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Micellar Casein Shake For Breakfast

Hi :cute:

I find it very hard to get 30g of protein when i wake up, mostly because i have NO appetite for at least a few hours. I was thinking of having a protein shake instead. From what ive read on here i need to avoid whey protein because it spikes insulin, however casein protein is ok?

Im thinking of buying this one but wanted to double check beforehand. Im new at this =)

Reflex - Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein from Reflex Nutrition is an instant mixing time-release protein product, it is made from fresh skimmed milk. It is not to be confused with acid casein or caseinates which are made using manufacturing processes which can denature the protein. The protein found in Reflex Micellar Casein is un-denatured, providing approximately 80% Casein protein and 20% Whey protein

Nutritional Information

Each(45g)serving contains:

Energy 678kj/153kcal

Protein 35.1g

Carbohydrate 3.5g

of which sugars 1.2g

Fat 0.6g

of which saturates 0.4g

Fibre 0.7g

Sodium 92mg

Probiotics 90,000,000 spores

Heres the site

Thanks D-:


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I'm gonna go against the majority and say go for it. And here is why:

Although having a protein shake isn't ideal, if it's the ONLY way to get the protein/calories in the morning (due to time constraints and such) and the alternative is either skipping breakfast or eating carb laden crap, drinking casein in the morning should work just fine.

There is a micellar casein out there that is unsweetened (so you can add stevia to it yourself) so maybe that's a little better? (all the other ones out on the market are sweetened with Sucralose or Aspartame) In the past, when I woke up too late to cook anything, I grabbed a casein shake now and then and still saw continual fat/weight loss. I think it's just contingent on how you eat the rest of the day.

Looking at the big picture, if this will help you stay on the SCD, drink your protein.

  • Sam Green commented Jan 28th 2012:

    It's not worth it if results are bad/stalled because of the shakes though. They provide no satiety either. There is really not any excuse why you can't hard boil 4 eggs before bed and eat them with some microwaved canned beans (optional) and spinach for breakfast.

  • Sam Green commented Jan 28th 2012:

    4-5 eggs depending on how large they are. Why not make leftovers from dinner too? Or buy precooked chicken to have with a couple of eggs if you can't stomach just 4-5 eggs. Spices help with taste too. SCD is supposed to be about gettig off the sugar addiction, so sweeteners in shakes are pretty contradictory to this.

  • yarnphreak commented Jan 29th 2012:

    It all depends on the person IMO. For me, I find hardboiled eggs to be absolutely disgusting (it's the smell and texture) and I'd rather starve than eat that. (plus I can't seem to digest large quantities of eggs and get massive gas/diarrhea). And since the OP said he has no appetite in the morning, eating 4-5 eggs and canned beans is not exactly a small amount of food.

    (I'd try to eat real foods as much as possible though and keep the protein shakes as a last resort)

    Let him try it and see if it works. If it doesn't, then experiment with other foods. After all, isn't the whole point of the book to experiment?

  • martinastrong commented Feb 1st 2012:

    The thing is... I hate eggs in all forms, cant even stand the smell :/

  • cvesper commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    I agree that it depends on the person, and I would recommend trying it knowing that it might stall you. I've been drinking a casein shake in the morning and before bed, and I'm the leanest I've been yet with a bit of muscle gain.

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No, no and no :no:

Protein shakes are not allowed on SCD, they are a pretty poor source of protein - all the ingredients like sweeteners , whey, dairy, soy, preservatives etc.. Are all proven to mess with blood sugar levels and stall fat loss for most people.

Whey and casein are pretty cheap, poor sources of protein. Casein is better than whey, but still not great. They violate the rule of 'no dairy' too.

By all means test it out if you have to, but SCD is about real food, not getting protein from fake shakes :P

  • cvesper commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    Tim's dad saw results from using a protein shake in the morning, and Laura has suggested using Casein rather than whey. I've been using both casein and whey lately and I'm still seeing results.


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Sam is right. My first 3 weeks of SCD I tried taking a shake first thing in the morning for convenience, I struggled to lose 4 pounds in that period (which made me very disappointed I expected better results). This week I had 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs within 30 mins of waking and I lost 4 lbs this week (since cheat day, so not counting the cheat weight gain)! (started ~197lbs. 5'9" male).

My advice would be to force yourself to eat those 5-6 eggs first thing in the morning (I found it really wasn't that hard, I do have to force down the last couple of bites, and it settles in my stomach fairly quickly). You may turn out to be like Neil from the book and its just an adjustment thing. I know I actually woke up hungry this morning and was ready for the eggs.

The results I got this week is motivation enough to wake up that little bit early and force eggs in my yum. So try it for a week and see how it works for you.

  • sabre2hopes commented Feb 1st 2012:

    i'm ready to start the eggs thing - giving up on the protein shakes just because of the amount of confusion around it...

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