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Matcha Mania

I wanna share my new found love:Matcha

It's basically green tea powder and because it ingest the tea leaves, you get more of the benefits than using tea bags.

I usually have mine just whisked with hot water.

I also make a latte version with a couple of scoops in hot water and some coconut milk. I blend it up with an immersion blender until nice and frothy.

I make a smoothie version with ice cubes and cold water. A drop of stevia in there and it almost tastes like green tea ice cream.

You can find it in many asian food stores in the tea aisle or order it online.


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sounds good, except I would re-think the coconut milk. I am a big fan of "milk" such as almond milk and hemp milk, however, any coconut milk I've seen has been loaded with sugar. I believe pure coconut milk contains 8 grams of sugar (quick google search)

  • MichaelnSF commented Jan 19th 2012:

    Pure coconut milk contains 13g of carbs, 5 of which are fiber, leaving the remaining 8g as sugar. I don't think making your own changes these numbers. While on 4HB and not cheat day, I personally wouldn't consume that much sugar (just as I wouldn't consume fruit juice generally).

  • arctichacker commented Jan 19th 2012:

    I make my own coconut milk with unsweetened shredded coconut.


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So Delicious makes Unsweetened Coconut Milk with 1g of Carbs. No sugar.


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I love matcha as well. However, if it's not cheat day, I would definitely shy away from the coconut. Although it doesn't have 'added' sugar, it definitely has a lot of sugar by SCD standards.

Just a friendly tip


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Great tip! I prepare it in the eve, freeze overnight and take it to office as ice tea.

I heard that you shouldn't heat matcha higher than 60°C, because it's a fermented product and heating will destroy the probiotic cultures...

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