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Down since almost a year of scd

After about 9 months of SCD...with my tweaks and of course those slumps where I was NOT 100% compliant, I am proud that I have lost about 8 lbs and dropped bodyfat..... started at 134lb and down to 126lb ( with 1-2 lb fluctuations some days)

these most recent pics were taken the day AFTER cheat day.... ( i DID throw up the night before so i account that for some loss and

my stomach is the flattest it has ever 6 pack, but 4 pack abs are there, lol, legs look leaner and overall i feel better in clothing. YAY!



i plan on heading to Montreal this weekend and am not limiting myself for the 3 night trip....saturday and sunday will involve cheating for sure ( and also a day of snowboarding which TORCHES calories ) .... bagels, dessert if i want it, booze, hot choc. , maybe a beaver tail!?? ( Canadians, you know what i am talking about!!) I hope i don't gain significant weight but i am going to enjoy and indulge!!

  • Lexi dogon commented Feb 7th 2012:

    the "before" pic is a bit far away an i am covering my stomach with my arm, but i still see the diff!!!..i

    pre scd pic-

    SCD results pic-


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You look stunning! Thanks for sharing your results! Congrats and great job!


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OMG. Beaver Tails....drool....just thinking about makes me gain weight LOL!

My goals are pretty similar to yours. Glad to hear about your progress.

Have a fabulous time in Montreal!

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    good luck!! mmm beaver tails

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 24th 2012:

    ahhh *blush* too kind!! thanks hun, i feel great eating this way and the results are there!! i am by no means a "skinny bitch" lol... muscle on me and not the 120 lbs i was a about 5 years ago...but i don't really care anymore!

  • arctichacker commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    Dangit sister, you're absolutely gorgeous! Nice work.

    it's gives me super-inspiration to see your pics. :star:


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says your photos are private

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    fixed. thx!

  • Litfuel commented Jan 31st 2012:

    nice work, keep it up


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YAY Lexi! Way to go! :)So, are you finally at your "happy weight"? Or is there more fat burning to be done? :) You look pretty awesome now already. :)

Way to go! I Hope to join you in the 20s soon....hopefully, at the time I am estimating which is late April. :)

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    thanks @akane ! i am happy , indeed, yes.. still got curves, no stick figure here, would love more 'solid' abs and triceps/arms looking leaner..... but in the end no one really cares,lol.... my boyfriend thinks i am a bit 'crazy' lol

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 24th 2012:

    Hahaha, I think "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and WE are our worst critics when it comes to body image. What YOU may be happy with may be like "skeletal/anorexic" to others. :) I am planning on my goal to be 115. It seems like a reasonable number, but perhaps I may go lower depending on if I am happy with that or want to go lower. :) I am thinking 110-115 is a good range to stay in. I'm 5'2", but I carry my weight pretty evenly. Congrats on reaching your goal! Now to maintain it! That's the tough part!! ;)

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 25th 2012:

    agreed. maintenance will be dang tough!!! i am feeling the water weight from cheatday today and struggling not to treat myself too much to wine, cottage cheese etc ( the 2 + glasses of wine last night do NOT help i'll tell you.felt bloated all day) ...but ya 2lbs up and down here and there is nbd...i'm no fitness model and want to be stress-free and more relaxed in my eating or else it can affect those around me and i don't want that!

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 25th 2012:

    Thing will your eating more healthy affect others in a "negative" manner? I think it doesn't matter what THEY matters is that YOU are eating what is good for YOUR body, not what "appears to be acceptable in society". You can eat healthy on maintenance that isn't quite SCD compliant, but incorporates a LITTLE bit. The point I'm trying to say is you have to change your way of thinking of "how you eat/pick your food" it should be sub-conscious that you pick food that is "fairly SCD compliant" from the get-go. I caught myself doing this on a Cheat Day. Picking foods that were actually SCD compliant! I think once you get to that point you won't think about what others'll be eating for YOU....not them. :) Keep rockin' it, Lexi! :)

  • Lexi dogon commented Jan 26th 2012:

    thanks @akane! i mean, for example for my trip to montreal, me and the bf are bringins some snacks and food along for the drive- he suggested turkey sandwiches and he's make me some, or tuna, and healthy snacks... in 'the rea world' turkey on bread is healthy 'hey, it's no burger and fries..' but when i said i'd prefer bread, he thought it was a bit weird.... but then said he'd make me yummy spicy tuna in a tupperware, to which i replie d' yum perfect!' bringing almonds and veggies and hummus for the ride too... no burger stops for me!

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 26th 2012:

    See, that's the thing...the whole low carb thing has been out there for quite awhile now and the same with stuff like paleo and atkins and stuff. I see options to "omit the bread/bun" at sandwich shops now and make it into a salad. So, I don't think saying that you would prefer something without bread and just protein would be "not relaxed and stressful". If they truly your friends they won't care and will respect your dietary choices. What's "normal and healthy" for one is going to be different for another. I mean how do vegans and vegetarians do? They can even be MORE particular about their diets, but they have decided THIS is the lifestyle and eating plan that THEY believe it. So what if people think it's "weird" that's how they want to live, right? :)

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 26th 2012:

    My point what you want that YOU are comfortable with and don't necessarily worry about what others think. Just be proactive and prepare ahead of time is all. Or research the restaurant to see if they have SCD friendly options. Even if it DOES have lots of carbs, limit the carb intake and try to go more protein and veggie. That's what I do. :) Good Luck! And keep it up!

  • Lexi dogon commented Feb 1st 2012:

    came back from mtl @akane. did some damage FO SHO!!! but absolutely loved it..drinks, bagels, beer, a crepe, with SCD brekkies, almonds, a workout and some dancing in there too, and lotsa water and tea!

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 1st 2012:

    Woo! way to go, Lexi! :) Keep rockin' it!

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