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What are you having for Cheat Day :-)

I have found my biggest craving is always for crunchy, sweet, granola cereal, with milk and if possible, the mix will have some chocolate pieces thrown in there.... mmmm



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Hmm, on tomorrow's Cheat Day agenda...though this week's weigh-in is looking bleak to lose anything due to monthly visitor timing. Probably at least 2 cupcakes, lots of popcorn, some Indian food(naan, samosas, maybe a chicken korma...whatever's on the buffet, but not a lot since I'll have probably cheated soon after my breakfast. :))

Hmm, lessee, a few more snacky type things: Corn Nuts(Chile Picante-not the whole bag mind you!), Sesame Sticks, and probably more popcorn. I'm gonna toss out about a liter of Yerba Mate throughout the day, coffee, and lots of water as well. Perhaps some chocolate. Mind you...I don't go all bingey, I mostly graze and eat out a portion. I have a good stockpile of cheat food I've been carrying over week after week(and yes, I do not cheat midweek on them). It's just mostly to eat them up and then not have as much the next week.

I just got a Groupon of like 12 cupcakes :) So I've been saving like 11 cupcakes in my freezer/fridge(now on my kitchen counter) for tomorrow. NO, not gonna eat all 11!! :) I'll share with my hubby obviously, and kids. :)

I usually gain about 3-5 lbs after Cheat Day, even with all the damage control. Gonna try something different this cheat day though, in addition to stopping eating/cheating by 10pm. I've been reading and perhaps I am not drinking enough grapefruit juice before the cheat meals/snacks. So, I'm going to UP my grapefruit juice as well as drink some coffee along with it(not at the same time!) IN ADDITION to Yerba Mate 3 times tomorrow. I'm gonna be peeing so much tomorrow. ;)

So, let's see what happens! :) Wish Me Luck!

  • Dustin_Lund commented Feb 4th 2012:

    Nice, I appreciate your style of cheat day, and have feel I am becoming a follower of the same idea, grazing all day but never binging... I did it last week and felt super better than the previous days, maybe psychological, or amble physical, not sure either way, nice list of food Akane! I never really got into popcorn, maybe I'll give it try!

    Also, for the Grapefruit juice, I like to begin my morning with a big glass of ice water and then pour the juice over the remainder of the ice, and then gulp that down too, its becoming my sugar introduction for every cheat day!

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 4th 2012:

    Cool. I'm drinking at least 6oz of grapefruit juice along with coffee to see if that helps. Also gonna be drinking Yerba Mate throughout the day as well. Oh and water on top of that too. :) We'll see what happens. Already downed my portion of sesame sticks, bowl of taco loco popcorn, and 2 cupcakes(white chocolate latte cupcake & cinnamon-apple cupcake) Already starting to feel the coma inducing sugar. :) I also had about 15oz of Starbucks Caramel VIA, 6oz of grapefruit juice, and about 1 liter of water on top of that. :) In about 30m I go have some Indian food, though I am not quite hungry yet.:) I'll probably keep it light. No rice though, probably some naan, samosas...and a little chicken dish.

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 4th 2012:

    Ok, ended up having rice, but just a spoonful. Ok, I had another 6oz of grapefruit juice, 1 trip through the buffet at a local Indian restaurant, 1 small drumstick of tandoori chicken, 1 spoonful of veg biryani, 2 small samosas, 1 potato pancake thing(it was like about 2" wide), about 4 butter chicken chunks with a bit of its sauce, a piece of naan, a few pieces of Papad(pappadum), water, and for dessert about a cup of kheer and like 1 small ball of gulab jamun(little fried dough ball)(it was so sweet!). Then right after this lunch, I had another 6oz of grapefruit juice, a piece of naan(I got some Indian food for my hubby), a chunk of chicken vindaloo and a potato(nice and spicy), 15oz coffee(no sugar or cream), and 12oz of Yerba Mate.

