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Aug - Jan: before and after (pics)

I've been avoiding looking at the before photos but I'm at the point where I want to, to avoid backsliding during the new year. I'm not doing the scary underwear photos in case people I know stumble across them and I don't have the full dramatic changes of some of you, but I'm happy with the changes I've seen since I started SCD in August. I'm still about 10 pounds heavier than my army days (I used to be a sgt) so I might try to lose that during the coming year. But even if I can just hang here I'll be pleased - for being 47 years old, I feel great now! The left sides are from August, the right is from today.

My favorite change is my legs, I don't see much difference below the knee (I was biking a lot over the summer so calves were already strong), but the definition above the knee I think is from the kettlebells:


From the side:


and the front - I'll always have wide hips, but I see that the shirt hangs now instead of being stretched across my stomach.



Aug 4: 154.2 pounds size 14

Jan 3: 136.0 pounds (pretty sure I lost more than 18 pounds of fat and added some muscle) size 8

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You're gorgeous! Keep up the good work! I am inspired by your legs. :D

  • Jake commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    Thanks! I'm hoping to get my belly to look like it belongs to the legs over the next 6 months.


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AWESOME!! Look at you! Tight, tight, TIGHT! Great results and VERY inspiring to any woman, but especially to those of us over 40 (or much more!)

Yay for you, Jake!



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Awesome! That is exactly what I'm looking to do! Whittle down my middle! A bit of fat of the old thighs would be nice too! Great JOB!


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WOO! Way to go, Jake! Looking awesome!!! I can totally tell you are a lot more lean and toned! Keep it up! Do you have much more to go? It doesn't look like you do!

  • Jake commented Feb 21st 2012:

    I'm 4 pounds down from those last pics, not losing nearly as quickly as you Akane but still chugging along. I hit my initial goal of 135. Now I want to try 125. I can't wait for warm weather to start up again! I expect to drop the rest once I'm back on my bike.

    I've been fascinated by the arrival of new muscles I didn't know I had. I've got big dents on the lower sides of my abdomen now and I think they're trying to be cut lines. I want to nurture them along and probably have to drop more body fat for that to happen. By measurements I seem to be 25% fat still, ugh.

  • Maria Rider commented Feb 21st 2012:

    I hear ya. Hey, 4 lbs is pretty darn awesome considering you have reached your initial goal and are heading towards a lower one. I am kinda hoping I don't slow down...we'll see how my body treats me. I'm still at about 30-31%, I've got a ways to go. Kinda hoping I can get to the "norm women body fat" i.e. 22% at least by my goal weight and then work on getting that last 4% off to get my 18% bodyfat goal. It's awesome you are seeing "dents" where you didn't know you had them before. I'd like to see more dents too..and not the fat kind. ;) I'm waiting for my "muscle treasures" to unearth so I can see what kind of toning has went on. :)


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Those are some great legs you got going on there! You look fantastic and I hope you are as impressed with your results as we all are.

It is truly inspiring to see someone meet their initial goals and then set new goals to strive for. Go Jake go!


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Jake you look amazing. I was wondering how heavy the kettle bell you are using is? My son got me a set of 5, 10 and 15. I don't think it is quite heavy enough, but I am pretty much a weakling. Also wondering what you think about juicing? I have a really hard time eating all the veggies. I always enjoy your posts, you are so informative!

Thanks, Julie

  • Jake commented Apr 21st 2012:

    I started kettlebells in late sept with 25lbs, and in Feb I upgraded to 30 lbs. I wanted 35 but the store I was at (that I had a 50% off coupon for) only had 30 or 40, and 40 felt way too heavy for me.

    I've stayed away from juicing because my understanding is that it normally removes the fiber which is as important as the vitamins. But I think if you made a cold or hot veggie soup and hit it with a regular or immersion blender or food processor, you could drink it like juice.


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And all this time I thought you were a guy. Way to go beautiful!


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Hubba hubba! You look great! :)

I totally see the effects of the kettlebells.

Keep up the great work!

  • Jake commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    Thank you! I got a balance ball for Christmas and am planning to work the core and arms more. I'm kicking myself for letting myself go to pot over the last decade, I had it in my head that it's just fate for women to get thick around the waist once they hit their 40s and when it started happening the feminist in me was accepting it as normal aging. Darn feminism! :D


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looking good!

  • Jake commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Thanks! That was 51 days ago, 136 pounds. Today I'm 130.6 pounds, and here's the comparison of new leg muscles:


    I was bummed that the weight loss has slowed, 6 pounds in almost 2 months is slow, but I can see some of it is added muscle, so there's more than 6 pounds of fat lost.

