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What does Timothy Ferriss or the 4hb crowd have to say about marijuana?

Especially just on binge day.

Note: I am asking mostly what you have to SAY about it. Please don't downvote me because DRUGS R BAD N WEED MAKES U LAZY. Please add to the conversation? I want to hear why it's bad for my fitness, or why it's good for my fitness, or why it doesn't matter, given that I have already chosen to medicate myself for my Bipolar 1 disorder because it really freaking helps me function. I would also like to be on the Slow-Carb diet, and I'm curious if Tim recorded any interactions with weed during his science-athon. Maybe he got some interesting performance enhancing stuff we don't know about. I know a lot of current cutting-edge science says that weed might have neurogenesis agents, and the quality of the people I know who are high and functional backs that assertion up.


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The opinions expressed here are a result of my EXPERIENCE, I´m not standing on the outside looking in ;) I say things how I see them. This is not aimed at you personally because I don´t know you, but I am familiar with the things you mention ;)

1) Smoking anything is more than likely not good for you - enough said about that.

2) Weed will lower your blood sugar - making you more prone to crave sugar and food in general, meaning you will be more likely to overdo it by far on your cheat days. I´ll bet you know yourself that you can eat FAR more after smoking weed than you would normally.

3) The body takes 48 hours to eliminate weed from your system (i.e. the narcotic effects) - so it´s not just "cheat day" that you are affecting by taking/smoking weed. It´ll cloud your mind, rob you of energy, fuck up your short term memory, etc etc.

"Bi-polar" is a label for a type of behaviour, a label invented by psychiatrists to be able to prescribe people medication.

I´d bet you´ve had ABSOLUTELY NO DIAGNOSTIC TEST done to diagnose you with bi-polar disorder. Maybe you were asked some questions - if that was your diagnosis, then all you got was someone´s opinion, not a proper diagnosis of anything.

You don´t need weed to function - no human body does. This does not mean to say that you are at times so unhappy in your everyday life that being high helps you forget about the shitty thoughts and allows you to be more "normal".

"Bi-polar disorder" is a label put on your behaviour, it is NOT an illness, mental or otherwise. Recently (like 2 days ago) the medical profession and psychiatrists have taken a MAJOR u-turn on what they say about depression. They have absolutely no evidence of chemical imbalances in the brain.

A funny thing tends to happen to people diagnosed with severe depression / bi-polar disorder:

People who wont take your "shitty moods" will be driven away, leaving you surrounded by people who do tolerate your mood swings, people who tip-toe around you and end up re-inforcing the idea that you are bi-polar. Unless you come to that realization yourself, it normally takes a metaphorical "slap in the face" from someone you actually listen to, to get you back on track.

Incase you´re interested here´s a documentary on psychiatry, makes for interesting viewing.


I´m not down on drugs by the way, and this is not a sermon, it´s just info that could potentially be of use to you.

Good luck.

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That is an interesting question....It seems like I watched an interview between Tim and Joe Rogan where he was talking about how he liked to blaze up.....


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join Bluelight or Drug Forums babe

too many squares here to be talking about drugs n shit

  • JJJ commented Jan 18th 2012:

    and my answer is no, I only smoke DMT or PCP on cheat days (sometimes both mixed in the bowl)

  • PerspectiveSourceD commented Jan 18th 2012:

    What is your rationale to do so?

    Also, may I add that Timothy Ferriss abused the fuck out of a ton of drugs in the course of generating the 4hbody data? I'm just talking about medicating for Bipolar while I do this shit.

  • JJJ commented Jan 18th 2012:

    I was kidding....and really there is no problem with partaking of the ganj while doing slow carb UNLESS you cannot control your eating habits while you're high. The drug itself won't affect your results, but its effects on your eating will. Some people don't even get hungry when they smoke, but others eat the whole fridge and cannot help but eat a ton of carb-y non-scd food. There is also pressure when smoking with friends as snacking, making food, or going out for food is sometimes part of the ritual.

    If you can control yourself while you're high, more power to you.

  • Lexi dogon commented Feb 1st 2012:

    i dont get very hungry. but i see people munch chips hard core!! and its never a craving for real food. only crapola

  • s joshua commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    In the words of Dave Chappelle "Hey hey, hey hey. Smoke weed every day." It helps to have will power comparable to that of a robot ;)

  • Luis Mejia commented Nov 9th 2012:

    I ve been doing the SCD for 41 days now, and i blaze regualry, you dont' have anything to worry bout. if anything it helps you realize actual hunger from munchie hunger and so you just avoid breaking the diet because you literally feel yourself not hungry from the food throughout the day and then you feel the munchies and are like no this isn't real hunger


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Try asking Tim on Twitter or submitting it to his blog. He doesn't answer here.

I have seen results on vaporizing every day with this diet. Make sure you're prepared to deal with the cravings and you're good to go.


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I can only answers from my personal perspective ( I'm not Timothy btw) but I do it and it doesn't affect my results negatively. But I do use the all bio dynamic stuff. No chemicals. And manage your cravings.


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all i can say is, since i've been on this diet, munchies have been nonexistent. even when i drink! granted knowing i may jackson pollock my toilet bowl makes me think twice about what excess means to me, but the cravings...not there even when i smoke.


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Are you eating it or smoking it? :-?

  • PerspectiveSourceD commented Jan 17th 2012:

    I have the potential of both. What are the pros and cons of both from a 4hb perspective?

  • TeaLove commented Jan 18th 2012:

    Oh man, the only thing I can see happening is just being wicked hungry and maybe a little lazy but I agree with Tinesloaf that you might want to take your q to a different forum as you will likely get flamed here. Good luck on your quest!

  • TeaLove commented Jan 18th 2012:

    To clarify: I was merely speaking from my own experience with the substance as it always made me super hungry and lethargic which I can't see being beneficial while attempting to restrict certain foods but having said that you may be a totally different case and with your condition you might find it will help balance the fluctuations and as a result be helpful to you.

    Ultimately, Mr. Ferriss is an advocate of self-experimentation and so I think that if putting weed to the test is something you want to do then by all means try it. It is your body and your decision.

    Read on...

  • TeaLove commented Jan 18th 2012:

    It would seem that you misunderstood my reply and for that I am sorry. No one was saying that 'drugs are bad', especially since that drug in particular has been proven to help a lot of people. I think that the intention was to direct you to somewhere that might be more helpful without getting shit on for your question. In any case, I hope that you find a solution that works for you whatever that may be :)

  • wingtcoach commented Jan 18th 2012:

    They say the youth is the future of America. If that's the case then God had better bless America.

  • Phil Michalak commented Feb 3rd 2012:

    In a country where today's youth is finding medical uses for marijuana, trying to phase out bigotry, and a larger portion of them believing in more than what is shoved down their throats by those in power, I think this country is getting more and more blessed by the minute. Many of us here are avid users of marijuana, and do a hell of a job of keeping this country running. You think that those assholes up on capitol hill are blazing it up right now? You better think again.

  • resapieces commented Feb 4th 2012:

    if everybody would smoke a little weed every now and then the world would be a better place.

  • Phil Michalak commented Feb 4th 2012:


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