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 4th 2012:

    That's it so far....not gonna entertain my "Snack Beast" who seem to just wanna eat even though my stomach is still full. Not sure what to have for dinner...maybe more popcorn. :)

  • JemmaJolie commented Feb 8th 2012:

    Akane, how was the next day's weigh in with extra damage control?

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 8th 2012:

    2.2 lbs gain. Though, a bout with constipation has not had me lose much of anything these past few days....helping things along with Smooth Move Tea and Miralax(did it yesterday, didn't work). Smooth Move tea seems to be working though....hopefully I'll have emptied my bowel by tonight! :)

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peanutbutter cups and steak and cheese. i shall regret my weaknesses.

  • Dustin_Lund commented Feb 4th 2012:

    Yeah, I am all about the peanut butter cups, I recede a package from my Brother with 2 ginormous cups, one went into a chocolate smoothie a few weeks ago, and the rest is wiring for me today :)


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For breakfast it will be gluten-free german pancakes with some warmed up saucy mixed berries:german-pancake_300.jpg

For dinner I am going to try something new, polenta lasagna! I was craving polenta and gooey cheesy warm lasagna sounded amazing as well. Two for one!

Snacks: probably some yummy greek yogurt and fruit. Maybe some havarti cheese. Or kozy shack rice pudding (GF!). Some Starburst gummiblasts if I can finally find some in this godforsaken culinary wasteland of a town!

I am really trying to stay gluten free on cheat day but the lovely brightly frosted pillowy donuts I walk by pretty much everyday at the store are really calling my name.

Every week I make this insane list of what I am going to eat and then end up eating a small fraction of what is on my list, thank god. ;D

  • arctichacker commented Feb 4th 2012:

    that pancake looks freaking awesome! I also make an absurdly long cheat day list and only each a little bit when the day actually comes.


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Wow that looks delicious! (And much healthier than the two donuts and bagel I had last week)

I'm gonna drop by my local Chinese bakery and grab some egg custard bread (aka pineapple bun).

Can't get enough of Asian baked goods. nom nom nom.


I also plan on having lots of fruit since I sort of want to keep things healthy. (I'll throw some Greek yogurt and honey on berries or something)

All this food talk is making my mouth water!

  • Seriously commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    Egg custard bread? That sounds amazing! Looks delish too.

  • yarnphreak commented Feb 5th 2012:

    Portuguese egg tarts are goooooood...nom nom nom

  • arctichacker commented Feb 4th 2012:

    It's absolutely delish! I've gotta find some way to make Chinese buns gluten free. Last cheat day I made egg tarts with almond flour crust which made them more like Portugese egg tarts but still good.


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Holy moly, no wonder Sweden's starting to have the same obesity and diabetes problems as the US! LOL! I've never seen that cereal, and after 8 months on SCD, I see it as Pure Evil In A Box. LOL!! However, that makes it PERFECT for cheat day, right? Have fun!!

I generally want the crunchy, salty, fatty things -- like tortilla chips with cheddar melted all over them. I think those on are the agenda tomorrow. And I've had a real fling with dark chocolate lately -- it's so indulgent to savor some -- or a lot! - of that on cheat days. Another go-to for me is ice cream. Might do that.

Oh -- and I have a coupon for a free brunch that I will use tomorrow on my cheat day...... SO, it will be prime rib with horseradish cream, eggs benedict (minus the english muffin because I don't eat wheat, even on cheat days) and all sorts of insanity.

  • Dustin_Lund commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    Nice list there Gretchenlin! I haven't had myself a good plate of nachos in quite some time, you might have just added to my list for next week :) I have so many "leftovers" from the previous cheat days its limited me what I should by for the upcoming ones... Did you watch that video I posted about that Swedish doctor presenting LCHF?

  • Gretchen Linden commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    Yes, I did watch that video, Dustin, and I am so glad you posted it!! In fact, I passed it on to the support group at work that I head. It was a very good presentation and I really appreciate knowing about it. I never would have come across that probably, without your having written about it here, so thank you!!

