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Italian Sausage SCD Meal

3 Links Johnsonville Med Italian Sausage

1/2 Can Northern Beans (mash very well)

2 large handfuls of Kale

Garlic Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper


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I know their mild sausage has corn syrup and dextrose in the ingredients. Does the medium italian have that too or is it clean?

  • SeismicMG commented Jan 16th 2012:

    They were the mild. I mistyped. The meal has less sugar grams than a bowl at Chipotle. I guess it's not the best meal.

  • Jake commented Jan 16th 2012:

    It sounds like a pretty good meal overall - and I can't talk because I am eating turkey basted by putting bacon fat under the skin, and green beans cooked in more of the bacon fat. I'm sure that's got some sugar in it too. If you can find a sugarless source of sausage though, that would be an amazing meal. My daughter just converted me to kale last year, this recent summer was the first time I grew it in the garden.

  • SeismicMG commented Jan 16th 2012:

    I'll have to scour Trader joes for the sausage. I just happened to have the j'ville's in my fridge after my recent SCD purge.

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 16th 2012:

    Sausages on a whole are all probably cured with some sort of sugar cure. So, I'd eat them sparingly.... :) Plus, they are probably full of fat. Unless you got a low fat kind. :)


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Sounds delicious. I am going to try this in the next week. I am going to switch out the Johnsonville sausages though. We have a great company in Calgary that makes their own sausages that are gluten and filler free. Also they are very low in any kind of sugar.

Thanks for the recipe, can't wait!


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Haha @Akane, some fat phobia there.. >;-)

As long as sausages are 95%+ pork, with the only extra ingredients being salt, spices and maybe a preservative , and >1g carb per serving, having 1-2 a day at breakfast is probably okay.

It is best to keep protein and all food sources you eat as close to their natural form as possible though. ;)

  • Maria Rider commented Jan 16th 2012:

    Hehe, I'm just particular about sausages. :) I like them too, but I know that they aren't exactly very healthy. :)

  • Sam Green commented Jan 16th 2012:

    I agree- its best to make your own, and easy too. All you need is some ground pork and a few herbs/spices :)

    ' Convenience' pork products and deli meats etc can be dodgy and difficult to find in an all natural state without being filled with sugar/starch preservatives and other weird ingredients.

  • badlydrunkboy commented Feb 7th 2012:

    There's something about sausages and bacon that just seems wrong - I've cut them out even on cheat days

  • arctichacker commented Jan 16th 2012:

    I spent a good part of the afternoon making sausages :)

    mainly moose and caribou. I bought up some pork fat to add to them.

    If you don't have a grinder or stuffer you can just buy ground pork and beef and mix in whatever spices and make them into patties. I often cook up a huge batch in the oven and eat them for the week.

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