating a jar of almond butter LOL X-P

  • Rocky commented Feb 13th 2012:

    What the heck is a muskox?!?!

  • justingus25 commented Feb 18th 2012:

    I'll trade you some cooked food for some muskox tenderloin, that sounds delish.

  • kannett commented Feb 21st 2012:

    I pre-make an egg frittata. 12 eggs, grilled chicken (chunked up), 1lb frozen spinach from trader joes, baked in a 6 part muffin pan at 350 for ~40 minutes. Top with black beans and salsa each morning. Should carry you through till cheat day

  • arctichacker commented Feb 13th 2012:

    A cross between a buffalo and a mammoth =D

    the meat is super yummy and pretty lean.

  • arctichacker commented Feb 19th 2012:

    You're on. I live in a little red house in the arctic.The muskox is out back. Cut off what you need :P

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