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A little confused...

So I weighed myself on thursday morning- 53.9kg.... friday morning 52.8kg.... Saturday morning 53.4kg. I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself everyday but I was just a little curious to see whether the 52.8kg (lowest ever) was just a one off reading and would return to my stall weight of 53.4ish kg. The only difference on Thursday was the fact that I had a glass of diet coke- maybe my body welcomed the insulin response? Also is it possible that I've actually really dropped down to 52.8kg but the fact that I've been having a little trouble with my digestive system recently mean that when it raises by a kilo it's actually because I'm holding a lot more food in my system than usual? Hope this doesn't sound too confusing!


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I agree with @gretchenlin.

There are endless combinations of variables that affect what the number on the scales can reflect..especially for women.

Your body has a 5lbs+- fluctuation on a daily basis.. so it's best to keep all weighing to a consistent, once-per-weekly basis so you don't end up feeling discouraged about any minor fluctuations that do not reflect fat loss or gain.

Cheat days prove this too. You seem to be worried about gaining fat after cheat days.. It has been proved that all minor fat gain you have on cheat days is gone within 48-72 hours unless you really go 'all out' and binge on 10,000 calories or something- only then you might experience fat gain that takes a little longer to drop off.

Otherwise, the gains you see after the 48 hour point after cheat days are all just water retention. To get a more accurate reading of the FAT you're losing/gaining on a daily/weekly basis you would need to get body fat tested, and even body fat testers can give 'false' readings because of water balance etc.

I would say take measurements once per week before weighing yourself to give a more consistent, accurate measure of progress rather than weighing everyday- unless you feel like you can handle the fluctuations.

Knowledge and understanding of how the human body works in terms of weight etc really help when it comes to measuring progress ;)

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Lisa_a, there are many variables that can REALLY impact the reading on the scale. Fluid retention (whether due to recent carb loading, too much sodium or monthly cycles in women for instance) and accumulated waste in the gut can significantly skew the reading, so when you are looking at the number on the scale, you really are not looking at anything that accurately reflects the amount of FAT lost.

I weighed myself almost daily for the first 6 months of SCD and was always amazed by the wild fluctuations, because I was always 100% on program! So they fascinated me instead of discouraging me.

But, if they discourage or confuse you, just weigh maybe once a week, on the morning of cheat day before eating. Or even just once a month. That way, you will be comparing apples to apples, so to speak, and will see a more accurate reflection of actual fat loss.

Another option is to weigh often but average those weights per week and compare the week to week averages.

And actually, most people here will probably tell you to go by measurements instead weight.


  • Sumo002 commented Jan 16th 2012:

    don't forget if you are working out, it also could be muscle gain. One of the best things I did was start going to get the BodyPod test done. I know what my BF% is and lean mass every 3 weeks. the last time I went for testing I was thinking of not going because of my weight not really dropping but, decided to go anyway. Glad I did because I was still on track and had gained 8 pounds of lean mass.


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Remember also that scales are notoriously inaccurate. I just lost a pound by stepping on mine twice (:

  • mygrin commented Feb 26th 2012:

    Great! Then just repeat that often enough.... :-O

  • Charley commented Feb 26th 2012:

    Very lucky you, I always add 500g when stepping on again. But the flash of joy I get from a new, smaller number is amazing.

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