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Is it okay to eat any cheese??


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It sounds like a cop-out, but you'll really just have to test it for yourself. If you've established a baseline of "no-frills" SCD eating for at least a few weeks, add some cheese and see what happens.

I've been able to have cheese in moderate amounts (meaning probably less than 2 oz, and it's always at a meal, and in place of some of the protein, never as a snack). It hasn't seemed to slow anything down for me. On the other hand, I'm not in a race, LOL, so even if it DID slow me down a bit, I'd weigh that against my overall satisfaction with my meals. I am in this for the longggg haul (read: forever), starting out with over 130 lbs to lose. I'm now getting close to 50 lbs off! If having cheese during the week is what makes me a happy and still-consistently-losing girl, then it's all good.

Not every body works the same way, though, and only you know if it would be a "trigger food" for you, etc.

Don't be afraid of testing it for yourself; it's not like one or two weeks of cheese experimentation is going to collapse the whole thing! (I'm picturing a horrific and scary CHEESE MONSTER..) LOL


  • georgeandlily commented Jan 20th 2012:

    Thnaks for that. I agree that this is all about following the guidelines but also working out what best works for you. I think TF is all about experimenting.

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Sure, you can have all you want...on Cheat Day =P

Lay off it for the rest of the week.

  • georgeandlily commented Jan 18th 2012:

    Ah good one...thought that might be the answer!


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'Despite low glycaemic indexes of 15-30, all of the milk products produced high insulinemic indexes of 90-98, which were not significantly different from the insulinemic index of reference bread (generally white bread)...Milk products appear insulinotrophic as judged from 3-fold to 6-fold higher insulinemic indexes than expected from the corresponding glycaemic indexes' ( pg 82 of the book, UK version ). Removing even a little dairy can dramatically accelerate fat loss.

Milk products include cheese. Cream is different to milk and cheese so is therefore acceptable in moderation.


  • Lake-Local commented Jan 20th 2012:

    I wish he would have gone into more detail about that study. They don't mention if they used cheese at all to produce those results...They just say "Milk products". I was looking at the label on my cheese and it says it has no carbs or sugar....I would take this to mean it has no lactose and would not have the same response as milk....

  • Sam Green commented Jan 20th 2012:

    No it doesn't have the same response as milk, but is still a domino food- one that you can't just have a little of without portion control. it also contains yeast which can provoke candida symptoms in some people, stalling fat loss. If it works for you then carry on eating it, but the rule of 'no dairy including cheese' is there to prevent problem before they are encountered.

  • Mary Ellen Hannah commented Feb 16th 2016:
    I have read inTimbook if you do eat cheese eat cheese that has been aged which is usually hard cheeses.


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I have done several weeks with no cheese and had great success. I have also done weeks where I ate as much cheese as I wanted (Usually in place of legumes) and did not notice any difference in weight loss or inches. This has been awesome for me because sometimes I just feel like rolling some cheese up in meat and calling it good for the day. I seem to be more satisfied eating less food but getting more protein....


  • Maria Rider commented Jan 20th 2012:

    What kind of cheese do you eat? :) Perhaps it is the type of cheese that matters. Not that I plan on going and getting cheese and eating it now. Cause I am a TOTAL Cheese Fanatic....I would NOT be able to stop...and plus cheese is high in fats(at least with some), so, I would suspect cheese would fall into the same class as "nut/nut butters"'s something I'd snack on WAY too often and it'd definitely stall my progress. Mind, you, when I DO get to my goal weight and go on maintenance you can bet cheese is one of the things I'm putting back into my diet and probably only as a topping on salads and chili. :)


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don't DOOO it!

I love cheese sooooo much - but not eating it unless its CHEAT day!!

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 20th 2012:

    I love cheese too! :) Thus, I would not touch cheese with a 10 foot pole. EXCEPT on cheat day and in mass quantities! :)

  • Dana W commented Jan 21st 2012:

    Mass quantities of cheese is the only way to go!! Tomorrow!! Yay!

  • Sam Green commented Jan 21st 2012:

    Haha :) not keen on cheese on it's own.. but melted on pizza or something and I love it!

  • Dana W commented Jan 21st 2012:

    If I weren't so keen my life would be a lot easier. Err thinner :)

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