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Back to basics...

First few months on SCD were really successful- tweaked when needed but have now definitely come to a standstill (stalling for around 6 weeks.) I know I haven't been as strict as I could have over these last couple of weeks- allowing small amounts of cheese and macadamia nuts to up fat content. I have been trying to mix up SCD with keto and am now at the point where it no longer works and don't know whether to omit one for the other? My calorie intake has always been around 1300kcal on SCD ad drink at least 5 litres of water and take PAGG.

I am really on my last few pounds bf 16% but I genuinely can't commit to the timings of the last mile. Any advice on what to do next? Suggestions of strict meals for one diet or the other?

Thankyou in advance!


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The opposite eating schedule of "last mile" is also an effective strategy towards fat loss: intermittent fasting. Consider switching to a 16/8 or 14/10 fast/eating window for a week or two. It really takes the guesswork out of meal times, works wonders for hunger/appetite control and regulation, and reduces the probability of snacking and/or cheating.

As far as keto vs. SCD: Both are effective in their own ways. My interpretations, for what its worth, are that SCD emphasizes leaner meats, while allowing beans. While on SCD, your body will run on carbs with some cross-over into running on stored body fat converted to ketones when the carbs are used up. Keto emphasizes fattier meats, while significantly restricting carbs. While in keto, you will have very few dietary carbs to supply your body with energy, so you will be preferentially running on dietary and stored body fat converted to ketones.

I would say you should follow the one that better suits your life, and pallet. Pallet is easy to interpret, as it is just whether you prefer beans/lentils and leaner meats, or just veggies and fattier meats. As far as lifestyle goes, SCD still has some carb allotment, so I'd recommend following that over keto if you have a more active life. Keto is great as long as your life never pushes you harder than the body's fat burning rate.

  • lisa_a commented Jan 24th 2012:

    Thanks for this Joshua, I have tried this after cheat day but tried on a couple of other days and felt really faint (my job is very active.) I really do wish I could have a bit more will power with this though as I can see how it could fit in well with my lifestyle.

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Can you post a sample day of full meals and exercise?

  • lisa_a commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    Breakfast 30mins waking: ice water, 2 eggs, 5 egg whites cooked in butter with spinach

    Lunch: chicken breast, olive oil, broccoli

    Dinner: either an omelette in butter/ or prawns (other meat) in butter with mushrooms and broccoli

    Up to 12 macadamia nuts per day possibly a tiny bit or Brie or mature cheddar or tiny piece of avocado

    5 litres of water, 1-2 black coffees, PAGG, all damage control on cheat day (up to 2500 kcal on this day)

    30mins interval training 4 x week along with kettlebell swings same day

    Weights circuit x2 week with cat vomit, plank

    Thankyou all for advice so far!

  • Jake commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    Have you totaled up the calories for this?

  • Sam Green commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    That scares me @arctichacker! Some days I only manage to get in 1300 calories.. Most of the time it's 1500-1800, but for 2-3 days a week (especially after cheat days) I end up only eating around 1300-1400 calories.. I always get in enough protein/fats though. I just don't eat legumes anymore.

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 24th 2012:

    Hmmm, well, looking at Lisa_A's list, my first question is: WHERE ARE THE LEGUMES? Second question is. OMG NUTS! The DREADED NUTS! I am thinking 12 macadamia nuts is way too much per day...aaaand the Brie/Mature Cheddar is DEFINITELY NOT SCD compliant. As far as exercise, doing great. But perhaps NIX THE NUTS, get rid of that cheese. Otherwise, it looks good. Perhaps, switch the butter to organic ghee instead?

  • lisa_a commented Jan 24th 2012:

    It's a bit mixed up- some keto some SCD... I haven't had beans in months and that did speed up weight loss but the lower my bodyfat the harder it's been getting! The Brie and macadamia nuts are very high in fat and very low carb so recommended on keto diets and really did work when I tried strict keto. So far this week I've had no cheese, no nuts from today and have been including more oily fish and eggs for fats instead. My calories before were 1300 max...

    New plan:

    Very early Breakfast: olive oil, two eggs, six egg whites, spinach

    Mid morning: spinach and mackerel

    Lunch: smoked salmon, 2 eggs, broccoli

    Dinner: chicken in ghee with mushrooms and kale

    Mint tea before bed and 2 coffees during the day

    Any thoughts?

  • arctichacker commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    If you're at around 53ish kgs, 1300 kcals/day is not enough. Have you figured out your BMR? I used this http://www.linear-software.com/bmr_bmi.html

    Up you protein and fats.

    What are your body measurements doing these last few weeks?

    Weight means nothing without the body measurements.

  • arctichacker commented Jan 24th 2012:

    @Sam, I think it's only a concern if you consistently go too low.Shifting calories up and down by a few 100 calories might actually keep your metabolism on it's toes.

    Also I was also taking @Lisa_a's activity level into account.

    I just know for myself that if I have less than 1500 cal every day for more than a few weeks with moderate activity, I actually start putting on fat. :/


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Echoing, Jake, yes please post sample meals and your exercise activities.

General suggestions: Up protein a bit and lower legume content to maybe 1/2 cup of legumes per day. Also, perhaps what your body may need is more of a shock to its system. Try to eat as many (but not a lot) leptin producing foods perhaps more than you usually do on your Cheat Day. What do you do on your Cheat Days food-wise? Perhaps, you are not upping your calories or eating enough leptin producing foods to "kick start" your body in the past few weeks?

More information would be appreciated though! :)

  • Sam Green commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    I agree - you've only been getting 2000 something on cheat days! Maybe you should double this amount, deal with the water weight for a few days , then see how it helps you lose weight better the next week! And if you carry on losing, try only having cheat days once every 10-14 days instead.

    This has definitely happened for me. I was restricting myself too much on cheat days and not losing nearly as much as I thought I should be. I ate 15000 calories in between Christmas Day and Boxing day and lost 4 extra lbs before new year..The bloat only takes a few days to subside completely ;)

  • lisa_a commented Jan 24th 2012:

    Cheat days used to be wild!- lost after very first two on about 3000kcal but since have always gained. Have tried 4000kcal and gained loads, so since have capped at 2500kcal in hope that this would be the amount my body would actually need (amount I burn on that day) without storing fat. Damage control is always the same each cheat day.

    Always have slow carb breakfast and a workout. I do eat a lot of chocolate and one icecream. The rest is diet coke, fairly healthy meals: no sugar cereal, veggies and salads with ham and cheese, veggie burger for dinner and one small bread roll. 12 hour window with lots of coffee.

  • lisa_a commented Jan 24th 2012:

    Sam I did wonder whether you had gone a bit too low on your calorie intake as you seem to be on the se as me on your lowest days, but if it works for you then fair enough!

  • Sam Green commented Jan 24th 2012:

    I only go so low on the couple of days after cheat day when my appetite is low, but I made sure I get at least 1400-1600 on all other days, and 90-120gr protein :)


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16% body fat means you're not on the last mile. Choose one and go with it, instead of taking what you like from both.

  • s joshua commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    @Litfuel: 16% BF for a male wouldn't be last mile, but for a female definitely could be. They carry around extra fat for baby-related things

  • Litfuel commented Jan 31st 2012:

    good point josh

  • arctichacker commented Jan 23rd 2012:


    baby-related things

    LOL! That's what I'm gonna call my muffin-top. My baby-related thing.

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