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Stalling on SCD, Severely constipated on the last mile (sorry for TMO)!

I've been following SCD for a while now with great results. I dropped the beans and increased healthy fats when I began to stall and this helped. I have increased exercise which helped too and then moved onto the last mile when I stalled again. I'm female, 173cm, bodyfat is 16% and weight 53-54kg depending on time of the week. The last mile was just way too much food too fast so always felt like food hadn't digested and became very constipated (laxatives failed to work!) I've tamed my cheat days as definitely over ate in the past and do all damage control. I want to drop more bf and am really stuck at how to do this- any diet/exercise suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hi, congrats on your results! I've had constipation problems over the years. Usually, they're solved with lots of water and vegetables, especially things like cabbage or brussel sprouts. Another thing that I ran across while detoxing a couple of years ago is Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1. It works naturally and really, really well. You can take it regularly, 1-3 capsules on a full stomach (very important). I have to take 3. Good luck!


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I would read tims extended chapter on alternative to dieting

Alternative to dieting

in here he says to add flax seed oil double the about you weigh

and I can tell you adding a little oil will do ya

This worked for me when I was not moving so well

  • lisa_a commented Jan 5th 2012:

    Thanks guys, I've switched back to slow carb, added a fibre supplement and flax seed oil... moving again! Now need to see how I can modify slow carb to get the last few lbs off


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You might be constipated because you're lacking the fiber you were getting from legumes. You should up your ratio of fibrous vegetables to protein to keep things moving. You could also take a fiber supplement (make sure it's one without artificial sweeteners).

Also, you could have a cup of coffee in the morning to help things move along.

Hope this helps.

  • Scheezo commented Jan 12th 2012:

    Maybe more water, some smooth move tea?

  • 42Wired commented Jan 12th 2012:

    Smooth Move takes 8-12 hours to work, and should only be used when you're desperate; it makes me stay in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes when it works.

    Stick with fiber and coffee, if you can.

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