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Eating intervals


I know book says should at eat about 4 hour intervals, I have breakfast about 6.30 but won't have lunch til 12 o'clock. As I have a big 4hb breakfast, I'm not too hungry before that. Afraid can't have lunch at work any earlier. Even though don't need, should I have a snack or 5 and half hours between meals going to have big impact?



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Levi -- snacking should always be avoided if possible. Since you are not hungry, there is no problem; there's no need to snack. In fact, we are in optimum fat-burning mode the longer we go between eating. I have my breakfasts at 430 or 5 am and have lunch at 1130 every day. That's a 6.5 hour stretch and all the reading I've done indicates that if I were to have a snack during that stretch, I'd restart the glucose/insulin responses and knock myself out of fat-burning mode. That's not a problem at all for me because I go all morning very easily without being hungry or wanting anything. I'm not even tempted by the stuff that's around the office. I've been doing SCD for 8 months and I have 3 meals a day. Period.

The only time I might possibly have a "fourth meal" is on Sunday, because my cheat days are Saturdays. Sometimes I find myself a little hungrier following cheat day. I've only had a 4th meal fewer than 4-5 times this whole period, though.

Training yourself to have 3 meals at regular times every day, even on the weekend, is key to resetting the cyclic production of various hormones. These hormones dictate satiety and hunger. Over time, you will simply not be hungry as often as you used to be -- and in fact, it sounds like you are already there!


  • Levi commented Jan 15th 2012:

    Thanks guys. This forum is great and everyone is super helpful. It's nice people go out their way to help. Looking forward to me 4hb journey

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I am only 2 weeks into the eating style myself, and I have not made any effort to time meals, I only ate as I felt hungry. I have had results that seem typical to what I have read others have experienced, so I will answer as I have seen others, give it a try and see if the results come, if you are losing weight, then no need to worry, but if a stall ever occurs down the road, this might be one area you should tweak and adjust to be more in line with the diet.


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There is no need to eat unless you are hungry. Eat 3-4 meals a day depending on your appetite, but make sure you get enough protein at each meal ( 30 g breakfast, minimum of 20 for the rest)- 0.8-1.25x your lean body mass per day.

The only time you would need to worry about eating 'schedules' is on The Last Mile. So don't worry about when you eat your meals.

Have breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, and have meals 4-5 hours apart. This should help clear up any confusion on meal times. ;)


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I have a very bad habit, as soon as i sit at desk and work, I feel like munching things, so I have been pretty much eating SCD meals throughout the day. Clearly, I have not left a 4h interval between meals, is that OK?

  • Tomhole commented Jul 18th 2012:

    Perfectly OK. I graze all day. But I don't eat a lot each time. Sometimes just a chicken breast or hamburger patty. Sometimes 8-10 almonds. I eat when I'm hungry. And what's crazy is I only average 1800 cal / day. I can't eat any more.

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