  • Jake commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    I'm still amazed at the changes I'm seeing. The before again: sideaug2011_jan2012.jpg

    and today:


    I bought some clothes today in a size small and almost wanted to cry; two summers ago I was really frustrated because even the large shirts sometimes wouldn't button closed right.

  • Member commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    DAMN GIRL!!! You look amazing. Lean and fit and ready to kick some @ss! Keep up the great work Jake!

  • Icandoit commented Apr 2nd 2012:

    Awesome!! THAT's what 47 looks like : ) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • FloridaMike commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    Very inspiring! Keep it up!

  • Jake commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    Heh, I DO feel like I could go kick some @ss! I built the set for our spring musical last month, and I had all kinds of fun swaggering about in muscle shirts slinging power tools around. I think I've found my alter ego - and it's a 16 year old boy.

  • Ramonastar commented Apr 3rd 2012:

    You look amazing!

  • mmg2681 commented Apr 22nd 2012:

    WOW! Great transformation! AWESOME JOB!!

  • arctichacker commented Jun 14th 2012:

    Wow! Great work!

    Love those jacked-up guns!

    We can start our own buff girl gang :)

  • Jake commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    Time for good news, bad news. Good news: I hit a few milestones this month. I finally dipped below 128, and it's the first month where my average for the month is below 130. I also did my first crossfit session this week (OWWW!) and am going back tomorrow for session 2. And I got my blood tested this week, first time since the diet started. My blood glucose (fasting) is down from 89 last year to 80. (anything below 100 is desirable)

    Updated progress photos, now showing Aug 2011, Jan 2012 and this week - the same shirt hangs over the elastic loosely now and my shoulders are angular.




  • Jake commented Jun 22nd 2012:

    And the bad news - my cholesterol is through the roof. My LDL was already borderline but now it's up from 151 to 179. (Ideal is below 100, anything above 160 is high.) I may have to rethink the egg breakfasts, bacon, and baked chicken legs with skin. So sad!

    Triglycerides were low and still are (under 150 is good, mine rose from 65 to 73).

    On the plus side, I feel way more empowered to change the cholesterol situation naturally. Before when I was told mine was borderline high, it seemed like a function of aging and generic weight gain that was out of my control. Now my immediate reaction was: "I got this." Not having the food addictions anymore means I can rationally look at what I need to change and move into the next phase of the experiment.

  • Jake commented Jun 23rd 2012:

    One more post because now I'm calculating cholesterol ratios, and they all look good.

    Your Total Cholesterol of 272 is HIGH RISK

    Your LDL of 179 is HIGH RISK

    Your HDL of 79 is OPTIMAL

    Your Triglyceride level of 73 is NORMAL


    Your Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 3.44 - (preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) IDEAL

    Your HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.441 - (preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) IDEAL

    Your triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 0.924 - (preferably under 4, ideally under 2) IDEAL

    So the LDL stuff is pretty bad, but easy to identify the problems. Once I get that part of the diet sorted out, my ratios should be ridiculously good (assuming the diet affects the LDL a significant amount).

  • Jens102 commented Jun 23rd 2012:

    Amazing stuff Jake! Just amazing. this is so very impressive - I am lost for words here!

  • arctichacker commented Mar 7th 2012:

    Look at those gams :)

    You're definitely losing fat and gaining some buffalicious muscles.

    Get a set of fat calipers. We're probably near the same size. I'm at 5'4", 131lbs.

  • Jake commented Oct 15th 2012:

    I haven't posted in a while because I went off the diet to try to fix my cholesterol without meds. I switched up my breakfast to oatmeal and blueberries most days. I dropped bacon and a lot of meat-fats. I've kept a lot of veggies and protein in the diet, and had a few too many pb&j sandwiches.

    3 months later:

    Total cholesterol dropped from high risk to desirable. (272 to 194)

    LDL dropped from high risk to near optimal (179 to 114)

    HDL is still optimal (79 to 64)

    Triglycerides stayed normal (73 to 80)

    Ratios all stayed in the ideal range.

    I gained back a few pounds, but I'm still under my initial goal weight. Next up is more tinkering with the diet to see if I can find a happy medium where cholesterol is optimal and I lose back the 5 pounds I regained.


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Wow! You started where I am now. This gives me hope. Awesome work!


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Great Job, keep up the good work!

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