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Second week in a row that it takes me 3 full days to get down to my pre-cheat day weight (mon, tues, wednes) This morning finally down to 279 again. I have been pushing water like crazy, 1.5-2 gallons a day. But what I wonder is, how long it takes most of you to get over the cheat day weight? Can we make this faster? Afterall, 1 cheat day+ 3 recovery days only leaves us with 3 days to burn fat.....

What do you think?


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Hello, Falcon!

Believe me I am with you on the "trying to lose all the cheat day weight SOONER than Wed/Thu" Sometimes it takes that long...sometimes you can get it off by Tue at the earliest....or even Monday. The key is not to gain a lot from the Cheat Day to begin with. Cheat early in the day, stop cheating after dinner. Drink tons of water, coffee, yerba mate, etc. throughout the day of Cheat Day. Do your Damage Control methods throughout your cheat day. Stay away from stuff that has sugar+fat. I have found that eating pizza and ice cream are BIG weight gainers the next day.

Regardless....I tend to gain about 3-5 lbs after cheat day and it is USUALLY gone by Wed/Thu....and even after that I lose another 1-3 lbs depending on the week(periods/ovulation and all that). So, if you are wanting bigger losses you can try the above suggestions or if you'd rather not deprive yourself of Cheat Day foods and cheat all day..then do so...just don't be surprised with the gain and just get back on SCD right away, drink lots of water/tea/coffee, and it'll come off.

It's just one of the hazards of having a Cheat Day, but it's one I've accepted. I'm cool with losing 1-3 lbs a week to be able to have a cheat day and still eat healthy. :)

Most of the weight is water retention anyway....some weeks I will gain like 5.6 lbs and the week before I had gained .8 from my lowest due to the monthly......the following week I lost not only the 6lb from cheat+monthly gain BUT an additional 3 lbs on top of that...so, I lost 9 lbs that week. Sounds good to me! :)

  • Falcon76 commented Jan 26th 2012:

    Thanks for the help! I am really excited to try some hacks this week and see what happens! I have a short week this week (moving my cheat day from sunday to saturday) so I am a little nervous about not having as big of a week as I was hoping, but one step closer is one step less that I have to take!

    Thanks again for your help!

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If you are following the plan strictly then you are burning fat everyday! Try just stepping on the scale only once a week on the morning of your reset/cheat day. As long as you are seeing consistent weekly results that is what matters...


  • Seriously commented Jan 26th 2012:

    This is what I do. I weigh and measure the AM of my cheat day before my workout. It's hard but I really think it gets rid of the stress associated with the ups and downs on the scale!

  • Chippewa_Fire commented Jan 27th 2012:

    I agree with the whole idea of only weighing yourself once a week. I follow the SCD plan as closely as possible during the week and go crazy on cheat day. I defy anyone to take in more calories in a cheat day than I do and I'm still losing weight. I don't stress about my weight during the week because I'm following the plan outlined in the book. It works for me.


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3 days is normal, don't worry. It takes me this amount of time to drop the cheat day weight it, sometimes up to 4-5 days if I eat a lot. Just because Tim says he lost is in 48 hours, doesn't mean you'll be the same, no matter how hard you try. It takes 3 days to deplete glucose in your blood/glycogen.

Some of the reasons for this is because you are 279lbs, Tim is probably under 200, so of course he has less mass and is less likely to retain glycogen/water weight for too long. Also, the food options you choose will be entirely different, unless you try to replicate everything exactly as he did in the 'Damage Control' chapter, and even then , everyone has a different metabolism and different levels of hormones.

There are just so many factors at work when it comes to fat loss, it is not as simple as 'calories in, calories out' like any so called 'nutritionist' who has been taught according to the current FDA guidelines, which are obviously making the world fatter, not thinner, so don't let it get to you if it takes a little longer to drop water weight.

If it helps, you can extend the time between cheat days, which I would recommend doing anyway since you have more to lose and your leptin levels/ thyroid won't drop as quickly. Maybe go 9 days in between each cheat day, and have it every 10 days. So this way you can get 6 full days of fat-burning. ;)


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As I understand, you didn't gain fat on your cheat day. Or at least not much. That gain is mainly water and the weight of the food you ate.

You're still losing fat the same time your body is working to get rid of the retained water and food bulk in those days following your cheat day. Your fat loss is just hidden in the data 'noise' because of the extra water and food weight.

And then when you think you're never going to lose your Cheat Day gains, you woosh, and magically it seems that you've lost weight overnight.

That said, I've found that since I've eliminated grains from my diet, Cheat Day included, I didn't hold onto my water retention as long.

Some people reduce their legumes the day after Cheat Day.

Some folks IF the day before Cheat Day. Some the day after.

For some, they limit sugar/fat combos on Cheat Day.

Others limit their Cheat Day to a Cheat Day window (x number of hours as opposed to the whole day).

Some lengthen the time between Cheat days.

Different things work for different folks. It's up to you to figure our your personal hacks.

Drinking lots of water, green tea, yerba mate and coffee also help with the water and food bulk retention.

