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Which Routine To Use?

Hi, I'm just about to start to try and build some muscle. I used to workout and the heaviest I weighed was 145lbs. I'm now currently 127lbs and would like to get back to that weight. The book describes a few workout routines. One that Tim did in Geek to Freak, the Colorado Expiriment and then there's the Occam's Protocol A/B routine. Which one should I do? With either routine I plan on eating like Takeru Kobayashi. Except substitute hot dogs for actual good for you food.

Without looking much into it, it doesn't seem to be so strict on what exact workouts but rather the technique with the 5/5 cadence and one set to fail. Is this true?

Thanks for your help.


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Since your body weight is incredibly low for a man , depending on your height as well though, (I used to be 124lbs at 5'9.5) you should start out on Occam's before you try Geek 2 Freak.

Get some strength back , build the diet and routines up and gain a few pounds before moving up to the G2F schedule, you don't want to put strain on your body. The Occam's diet is much more sustainable than eating 'hot dogs'.. =|

Hope this helps ;)

  • davebarbier commented Jan 28th 2012:

    Thanks. I'm 5'5". I am very active and take Brazilian jiu jitsu 4 days a week. I roll around (non sexually, not that there's anything wrong with that) with guys 200+lbs, so my body isn't 'frail', ha.

    Is the ultimate goal to do the routine from G2F? Is that better than Occam's protocol? Before I read this book I was just going to go to the gym a few days a week and see what happened. That's what I did a few years ago and I went from 118lbs believe it or not to about 145. But it took a couple years. Then with this book I see there's a MUCH better, quicker and more efficient way. My body can handle diving right in to the optimum routine because I'll only start with what I can lift.

    Thanks for the response, you guys seem like a great group of helpful people.

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