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Progress Halted??

Hi Guys,

Ive been on the SCD for nearly 2 weeks now. Ive been tracking my progress and was very happy until the last few days when all progress has plateaued. My progress and diet are as follows, if anyone can shed some light on why this has happened i would be very grateful!



250g Red kidney beans, pan fried with a drop of olive oil


2 Tablespoons of hot salsa with very little sugar


Meatballs - Ground beef, organic yellow onions, 1/2 organic egg, salt, black pepper, rosemary seasoning, 1/8 of a can of chopped tomatoes per meal

Spinach, steamed

I also drink about 2 gallons of water a day and take clenbuterol to help the fat stripping. I eat within 20 minutes of waking up too.


07/01 - 76.8

08/01 - 75.5

09/01 - 74.5

10/01 - 72.8

11/01 - 72.2

12/01 - 72.1

13/01 - 75.0 (Cheat day on the 12th)

14/01 - 73.0

15/01 - 72.5

16/01 - 72.5

17/01 - 72.5




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The large amount of weight you lose in the first week is a lot of water, so don't be surprised if the loss slows a little. Sometime our bodies just need a little time to adjust.

You need more protein at breakfast to get your 30g in 30 minutes of waking ( not rising). Reduce the beans to 100g- 250g is 35-40g carbs, which is a lot. You should be getting no more than 40-50g carbs per day, veg included. Add some protein source/eggs to your breakfast to make sure you get the 30g of protein and make sure you reduce the amount of beans you have to 100g at breakfast, and have the other 100g at lunch .

You aren't getting enough protein in general. You need 0.8-1.25g per pound of lean body weight per day, so add in a few more protein sources e.g. chicken thighs, steak, fish, pork, and keep using fats like olive/coconut/macadamia nut oil, butter and avocado. Have a couple more default meals at lunch and dinner- the same one meal your having would get boring after a while. Make sure you're getting enough calories too- men need 1800 a day on SCD depending on daily energy needs, you don't want the caloric deficit to be more than 800-1000.

Add more green vegetables to your meals, like broccoli and other cruciferous veg , green beans, avocado (great to get good fats in).

Also, the 'very little sugar' in your salsa- if the ingredients list 'sugar' or sweeteners/starch in any form then don't use it.

Make sure you keep drinking tons of water, and green tea/coffee if you wish. Stay away from all sugars/sweeteners/dairy/hidden carbs in food- keep everything as close to its natural form as possible.

Take my advice, do the plan rigidly and do damage control on cheat days- you'll be surprised how well this improves your results.

These posts are also very useful:

Hope this helps ;)

  • pgiffney commented Jan 17th 2012:

    Brilliant advise!! Thanks very much.

    From what you have said, I think breakfast is where the real problem lies. I'm going to keep lunch/dinner the same apart from adding some more veg and change breakfast to lettuce, home made sugar free salsa and 300g chicken breast (I hate eggs). The chicken alone should give me 90g protein and my daily needs are around 100g-150g.

    I forgot to mention, I have been drinking 2 cups of green tea every day. Do you think these changes will let me co tinue my progress?

    Thanks again, great advise!

  • Sam Green commented Jan 17th 2012:

    Like I said, you can keep your lunch and dinner the same, just add in another couple of 'default' meals so you don't get bored- including different protein sources like I suggested and more green veg/good fats.

    Also, like I advised, for breakfast I would say to get your 30g cook the chicken in some olive/coconut/macadamia nut oil or butter, and you should be fine- and don't forget to space the beans throughout meals instead of having all your daily carbs in one go- to prevent insulin spikes. Keep beans to 200g a day , 100 g at breakfast and 100g at lunch.

    Green tea is great too :) Just follow the advice on changes to make and your progress will definitely continue at an accelerated rate ;)

    And don't forget damage control on cheat days :)

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Sam's pretty much covered it. I'll just add that you should also monitor your body measurements and not just your weight.

Your weight will only give part of the picture.

Congrats on your progress :D

Keep up the good work.

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