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Thai Food on SCD?

Hi - I was hoping to go to a Thai Restaurant on a non-cheat day. I got invited and don't want to break the social commitment but it isn't a cheat day for me and I really don't want to switch my current cheat day.

Is there anything on the menu there I could eat that would be SCD approved?


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On Sunday we went to our favorite Thai restaurant - first time since I'm on slow carb. The look on the ladies face when I asked: "Could you just give me more veggies instead of the rice, please?" It was great though - I didn't miss the rice and had a very nice low carb meal. As the book says, just ask and they'll probably do it :)

Depending on the sauce and apart from the rice, Thai food should be great for low carb diets!

  • Scheezo commented Jan 9th 2012:

    I went to Denny's on SCD one time. I ordered a steak skillet with only veggies, meat and no sauce. I also substituted a salad for something... maybe rice or fries? I asked for oil and vinegar dressing. The guy thought it was cool that I was sticking to my diet and I'm sure he was happen to have customers as the place was empty. I try to avoid eating out but I think waiters have seen it all and not much shocks them. Glad it worked out for you!

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 10th 2012:

    Good advice - thanks

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Most of the sauces would probably contain sugar/starches and preservatives, so it's best to go for sauceless dishes and make sure they aren't breaded/fried. Ask them what they are marinated in to make sure it isn't a sugary coating on the meat.

It's best to make your own Thai foods- Thai restaurants are probably the worst in terms of compatibility with the SCD.. but I'm sure you'd be able to find something you can order- meat and vegetables/salad hopefully.

It also helps to check the menu online before going so you can have a picture of what you can order, then ask them about the ingredients when you get there. If it's a decent Thai restaurant this is better because the cheaper places would probably have less options to chose from and more chances of adding non-approved ingredients to a dish that would otherwise not contain carbs/dairy.

Hope this helps :)

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 9th 2012:

    I don't know the name of the place just yet but once I do I will check the menu online. I think I could order a chicken w/ vegetables and maybe tell them to hold the sauce period. It will be a little socially awkward but I really don't want to waste my cheat day on Thai food...

  • Sam Green commented Jan 9th 2012:

    Exactly, make the best of the situation- it doesn't matter what others think because you're doing this for YOU =)

  • 4hbwoman commented Jan 10th 2012:

    True Sam

  • garystewart51 commented Nov 13th 2012:

    "Thai restaurants are probably the worst in terms of compatibility with the SCD.".....I don't understand... in the book Tim clearly states that the two best cuisines on the slow carb diet was mexican and thai food.... I'm sure I remember him saying red and green curries are fine and pretty much anything else from thai restaurants as long as you drop the rice. So why is everyone saying stay away from eating out?? Also Tim says if you didn't use to cook before don't fool yourself into thinking you'll start cooking now. So eating quick and easy to make meals and eating out seems to be encouraged by Tim.


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Most Thai food is pretty SCD friendly, just skip the rice and avoid anything breaded. I love Thai Basil Chicken which does have a little sugar in it but can be made without if you ask(thought the amount is so negligible I've never had it affect my loss) Curries are usually pretty SCD friendly as well.

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