  • Taquito commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    If you can find some flour tortillas or naan or wraps or something of the sort: i would recommed melted cheese (preferably in a clay pot) with spanish or spicy hungarian chorizo. It´s wonderful!! (for cheat days only hahaha)

  • badlydrunkboy commented Feb 4th 2012:

    Damn you've made me want tortilla's!!! :)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Feb 5th 2012:

    I had an Egg McMuffin w/o the muffin, an Egg & Cheese Biscuit w/o the biscuit (sounds goofy, but I'm not eating wheat even on cheat days), a bag of peanuts, about 30 almonds, a Hershey w almonds, 3 Reese's pb cups, coffee w cream and sugar and then brunch. LOL!! Brunch: 1 Eggs Benedict sans croissant, 1 slice ham, 1 slice prime rib, 1 bacon, 2 sausage, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, extra hollandaise, coffee w c & s, inside of 1 crab rangoon, vanilla ice cream w caramel sauce, and only black coffee ( X 3!) after 1 pm. Still not hungry, so that's it for this cheat day as it's 9pm now.


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I started at 4pm by having a few grapefruit slices, a slice of fruit tart and ate a little Nutella out of the jar ( I LOVE it! :))

Did some squats, wall presses and chest pulls after then went out and ate a peanut butter kit kat, white kinder bueno, a snickers, half a choc cupcake (mainly icing haha), half a maple + pecan danish, half a glazed doughnut and a bite of a jam doughnut (not very good ones :-()

Went round town for a few hours with friends and had two milkshakes ( regular) throughout - Oreo and Reeces ( as you can see I love Reeces and other peanut butter based chocs ;)) and Ferrero Rocher/ Kinder Bueno (more Nutella!=-)) , as well as half a sausage roll and most of a toffee yum-yum.

When I got home I ate a couple of Oreos , a couple of mini sugared doughnuts dipped in maple syrup/ custard ( as a snack thing), then had a few Thorntons chocolates with some custard and just under half a tub of Haigon Daz belgian chocolate.

I could barely eat my Chinese for dinner (after swigging some g/fruit juice, I may eat some more of it in a minute) , which was hot+ spicy pork with noodles, a little rice and 2 prawn crackers :)

I am so STUFFED , that my stomach looks 6 months pregnant with distension.. I guess I'll see if I can get a little more protein from the pork in tonight, and drink soda for the rest of the night to ease the stomach aches (it does help!). Cannot be bothered with more damage control tonight, I'm too tired :P

Anyway, that was my day! I hope the cheat weight comes off in under a week, considering I'm eating more to try and maintain my weight. I may just have to restrict carbs a couple of days after from now on to clear my system of glucose, clear up bloat and get my weight back to normal quicker. >;-)

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 5th 2012:

    Hmm, you don't drink grapefruit juice before your cheats? Hmmmm, interesting.

  • Sam Green commented Feb 5th 2012:

    I normally do, but this time I bought real grapefruit instead and squeezed the juice of half- drank it before the rest of my cheats :)

    I am going to have to start moderating my cheats more now.. because my body has lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, it is now trying to 'fight' me a little by making my 'binge' cravings the few days after cheat days worse. I persist, but not without difficulty. I better just eat a lot more this week to prevent anymore weight loss and stop my body from thinking it is being 'starved' .. Hmm I'm confused :/

  • Sam Green commented Feb 5th 2012:

    It could just be addictions that have been spurred somewhat though. Like I said, I will need to get all the horrible 'binge' and 'sugar' cravings out of my system in the next few weeks by eating the right amount of food and trying not to 'go crazy' on cheat days- it's the diet/binge mentality that is dangerous for me at this point, and I will not let weight regain anymore than a couple of pounds of water happen, unless I am trying to gain muscle.

  • yarnphreak commented Feb 5th 2012:

    damn, that's a lot of sugar, my friend. (and Nutella and Ferrero Rocher are like crack! I don't buy em anymore because I can't stop until I finish the entire container. Bad bad bad...but oh so insanely delicious.)

