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4 weeks but the weight is always the same

I'm having some hard times with my scd.

I've been on scd for 4 weeks now, and I've dropped 2.5 kg in the first week... but, since then, nothing! Not a single gram!


I'm very far from my ideal weight range, so I should have lost something more, right?

Last week I take my measures and I've lost 4 cm, one each arm and one each thigh.

The thing is that despite the weight I feel great on this diet! I feel stronger, more muscolar and powerful.

But still this thing of the weight is pretty annoying. Today I'm 80 kg, way too much.

Here what I'm eating

Breakfast (within 30 minutes of waking up)

3 eggs and 100-120 gr of white beans

or 200 gr smoked salmon


1 doner box that is : chicken kebab meat (with spices) and salad


salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

plus salmon (200 gr) or tuna (1 can) or chicken breasts (200 gr)

last week I tried some swedish meat balls, delicious but with 7 gr oc carbs every 100gr, so I guess they're not scd friendly

So here what I suspect to be my mistakes:

I don't cook my lunch, so I don't have any control on it

I eat tons of sodium

I don't drink enought water (2-3 liters a day)

sometimes at dinner I'm so hungry that I eat too much (I up the proteins)

I'm a dancer so I dance at least 4 hours a day, plus some yoga. So maybe I'm working out a lot or I'm building muscles and this is hiding any fat loss.

Do you have any suggestion? I really need to drop this weight


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I think you can see where you're going wrong , like not eating regularly enough in the day leading to overeating at night, too many spices/salt, not enough water, not cooking your own lunch, and probably not eating enough in general during the day. :thinking:

You need to drop the 'doner lunch box'- you have no idea what ingredients may be in it- it could be filled with hidden sugars/starches, preservatives, sodium, and a whole lot of other dodgy ingredients. I wouldn't be surprised if the meat is bad too- you need to be eating REAL , whole foods, not processed crap ;)

Start making your own lunch, drink at least half your body weight (lbs) in ounces per day, stop the sodium use, check labels for any hidden sugars/starch carbs, drop the balsamic vinegar (contains sugar, use regular vinegar instead, it still tastes good), drop the Swedish meatballs and make your own ones with fresh, natural ingredients.

As well as just 'salad' you should be eating your your plateful of green vegetables, namely the cruciferous ones like broccoli, green beans, cauliflower etc. Eat different protein sources like chicken, chicken thighs, beef, pork.. Instead of just salmon and 'meatballs'.

Make sure your calorie intake is around 1500, since your exercising too you need to keep the calories high enough so that you don't slow your metabolism and lose muscle. The protein needs to be kept at 0.8-1g per pound of your lean body weight (easy to calculate online).

Do everything properly for the next week and you will definitely start losing ;)

  • inara commented Feb 12th 2012:

    thank you a lot Sam! :) I know that my lunch is not healthy... still it's one of the healthier options around! This week I'll organise myself better and make my own lunch. Hope not to be so disapponinted by the scale next week!!

  • Sam Green commented Feb 12th 2012:

    It helps to prepare your lunch at night and take it out of the fridge in the morning- you can just make double the amount at dinner and save the rest, as an example :)

  • inara commented Feb 19th 2012:

    this is an amazing tip, thank you!! :D I need a lunch that is good cold because I can't warm it

    I will try it this week :)

  • Rocky commented Feb 19th 2012:

    Sam, I didn't know that about the Balsamic! Thank You!!! I've been sabotaging myself and I didn't even realize it!

  • inara commented Feb 20th 2012:

    yes thank you Sam! I didn't realize it too... carbs are hiding everywhere :P

  • Charley commented Feb 18th 2012:

    hi inara, maybe my husbands plan is good for you (he is in the hauptstadt during the week). preparing a big pan for lunch with eggs, spinach/broccoli, beans, leaving over 1/3 for breakfast and 1/3 for dinner in the office the next day. with enough spice and little salt its ok to eat cold.

    my new option for fast breakfast is pancakes from casein powder and scrumbled eggs & zimt. nice to eat on the run in the morning.

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That lunch looks awful :P

Breakfast perfect.

Dinner looks OK but like you said if you look at meatballs they are often filled with bad stuff. It's not necessarily the carbs that are the issue its when it says Carbs Of Which Sugar is what you have to look out for.

The sugar increases insulin release within your body, and then it's near enough impossible to lose weight when you have high insulin levels. But I'll just copy and paste what I said on another comment just before:

"I'm not actually doing the slow card diet because it's mainly veg and I really don't like vegetables. So I'm doing a Rice Diet, which is basically the same at the end of the day, slow carbs. For breakfast I have Brown Rice with eggs, I think I equal 30g of protein because the brown rice has protein in too.

9:00am - Brown Rice with Eggs

11:00am - Apple (Trying to think of something else with a Low Glycemic Index which isn't fruit)

1:00pm - Brown Rice with chicken

4:00pm - Apple

7:00pm - Brown Rice with chicken

Pretty boring but it's very do-able for me. Today is actually only my 5th day but the feeling I have felt is amazing. I've been able to get to sleep early when I want. Constantly feel good and not drowsy. These rewards have made the boring food worth it. I don't want to weight myself for at least 2 weeks in. Going for a physical change rather than weight.

I will be honest and say I havent been eating the 7pm rice because I have just felt full all day after lunch. "

Good luck.

  • inara commented Feb 19th 2012:

    Thank you jay, I'll drop the lunch and try to drink more water... hope this week will be a good one :)

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 20th 2012:

    Inara, don't follow the meal plan that Jay posted above, do the Slow Carb Diet BY THE BOOK. Especially if it is your first time. Experimentation is good, but better if you have a baseline of a TRUE 100% Slow Carb Diet plan. The above plan Jay has posted is 100% NOT Slow Carb Diet as it violates the "no white carbs and no fruit" rules. He COULD lose weight, but probably not as quickly and as regularly as on a true SCD.

  • inara commented Feb 20th 2012:

    thank you to all of you guys... :) I don't know why the scale is so important to me... but it's so frustrating don't see that number going down.

    I should reset my mind because other measurements are working better... I've lost 7 cm in all my body so SCD is working... but still the scale is making me crazy!!!

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