BWT, most folks hold onto their Cheat Day bloat for 1-3 days so you're in the norm. ;)

  • Falcon76 commented Jan 26th 2012:

    Eliminating grains from cheat day would be TOUGH! But I may have to give that a try, I did consume quite a few malted beverages this past cheat day....

    Thanks for the help and ideas!


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My experience has been similar to yours, if not worse, I usually only see a break below the previous weeks low on the day before my cheat day,

I have been doing this for 4 weeks now, and this is a trend I have come to terms with. Although I believe spacing the cheat days further apart can also solve our problem. Starting next week I will be be taking them every 10 days.


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I'd ignore my weight until the morning of the cheat day.

Weight yourself once a week.


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It will take me till tomorrow, Friday, to get just below what I was morning of cheat day last Saturday.

Seems like a lot of effort to make up for that one day.

I think I'm going to try a cheat hour this Saturday instead, see how that works.

If I can stay sane...and unless I start to plateau I think I'll give that a shot for a while...

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 27th 2012:

    Badly, what does your typical cheat day look like? Do you do the damage control? Perhaps we can minimize the amount you gain after Cheat Day and prime your body to lose that a lot more quickly than the whole week. I know it can be frustrating....sometimes it takes my husband that long too. Oddly enough, I think SOME people take a whole week, then WHOOSH like 1.5-2.5 lbs overnight right before their Cheat Day. Odd, but sometimes true! Everyone's gonna be different. You just have to figure out what YOU do that you could do slightly different without sacrificing cheat day food. My first suggestion is to do Damage Control whenever you can, cheat "earlier in the day" and/or stop cheating after dinner. Don't go further. Let me know.

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 27th 2012:

    You still need to get in enough calories and stuff to get your body to reset, if you take it too easily it may not reset it. But, that's not to say, go crazy and eat until you go into a food coma. :) Use your best judgement. :)

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 27th 2012:

    Yeah, ya see, I understand the whole socializing and drinking thing. Fortunately, I am not a avid alcohol drinker(wine, beer, or otherwise), so this doesn't phase me, but I know it can affect others. All I can say is take some grapefruit juice with you in a thermos and have it on you/in your car...drink it RIGHT before you go into the place you are gonna drink alcohol and eat bad food....take a good few gulps then if you can slip into the bathroom and do like 40 squats. The "eating late" thing I believe contributes the whole "bigger gain" the next morning. My hubby and I are trying this theory out by stopping our cheating after dinner...doing a "cheat period" instead of "cheating all day".

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 27th 2012:

    I mean, if you don't have a social engagement one cheat day, do it. I don't do PAGG and I've lost weight just fine. :) Yeah the whole eating then sleeping right away thing probably does make more weight stick and less water weight to come off. Even if you are socializing with friends, try to limit yourself to like 2 glasses of RED wine(if you can do that) nurse it....drink lots of water....try to keep it protein-veggies meals if you can. Best advice I can give you. :) Good Luck!

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 27th 2012:

    You don't have to stop eating food, just not the white carbs(dairy/bread/pasta/rice/fruit/grains/sugar/starch) :) Try to keep it "SCD SAFE". :) Then, eating late into the night won't be a problem

  • badlydrunkboy commented Jan 27th 2012:

    I've just started damage control. Been doing slow carb breakfast this week with grapefruit juice. No Pagg. Coffee with meals. No squats etc but I do try and walk after each meal.

    I could probably stop eating food after dinner but Saturday is my one day I can socialise really which invariably involves alcohol : ) Which invariably involves food at the end of the night. That I will cut out. Fun with friends I doubt :(

    Think that's where I went wrong last week, big meal then sleep :( I'm not planning a night out this Saturday so I'll behave after dinner!

  • badlydrunkboy commented Jan 28th 2012:

    Cheers for the tips Akane! Rocking the cheat day today, weighed in lowest ever today - I had a slow carb breakfast, and some cheese and crackers about an hour later, still stuffed, its 7 now so going to have dinner then call it an end to cheat day! I've had grapefruit juice, coffee, lemon juice, gone for a mega walk, and will do air squats after dinner. See how the weigh-in tomorrow looks!

    Going to take grapefruit juice with me next week when I head out but 2 glasses of red wine? Dude I'm Irish, never going to happen

  • badlydrunkboy commented Jan 29th 2012:

    Akane - excellent work, cheat day a success, didn't put on too much, feel way more relaxed about it for next week. Damage control did control the damage :)

  • Bolsa Fashinista commented Jun 13th 2013:

    i read the part of damage control, so to be sure, what did you do ? slow carb breakfast , coffee & grapefruit juice?? i am asking this because , last saturday was my cheat day and i am up 3 pound,so I feel scare about do it again :S , and i hope to lose all this tomorrow ( stiil 3 pound up ) it is wednesday ...


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This post is exactly what I needed! I was getting ready to post the same exact thing :) I'm only in week 2, but week 1 went great. Lost 5 pounds in total week 1, started cheat day (Sunday) at 194...went up to 195 after cheat day and haven't been able to drop below 195 since then. Been doing everything the same...so I've been so frustrated as to why I'm not losing!!! Anyways, it helps so much to know that others experience the same thing and read all the encouragements from other members!!

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