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 5th 2012:

    I think I am fortunate I do not necessarily go "all out binge" and stuff, or at least I don't think I do. My stomach won't allow me. But, I agree, Sam. Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something by making you binge more than usual. Maybe next Cheat Day don't go out, plan your cheat and only allow yourself cheat foods you ABSOLUTELY want, not just binge "Because you can". gotta rewire your brain cause not only do you have to change your body, but your mind as well...once body and mind are in synch....then it's all good. I think I have that. Cause my body is gonna tell me when it is time to stop...and I don't have like tons and tons of food in the house to binge on. Today has been REALLY low-key. I only went out for lunch....and now I am just at home.

  • Sam Green commented Feb 5th 2012:

    @yarnphreak- yes I agree! I had to be so careful today to only have 1 teaspoon of the crack, but a couple of times of cheat days I end up eating a third of a jar ..My sister is the one who buys the Nutella and she takes Nutella sandwiches to school.. But how she is able to moderate it is beyond me.. She has a normal body shape for her height and age ( she's 15 and 5'3) though. My brother is obese and constantly in and out of the kitchen for carbs. I used to be the same though! :(

    Anyway- @Akane , yes I agree! I want to see how long I can maintain my weight for now, and only have a cheat day when I actually feel like I can control myself- I normally eat the same kinds of foods so it would be easy to plan my cheats - I will plan based on what I want and moderate :)

  • Sam Green commented Feb 5th 2012:

    I mean how long I can maintain at the same weight without as many cheat days, but still eating to maintain, and like I said keep the cheat days more controlled so I can keep my new eating habits healthy and sustainable. :)

    I'll see how this goes- from now on all cheat days will be logged into my food diary so I know how much I'm going to have and what foods I am going to have- which is easy because I always go for the same foods. I'll make sure the calories are 5000 at the most next time, not 6-8000 like they usually are. ;)


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Yesterday my cheat day was really wonderful. Approx. 4'500 calories finest food ;)

An excerpt of my foods:

Potato chips

Bread with ham and cheese

Subway --> Chicken Teriyaki and Italian BMT

The highlight in an Italian Restaurant:


Tomato Soup

Main dish

Spaghetti finished in a holed parmesan cheese (an entire parmesan wheel) topped with truffel


Panna Cotta


To end the day some Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris with friends.

Here a GREAT IDEA for everyone celebrating cheating day today because of Super Bowl:


  • resapieces commented Feb 5th 2012:

    i'd like a ticket to that ^ heh. could incorporate some sort of bread toss event as well to make use of all that crap.

  • yarnphreak commented Feb 5th 2012:

    OMG, that footbowl stadium deli tray is INSANE!

  • JemmaJolie commented Feb 8th 2012:

    I always have to have chips and salsa and trail mix (chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit) ....those two things are always cravings each week.

  • Dustin_Lund commented Feb 8th 2012:

    Nice Jemma, I haven't had Chips and salsa in quite a while, Is there a particular brand or do you go to a restaurant that makes them fresh? I just put a cheese cake in the oven and didn't lick my fingers once! Hopefully I can resist it for the next few days :)

  • arctichacker commented Feb 5th 2012:

    Am I the only one wondering how they made the cold cuts stick to the Stadium wall?

  • arctichacker commented Feb 5th 2012:

    My Cheat Day is Wednesday (I am on a 10 day cycle). I am in Anchorage right now for a conference. I am eating most of my meals in my room due to workload and just simplicity. It also means I'm saving $$ for a cheat day splurge! I figure I'd treat myself to some fine dining =D

    I do have to be at a conference for most of the day but that will help moderate the eating. My SCD breakie is shrimp and edamame and spinach.

    I planning lunch at one of my faves, Ginger (http://www.gingeralaska.com/) that has a ton of GF options. Dinner will be at Orso (http://www.orsoalaska.com/) another fave. And somewhere in the day, I'm planning a trip to a chocolate lounge.

    I'll end the evening in the hotel bar which has a pretty decent scotch menu :)

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