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When to start building muscle?

I have currently been doing the SCD for 3 weeks now and so far have lost a total of 14 pounds to bring me to 174 from 188. I am still overweight for my height so I know i still have more fat loss to do before I start gaining muscle but when is the best time to start gaining muscle? Should I just get my body fat as low as possible and then build muscle or just start building muscle once I'm in the healthy weight range?

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I don't think you should wait until your body fat percentage is as low as possible; building muscle takes a lot of energy, and having fat stores to supplement their growth helps.

There really is no perfect time to start building muscle; you will probably lose some fat in the process, anyway.

Personally, I'm waiting until I get around 18% body fat before going on Occam's, but it is my preference.

  • Patzzz7 commented Jan 10th 2012:

    Ah okay thanks I just didnt want to undo any progress to only have to redo it again

  • riotsauce commented Jan 11th 2012:

    Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. What I mean by that is they are two separate entities. You could have someone who is 200lbs with 20% body fat or someone who is 200lbs and 6% body fat as well. The latter will look "cut" and more muscled because they are. Muscle essentially "eats" fat. By doing squats, bench, deadlift, etc you are exercising over 60% of the muscles in your body. It will get to the point where "scientifically" you will be burning fat while sitting watching TV. If you begin to weight train your results (fat loss and overall appearance) will increase DRAMATICALLY. There really is no time to begin lifting other than RIGHT NOW!

  • rpalarea commented Mar 24th 2012:

    I agree with riotsauce. Lifting burns a significant amount of fat; some say more than cardio does. Especially the compound lifts like squats and leg presses. In men, these generate a systemic release of testosterone which burns fat AND increases muscle growth. I don't see any reason why you need to be on SCD for any period of time before you start training. I did mine simultaneously and am down 7 lbs in one week, but also doing my workouts.

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